Roamnce scam letter(s) from Olga Pomitkina to Joer (Spain)
Letter 1
Hi dear! First of all i want to tell you two words about myself. I am from Ukraine i live in such a wonderful place like Pavliv town in Lviv region. I am a student and I study at the pedagogical university on the faculty of foreign languages, i am the last year student. I'd like to know more about different countries and nations. I know English very well, i really have fallen in love with this language also i study french but i know it not very well but I'll try to do my best)))). I live with my mother, unfortunately my dad lives with another family. But you know i am really cheerful person and i am not afraid of any troubles, i am very optimistic according to my friends because they know that i am always in good mood and they can see shining smile on my face : )))) But really i am so energetic... i like sport, dancing and music. I always try to keep fit and to be a good looking young lady: ))I like communication and i like to be the center of attention.Well, i think that you are very interesting and nice man. Dear, you know, I should confess that when we met on the dating site you really took my attention and I wish to know you better! When i saw your photo at first i understood that you are exactly that man whom i am waiting for and whom i am searching for. It is the first impression, and I know that it's usually the most important one. I'd love to know more about you - about your life-style, your hobbies or maybe something else : ) I like your energy and your style. You know unfortunately i can't write you very often because i don't have a comp. Now i am sitting in the internet cafe and also i have an opportunity to communicate with you with the help of my friend's comp. Any way I'll find a way how to be closer to you;) You know I've been looking for a man in real life for a good many years and not very successfully: (( That's why i am here and i hope that I'll find here my real love. I do belive in fate, don't you?I hope that she'll give me a chance to be happy.I have a lot of friends but sometimes i feel so lonely and my heart still wait for his owner;)well i have to go but I'll be waiting for you letter with impatience. See you my dear! Yours, Olena
Letter 2
Hi dear : )) how are you today? Hope fine. I know that you wanna know more about me and i give you this information with a great pleasure. You know i have a lot of interests and hobbies. In childhood i used to play the piano and you know i really succeed : ) as i already told you i adore music and i can't live without it. It helps me always to be in good mood : ))) But I haven't told you about my preferences in music! And now, you see, I realize that we almost don't know anything about each other!!! But i think that music that someone listens, books, movies, every detail describes a person more than other words! I adore reading and i like classic literature as well as modern. My favorite book is "Theatre" of Somerset Maugham. It's a wonderful romantic story, after reading it I've understood a lot of things. What about movies i am crazy about comedies! One of my favorite movies is " Cheaper by the dozen", it's a very nice movie, funny and sometimes sad. But it's about friendly and happy family. I should say that it's my dream : )And you know, Steven Martin it's one of my favorite comedian. I like all the movies with his participation: )) Have you seen any? I really advise you!!! What about my favorite music i should say that i can listen to music in all directions. Of course i like classic and pacific music but sometimes i can listen to pop or rock music, it depends on my mood : )) My favorite colors are red, because it's a color of passion, blue cause it's romantic and peaceful color, and pink cause it's a color of energy and youth!!! And of course you can guess about my likes of clothes looking at my pictures : ) Well, what else to tell about myself... i am very sporty, i like step aerobic that helps me to keep my fit and to be healthy. Of course my real hobby is my profession . It sounds good, don't you think so? : )) I like to know more languages and to know more about other nations it's really very interesting but also i like to travel. I think that it is the only chance to know more . But unfortunately i don't have this chance : (( well, anyway i hope that one day I'll visit some interesting places : )) You know I've never been abroad. I like east culture and i like such a place like Turkey. I have some friends from there and i they are very friendly and hospitality. Also i like Chines culture. You know i study at the university and there a lot of foreign students, students from Turkey, China, Jordan ,Russia, Africa. And that's why i have an opportunity to communicate with them and to know more , but you know that it's better to see one time then to hear many times : ) But it's not so easy : ( Oh, I'm talking only about myself : ) Now let's talk about you cause I'm so interested to know what kind of person you are: ) Dear tell me a bit about your hobbies, what do you prefer in your spare time? How do you like to spend your evenings, your weekends, your vacations? Have you ever traveled? Tell me please what places have you already visited and what places are you planing to visit? You know, I'm getting so excited when it comes to travelling!!! I know that people from abroad often travel!!! It's great!! Maybe you can tell me about your favorite country? What is it? I love exploring something new : ) And you? I heard that men say that a new country is like a new woman : ) You can open America for the second time if you find Your woman : ) So tell me, what type of women do you prefer? How will she behave and what will she do in order to be your nearest friend and good wife at the same time? Just paint a picture of that person with the help of words. Whom are you searching for??? As for me i am looking for a person who will love me and who will be with me in happiness and unhappiness. Please don't think that it's just empty and banal words. It's a very simple dream, I think that everyone is dreaming about it, but it's not so easy to make these dreams come true. You know i am very faithful if i have one man who loves me and trust me i don't need another one. I'm dreaming about mutual tenderness, about family comfort, about spending cosy evenings with my beloved man sitting near the fire place... about romantic supper... but why do I tell this to you? I'm sure you know what a woman wants ; ) And you know, I wish to know your dreams. Are they similar with mine? : )) I really hope so!!! I have to go by now and leave my dreams for tomorrow : ) I hope to get a letter from you the next time when i come to the internet cafe. And I promise that it will be soon!!! By for now! I wish you a good day!!! Your Olenka
Letter 3
Hi honey!!! i don't have much time, i have a lot of things to do but anyway i came here cause i couldn't wait i should tell you something!!!!! You know i feel so exited and I'll explain you why. You know this night i saw a dream, it was such a wonderful dream that i remember it so good like never before.You see i am a kind of person who believes in different unbelievable things. Well, what about my dream, i know that it is difficult to belive but i saw you in my dream!!!! It was really romantic and colored dream. You know, lovely, it looked like a film. It's unforgettable and unbelievable!!! Like you approached me from behind and embraced me so tenderly... I knew for sure that it was exactly you! I remember every detail... You came up to me, i didn't see your face but it doesn't matter cause i felt you, your spirit. I remember our talking, your touching and even your voice. it was so sensual feeling, I realized that you were mine! It is so strange for me cause I've never seen so real dream. I woke up so happy like if you were near. I am so glad that i see you at least in my dream... Thank you so much that you came in my dream and you know, you are always welcome: ))) Well,i am so sorry but i have to go.
Thank you that you are!!! I MISS YOU
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