Scam letter(s) from Victoria Shevchenko to Tim (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings my fine friend TIM!!!! I again in the Internet of cafe and to see now The message from you. Correspondence with you and to deliver to me big Pleasure. You to bring a lot of pleasure in my heart. I have told about Our dialogue to my parents. They to approve our dialogue. And To ask me to send the regards to you from them. Mum speaks that you good The man and probably can result our dialogue in something serious. I have sent you today the letter through post service. In it I to send To you of 5 photos. On four of them I am represented together with mine Family. And on one I and my girlfriend Elena. Inform me when you them To receive. I last night came to my girlfriend at date of a birth. At It was not a few visitors. I have congratulated her we have ***** a little dry The fault, And then is a little to talk about our life. We now not frequently To see. In fact daily cares to borrow it is a lot of time. Elena To notice changes in my behaviour. Has told to me, that I to look A little more joyfully than earlier. To me I was necessary to admit to it that To have correspondence with you. My girlfriend to live the husband, at them two children. And In their family it is always joyful and cheerful. I even to envy them a little Happy life. I not envious on character, am simple sometimes to me also To want a happy joint life with the favourite person. A life not Strongly to indulge me, but I optimism in soul and think that the happiness can To smile and me. Today at me the short working day was. I to decide To visit on quay of the river Volga. It is the huge river, she the biggest In Russia. About it many songs are combined. In warm summer days here it happens The cool season and quay deserted is a lot of people, but now. I like to take a walk sometimes on coast. And to look at this mighty The river. I to dream today a little. I to not hide from you, I frequently you To think. And ideas about you are pleasant for me. Dialogue with you carries away me. You Are nice to me. And sometimes to me to seem that you very much for a long time to be present In my life, and I was very good to know you. Your Victoria
p; s My dear, I very much would like to visit the USA.
I now have no what children, but I very much want them to get
Letter 2

My dear Tim, I now on am gone to cafe, I looked forward to hearing from you. I today would go to travel agency what to learn how many Will cost to arrive to you. The adviser has told that the visa costs 350 $ 1100 $ all this they make out the ticket during 5 days. My dear at me is 500 $, but still it is necessary for me 900 $, you could not to me To help.
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