Scam letter(s) from Susan Smith to Jan (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Jan, Thank you for your letter and twice thank you for giving me the possibility to become your friend!!!
You know, you made a good impression on me and I believe in the motto: you never get the second chance to make a good first impression...
Well, I am looking for a man with whom I will be able to create a strong relationship. I would support him and he would support me...
You understand, I belong to that type of people who once meeting their love, will never forget it and will never fall in love with anybody else...
May be we are two people that should be together and destiny at last stopped playing with us and sent us to each other???
What do you think, can we try? I hope with every our letter we'll get to know more and more about each other and will become very close and dear for each other people... It's my
blue dream to find my beloved man, my true big love.
And i hope you'll come true my dream!!!
But I'm not selfish person and i know how mutuality important in love relationships. I'm ready to give so much to my beloved man, everything from what love consists of...
And now I'll tell you a few words about myself. My name is Snejanna. I am 24. Was born in 1983 in the family of common people. To my mind its very important thing in life , to have a strong and loving family. What do you think?
My native city is Severodonetsk. But now I live in Lugansk. I am a belly dancer and work as a trainer for children. My job is rather interesting as we often go to the concerts with our performances around the country with children... Sometimes I like to go somewhere, to unknown to me place where the nature is so beautiful that you even don't need to speak, it speaks for you... I like beautiful things in life and can see beauty in many things. I like nature, flowers,
like to be in the mountains. I like a spring rain that brings refreshing to the earth! I like romantic dinners, walking, and quiet time together, nights by the fire, intellectual conversations about everything!
I like life with everything it can provide us...
Tell me more about yourself. What do you do? How do you spend your regular days? I mean what is happening in your life?
I really want to know you better and to get
the image of the way you live ;-)) Waiting for your reply impatiently and hoping for your answer,
Your Snejanna
Letter 2
Hello my dearest Jan, Thank you so much for your letter!!! You even don't imagine how much I was waiting for it!!! With every your letter I am getting more and more close to you...
I really appreciate that you opened me your heart and I promise you that I won't waste your time as you are the man I am really interested in, I really wish to be with...
And thanks a lot for your photo! I loved it very much!!!
You know, when I am going to the Internet from the busy day I know there is a person to talk to, that there is a good friend who will always be with you! I'm not mistaken, am I?
By the way, yesterday in the evening I thought about you and how great that would be to go on picnic with you one day. Of course I understand that it is very cold now, but I love sunny weather.
Do you like picnics??? I like picnic with friends in summer.
We have a lot of fun there playing games, eating and just doing nothing... You know, here in Ukraine we have shashlyk.
Did you heard of it? As a rule men cook it by themselves, and don't let women even touch it until it is ready. And you know, I like it as it is the only time we can see men cooking:)))
Such a kind of rest for women!
Honey, I was dreaming about you, imagining our meeting. You understand that you touched my heart?????
Until we "meet" again I hope you have a beautiful day...
The Sun can only shine if you're in this World...
I am very much interested in you...And would really like to know everything about you...
I need to run away now as it's time for me to go working :(((( I hope you will answer me when you can and sending you 100
Snejanna P.S. This is me with my family and friends.
My mom and dad are in the middle...I am in the white dress :)
Letter 3
Hello my lovely Jan, You even don't imagine how much I was waiting for your letter!!!
I even should tell that you are a person who being a hundreds kilometers away from me somehow can create positive atmosphere around me.:))
I loved your picture! You look so cute in that frame! I think the only thing missing there is me! :-)
By the way, I have two sisters, one of them is married and another one lives in Russia...
I like you very much and I want our relationship to be open and cordial. The most important for me is trust and the way we treat each other... I don't know if I am the right woman for you, but I am what I am and will always have peace and harmony in my life and in the life of whom my life is shared with... I believe in only having one man and no one else. Hope you'll be that man...
I want to be a person that would wait until you got home from work with open arms...a person who will always want to be with you and follow you wherever you go...I wait for someone who isn't afraid of holding hands in public or even showing affection. I love cuddling on cold nights and days...even when it's not cold outside I still like to cuddle... I like to play tennis even though I'm not good at it:) and fitness... but there are many things I don't like to do alone. I am a romantic girl and love candle light dinners. I also like to cook for the one who is next to me...
Oh my darling, I'm so immersed in the life of our relationship, that I feel such a strong desire to speak the same language as you are, and I also feel such a pity that we're not the residents of one country and speakers of one language....
But if we were, who knows, may be we wouldn't meet. What do you think? I go to the Internet Center. It is huge and rather comfortable and they provide different kind of service here.
They help me to translate your letters as my English level is not enough to be able to understand your letters without any help. Don't blame me for not knowing English please...
At first I tried to use computer program for translating of your letters but it is very unreliable. How can I allow any machine to do it??? The letters were devoid of feelings and people's warmth!!!
Than I decided to use the help of the translator...
Thinking of all that, my head goes crazy and I really wish to learn English to be able to express my feelings to you without any help when we meet. I want to learn it but can't do it just in one day as it is a long process and takes a lot of time...
But I think that true feelings can overcome all the obstacles!!!
Do you agree???
You know, my sweety, I met my former classmate yesterday and she told me news that were like a bolt from the sky for me!!! She is getting married next Saturday and invited me on the wedding.
That was so suddenly for me!!! Now I am helping her to make some preparations... We need to go shopping, to buy her dress, to arrange everything with the restaurant, to make sure all the guests will come... In few words we have enormous amount of work to do...
I am thinking about you more and more with each day imagining us together and I feel letters are our way to learn about each others thoughts and hearts so that by the time we do meet we will be like old friends. Do you agree with me?
I do want you to know I am very serious about us being in love and being together... I wish you wonderful day and wonderful mood, my sweet heart,
Your girl,
Letter 4

Dear Sir, We want to inform You that Snejanna can not continue Your correspondence. She has been using our translation and Internet services, but now her account has came to its end. Snejanna is interested in Your communication, but unfortunately she has no means to fill up Your mutual account of correspondence. Your correspondence is stopped till Your account is empty. When anyone of You fills up Your account, Your correspondence will be recommenced. Respectfully,
TF "EasyStart"
Letter 5
Dear Sir, Thank You for Your letter.
We are a translating firm "EasyStart". We provide all kinds of the translation services: -We are doing a different translations of different kinds of papers and documents.
-Also we provide **** translations for our clients .
-We provide such service as organizing trips, registration of the documents, help with arrangement of the hotel and giving a translator for the all period of staying. We work legally and we were registered at 15.02.1998.
Our registration number is #887598\AO Our address is following:
Sovetskaya 46, office 314, Lugansk, Ukraine.
If you want to clear out some details concerning our services you can call us : +380988501513. But please before calling contact us to settle the time for the call.
We are sure in our clients, because all of them have to fill a questionnaire, where they write all the personal information, such as a number of the passport and exact place of living.
We have to say, we never had no any troubles with our clients, so we hope for our future cooperation. Here is the information about our services and prices: You write a letter to Your lady, we translate it and print for her. She writes you a response, we translate it and send You her letter. When Your account is running out we will send You a balance letter with the detailed report of Your expenses. Translation and printing of one letter from Russian into English costs 5 USD
Translation and printing of one letter from English into Russian costs 5 USD
Scanning/printing of one photo costs 2 USD Our SPECIAL PROPOSITION of unlimited services includes translation of the letters, scanning and printing photos.
That means that the amount of letters You can send and receive per month is unlimited: 1 month "UNLIMITED CORRESPONDENCE" 200 USD
You pay for the service via the Western Union system.
To fill in the form You would need the following information: COUNTRY: UKRAINE
NAME: Snejanna
Name of our manager: Yuliana
Surname: Gontarenko After making the payment You send us a letter with the following information: money transfer control number and the amount of money sent. As soon as Your lady gets the payment she fills up the account and is able to receive Your letters and write You answers. Here is bank address: PRIVAT BANK
Lenina, 63
93400 You could use also Your credit card to send payment through the Western Union service. You could do it on line on the web site We are open for all Your suggestions. Respectfully,
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