Scam letter(s) from Natalie to Austin (USA)

Letter 1
If we are being honest, I do not want to tell who exactly I am.
It wouldn't change a thing. Here's the abridged story: I need a **** buddy, saw your resume photo, figured you were **** enough.
Want to get naughty 2day?
We live in the same neighborhood, so it is worth a try.
My snaps are here, it's now all fair and square, u now know what I look like. hugs,
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Name: Rihana Takala
Age: 30
Name: Svetlana Vasilieva
Age: 27
Name: Valerie Snyder
Age: 32
Name: Xiaoyu Yangyu
Age: 29
Name: Natalia Sevryukova
Age: 27
Name: Obaida Osman
Age: 27
Name: Pearl Lamptey
Age: 33
Name: Natalie Pears
Age: 26
Name: Jeanica Bernados
Age: 21
Name: Christabel Monu
Age: 24
Name: Brenda Bosco
Age: 25
Name: Enderlin Odada
Age: 22
Name: Sadahatu Raham
Age: 39
Name: Winona Jungman
Age: 33
Name: Anna Betancourt
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