Scam letter(s) from Polina Petreus to Eduardo (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello Eduardo! I am very pleased that you have said in my of e-mail. Thank found time to write letter. How are you? I hope all the best for you. For me that's fine, because today I have a good mood. I think there are many questions for me.
I'll try to describe. I do not know what you say in beginning ... Well, let's get started! My name is Marina.
Im 28 years old. My birthday on 10 December.
Height - 5, 7 (173 cm). My weight - 118 kg (52).
I hope you enjoy my photos.
As you can see in my photos, I have green eyes and I'm blonde.
I have serious intentions, and I do not want to make a wrong choice ...
We started our correspondent. I want to be fair to you. I am honest with you always.
Please let me be frank too.
I live in Russia in the city of Krasnodar. You have heard of this city? Krasnodar is located at 1340 kilometers from Moscow, in southern Russia, located in Right coast of Kuban river in the distance of 120-150 km from the Black Sea. Little about me. I have higher education. I started my education in high school in Krasnodar.
After I finished, I received study of Faculty of Economics, Technical College. I ended six years ago. Now I work as counter. I am involved in the financial affairs of our company. This company Not so great. I work here long enough, about three years.
I really like to know your interests, languages you talk, hobbies? Tell me a little about yourself. I will also will tell you more about me in the next letter. I hope my letter will not hurt you.
I'll wait for your letter and your photo impatiently. But you are not interested, send me a few words. It's important to me.
You can be your new friend Marina!
Letter 2
Hello Eduardo! How are you today? I hope you are happy to receive my letter, because when I am receiving your letter, I was really admire.
Thank you very much. I understood perfectly what you wrote for me.
I work Monday through Friday and often on Saturday. My work day starts at 8:00 and the last at 17:00. Sometimes I am working 19:00.
But it is not difficult, I love my job. My colleagues very good people. It is more important to me. We are very quickly found common interests. I have some friends. But now that I found, Edward! I am very happy, and I found you. I tried to find love and happiness here, but I felt a lie. I proverb us Russia: the bitter truth is better than sweet lies. I believe they are fair man. I'm right?
The most important thing is not to put your hands. You have to go next level. I understood that for a long time. Do not you think so? this is true! Now I have a good life, I have friends. Good job. It is enough good here. I rent my apartment. I paid for it. I have no opportunity to Buy. It's too expensive for me here. I work on getting my own Apartment 10 years!
I can not wait for me only. But sometimes I just want to feel a strong shoulder next to me ... Yes, I want real man to create serious relationship. Eduardo, I have the most serious intentions. Very difficult meet you ... unfortunately. So I am glad that they have fulfilled you. For me nice our dialogue. These days are expected as strong for your letter. It helps to distract from everything. It's like a sweet dream ...
It is another world to me. Forgive me if my letter was sad, big and unattractive for you. I just wanted to tell you about my life. You Should Know About she. Now I have to finish my letter. I send you my photo. I hope I await your response. I also want to ask you: Have you ever friend another country? It is important for you to have a nationality? Your friend Marina.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Eduardo.
I am grateful to your letter to me. Now in my life ... He's my friend also. I can not think of that? I really want to think you're my friend. I really want know, talk to you, take your hand and see his eyes. Probably It is very sincere now, but it's true, and I do not want to hide it. I always tell the truth and I do not like when people - lie. I hate it. I like a lot dream. I am a dreamer .... I do not know what is good or bad. From childhood I dreamed of. Somehow my teacher told us: "You must forget your dreams!" She He said that dreams do not bring happiness. She said that dreams bring only pain and disappointment. Maybe she was right. In reality the dreams come true not always. This happens you have to do everything, all forces and all vacuum to achieve this end. But often it is not enough. Do not everything in this life depends on us. Destination! His strong and invisible hands easily rearrange lives and hearts of people. And then stops dream of being a desirable star, when it was possible for a long time. But anyway, I believe, impossible sleep and live without hope. When you have dreams, our lives are filled with sense. Dreaming, life becomes more interesting and more varied. You get think, analyze, choose and make decisions. And each small victory, every defeat obstacle on the road to sleep, every step aside his dream of bringing large pleasure. His heart is filled with faith and hope. He was inspired by What awaits at the end. Do you remember the pleasure of victories and effects losers better than a pain of loss and disappointment. For this why I like to dream, but my dream come true, not as often as I want. I am surprise, I write all this. Eduardo, I've never had a person who could share my ideas. But now that I found, and I am very satisfied.
Someday I'd like to leave Russia. But just I do not know when? Anyone wait for me there.
His letters - a part of my life now. A I'd like to think so. And me to care much. You have become very important to me. And, to be frank, I am fear of losing you. Forgive me for my frankness. If I have offended you in any way, or inconvenience, please forgive me. I do not stop writing. Write me every day, even if I can not respond to every day. I'll answer anyway. Edward, his letters give me strength, and my day is filled soon. I hope that do not get angry. I'll wait for your letter with impatience. And now I want to ask you some questions: Do you believe in love? Love at first sight? I am waiting for your letter. Your Marina ...
Letter 4

Hello Eduardo! I am very glad to receive the letter from you today. I am very happy that you still have the desire to write to me. It's great that do not confuse it, I live in Russia. You seem to me very interesting and I am very happy to know more about you.
Eduardo, as you know I work as the bookkeeper in small business.
I am committed to calculating finance charges, expenses of this company, various debts, credits. I am committed to distribution of monetary flow of our company. In general department all accounts .. I hope you understand about what I speak.
We live far from each other ... It's a long way for both of us.
But this distance only looks great. It does not scare me at all. this It seems to me especially interesting. Do not you think so? I'm not done disturbed by the great distance. We live in the modern world and not nothing is impossible. Thank you for planes that were thought by our scientists.
I have matching first through the Internet. Is for me it's very interesting to learn about the man from another country where another culture, another tradition.
Now I would like to tell you about me directly. I've never been married, I have no children. About my family. I have mother, father, a brother.
My parents live in a village near my town, about 50 km. My brother older me, he 32 years old and he's married, has a daughter.
What I look for in a man, more special - honesty, respect, trust. I do not I like to argue, fight in a various occasion. I want to meet someone who wants to find Also soul mate second half. I need someone who is fair, careful, warm.
The most important parts of relationships - love, trust and communication. But, without relying on the other two thing it does not matter. You can not get in touch with someone regardless, even if you love him or her, but do not trust him or her.
Of course you have a question, "Why do Russian women look for in another man countries. "You probably think because I look for better life abroad?
For me it is not so! There can be other girls do it, but not I. Russian man do wish to have and care for a family. They too lazy. They start drinking alcohol and become irritated. Comes in divorce. In our country amount is more women than men. There is an opinion that Russian men in the degradation now.
I want to have a common peaceful life. These are just a few reasons I'm still single, I think it's better to be alone than to be with someone and be miserable. So my search for the perfect man continues.
I would submit, even today, most photo. I've written a lot today.
I hope you are interested to read my letter. I will wait your reply. Marina
Letter 5
Eduardo Hello again!
Thanks again for your letter. Long thought about what to say to you today.
I would like to address you as I spend my days in my hobby and entertainment.
When I have free time after work, I watch TV, movies or go out with friends at the cafe.
I love several love stories, detective and love classical Russian literature. And I also love many kinds of music. I like almost all music, all depends on mood. When I'm sad I listen to slow, sensual music. Jazz and blues. When I hear humorous modern music. I like pop, rock, dance.
Very nice American music to me ("I love you baby" Jennifer Lopez Aerosmith and "I Do not Want To Miss A Thing" and many others.) As Russia songs as well. Bi-2, Rondo are Russian rock bands, Serebro, Tatu - Russian pop songs.
You can listen on youtube my favorite Russian songs too.
Western film also has great popularity in Russia. I really like all the "Twilight" series.
Especially popular is the film for me Titanik too.
I also like skiing and skating. Russia on skis and skates are very popular. Our athletes were always on top of the figure skating and skiing.
I like bowling a lot.
So what to do when you have free time? My hobby is one can say so - English language. I have loved for English long while he is studying at school. In Russia, the training program necessarily it includes foreign language, rule - English, German or French. I entered the English language group and I'm still happy I did it. After school, she continued to study the English language in high school.
It is a very smooth and easy language to remember for me.
As I can not send a picture of my life again.
I await your response, Eduardo. I have many ideas about what probably write and communicate but I do not want to take this precious moment when two souls are looking at each other on all continents for an eternal friendship. Your friend Marina.
Letter 6
Hello again Eduardo. Glad to see your letter today. I dreamed to my childhood, and I'm dreaming now. Of course, the world of dreams - illusory world. But there is one thing that I can do.
I think we could easily meet. It take a journey will not be a problem for for me. One reason not allow me to come to you now.
This reason - I know about you, not so much, and I also know me a bit. We know a few days. But probably these day the best time in my daily life. You've become very, very important to me! I began to understand now When I'm waiting for your letters with impatience. Eduardo, very me worry when I'm reading your letters ... My heart beat so fast! Us You should make our desires. We must be fully ready for our meetings. I am very serious step, I think you agree with me? Should secured together ... Confidence - the most important thing in relations! I do not know what will be "tomorrow", let's see ...
We live in a real life, therefore, You can not delve into the world of dreams and imagination long.
When a dream becomes an obsession, it can only bring pain and disappointment. Virtually dreams do not always realize it. Happens uses all the power, all the aspiration to realize the dream.
But, however much you try, not everything in this life depends on us. When sleep for a long time did not come true, as you do not try, dream it ceases to be that star, it will be for you in the ocean lighthouse life, light your way. But either way Eduardo, I think it is impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When there is a dream, life is full of meaning. Dreams are those things that make us people differentiates us from all other live world. Dreams variety contribute to the common and gray life. the Dreams make us think, analyze, select and reach a conclusion. the Faith and hope - a satellite of our eternal lives. And, regardless of what is expected in the end, the joy of victories and tops subordinates I remember better than the disappointment and pain of defeat. You I agree? I'm surprised that I write this. I never
I had someone with whom to share my thoughts. But now I have
I found you, Eduardo, and I'm delighted. Forgive me for my frankness. What if I said superfluous please forgive me. Eduardo, you like when friends come to your home? It is also quick tempered person? I have a very warm feeling inside all the things you have He said about how you feel when you think about me? Eduardo, I will send you my photos. Greatly brightens my day every time I see an email from you. I'll wait for your letter with impatience.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Edward! I am very happy to get your letter today. East It was nice to see his letter in your inbox. Thank you do not forget me and write me. It is very nice.
Thank you is very helpful to me and care read my letters. Thank you for your attention. The attention and care - is much higher qualities. In our fast paced life we have no time for all this. But reading his letters, I see that you are not as all other men ... His letters are full of good feelings. I read he and I feel quite the opposite. I do not know how explain ... always wait for your letters with impatience. East I always bring both pleasant sensations. I am delighted that I met you. Tenderness and hot - all I need. Is a problem of Russian men. Russian women do everything for man, for the family. But do not get anything from him.
Every woman needs in some sensitive words and touch of his hands, and ... understanding. This thing is not enough in our lives.
Eduardo, really so difficult? I think it's not that difficult send your lady romantic evening and a candlelight dinner, but Russia, as a rule, the woman gives the gift, not the man ... When the woman carrying heavy bags on the street, someone will not help, but he reject the vision and beyond. Why should I help the woman?
For this reason Russian woman never feels happy in his LADY heart. I do not think I am a beautiful lady, Russian men often see in Women *** object. They believe that women should only work, cooking and entertaining man when he wants. Offend women - one Usual for Russian men. Very often I found that human He beats his wife at home. Any sense only in a dream ... dream ... Again Eduardo as you know, I like to cook, but sometimes I like receive simple tenderness, love and attention. No offense to all men are good, but not enough. Just quickly determine, see an inner world of man. Very difficult men essences. They try to hide their qualities. You have to invest long ... and then know that this person does not deserve your Attention. I had *** with men, of course. In my life were men.
They were beautiful, cheerful. When I started to take seriously intentions ... slowly my life is going. But only one person Family wanted to create ... This man deceived me. He slept with another Women, even when he suggested that I was his wife. I discovered on that later. It seemed to be very serious in its intentions ... When he told me that he could not be constantly a woman. He could not suffer anymore. My heart and soul was injured and very broken. Since then I am seriously concern relationships with men. I do not want to suffer all my life, because them! Eduardo hope you understand what I said. Because I I do not want to return to this topic ...
I want to ask, what makes you happy? What was the best gift she received from women? I'm shy, but I kissed warmly. Kind regards, Your sincerely Marina.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Eduardo. Thanks for your letter. Was expected letter. I am very happy to receive your letter madness. I I am so glad I found you. I must say that I ocean emotions and sensations that was not in my heart before. Y This, my mind and my heart tells me I should respond to sincerity his consistent sincerity. My heart and my mind tells me to do tell you what I feel right now, because it's a part of our friendship and I You should share it with you.
Um tenho Eu estimacao animal. e um cat. Barsik seu nome.
I must tell you that much time was needed to write and think of this letter, because I just wanted to say the right things for you. No offense or disturb in any way, and It really bothered me say something wrong can do this.
Directly I speak from my heart, and I am now, but sometimes words
They should be carefully chosen. In my soul, I feel satisfaction and joy when I think of you. I've never done in
My Life (tried to start a relationship worldwide) and could have much to learn about how to proceed, but I'm more
I willing to learn what it takes to succeed, if that is your
We wish him well. I also believe that couples should be best friends possible, trust and share with others everything feel. Eduardo, I do not know if my words and thoughts make sense to you, and I try very hard to put into written words and feel to understand. I believe in God, and I think I've been putting through testing to prepare to meet a man with whom I will spend the rest of my love life, to better appreciate, respect and cherish love, I would; I'm just wondering again same. I hope my words and letters are not boring for you, but they are much more than mere words are my thoughts and feelings, and I send you. I very much hope you find it in your heart and feel comfortable with sharing their personal feelings with me, I would like to know on a more intimate level, I would like to share your dreams, your hopes, your heart makes me really You want to connect with you on a level that goes far beyond mere friendship. Please do not think me a fool to think these things, I think for anything to succeed, you have to be honest, and that's what I'm doing to you. You could close your eyes for a minute and think and dream of a life that could action, which would be so much fun to learn from each other. Eduardo, US I really believe that dreams come true for people who dare to Believe in dreams, because if they believe them enough, dreams It could become reality. I think you're surprised that I feel this True, but here, where I grew up, the gift of true love of a man is something that is more like a self-deception or Mirage place mutual feeling that two people in love can give each other. I I hope I'm not walking with my words. I have so much I would like to share with you, and every time I write, I sit there never enough time to say everything I mean time, and I always I feel like I've forgotten something important I wanted to share with you. Eduardo, when I talk about you and think of you, I do not I care what others think. I mean you very good to me. I mean, I think that you are not only attractive as a man, I also speak of the beauty in you, beauty inside his world, and unfortunately, this particular type of beauty is very special and rare. Most men have only the appearance, but that is the beauty inside, and that's where the real beauty. That's it for me is the most important and significant in all the limits of my character, my soul and my conscience. His words spoke to me so kindly and care, expressing the beauty within you. I think you are very nice, the essence of what beauty should be, and there nothing anyone could tell me that would force change my mind a little. I want to reduce my whole essence of single card A thought. I do not know if I could explain clearly all my thoughts and feelings that overflow me now, or not. I want to tell I feel we have made some great friends and I love our friendship. I aspire to learn and I dare to hope that suppose a thought that our relationship can develop more than enough By simple friendship. That's what I feel. As always I hope my letter finds you in good health and spirits, and hope All your wishes have come true one day. Eduardo I look We are looking forward to your answer, as always with anticipation and impatience ....
Letter 9
Hola mi querido Eduardo. Gracias por su carta calido. Mi corazon se calme, cuando reciba su carta. No puedo decir lo que estoy sintiendo en este tiempo. Y cada dia espero que siente lo mismo que yo. Siempre sone encontrar a alguien que fue muy especial para mi, que entraran en mi la vida! El uno, que me comprenda, alienta mis esfuerzos y Comparto mis suenos. Como una nina sone con el hombre que va a hacer me hace sonreir y reir. Que podia confiar, que nunca me hara dano.
Eduardo, hoy quiero describirte mi dia diaria habitual de la manana y por la noche. 06:00 ruge mi despertador. No estoy tan amo mi alarma reloj. Porque es ruge tan fuerte, cada vez que mi cabeza empezo a romperse de este ruido. Fue antes ... Pero en el ultimo dia me levanto rapidamente porque hoy voy a ver tu hermosa carta. Y porque te vi en sonar. En 06:05 voy al bano, y creo que de ti! Me lavo y me dientes limpios. A las 6:15 Digo un poco y no tan largo y ejercicio durante el mismo pienso en ti! 06:30 preparar para el desayuno, por regla te o cafe fuerte y calientes de una comida que prepare ayer, si yo no tengo que hacerme un sandwich. Yo bebo te, veo la television y yo pienso en ti! A las 7:15 salgo de mi apartamento y me voy a mi trabajo. Normalmente, si el buen tiempo, estoy caminando corta distancia, y yo PIENSA USTED! Me gusta caminar por la manana. Yo vivo lejos de mi trabajo, por lo que en algun momento me tomo el autobus. Llego al trabajo vigoroso y alegre. En 07:55 Me voy a mi oficina. Como regla ya me espera mi colegas (todos mis amigos). Si tengo la oportunidad, me lee mi enviar. Si no es su mensaje, recibira mas tarde. Y cuando Eduardo veo su carta, siempre, siempre me trae tantos positivos emociones. Hace que mi dia CELEBRA Hollyday. Es el mas momento de mi dia tan esperado. Pero no puedo dirigirme a usted en el trabajo. Por lo tanto Espero la noche para responder a su carta. 08:00 empece a trabajar, y creo ?ACERCA DE TI! Mi carta a que se debe escribir con mi alma, bien escrito. A las 12:00 un descanso para el almuerzo y nos ibamos en el edificio de cafe cerca nuestra. 13:00 voy de nuevo participar en cuestiones laborales, y yo pienso constantemente ?ACERCA DE TI! 15:30, y mis colegas toman un breve descanso, tomar el te, todos probablemente hacerlo. Y pienso en ti otra vez! A las 17:00 me voy a casa.
A veces ocurre mas tarde, alrededor de las 19.00 horas. Estamos con mis colegas dejan un lugar de trabajo y que van en una parada de autobus. Me siento en el autobus con ideas acerca de USTED. Creo que lo que usted ahora ... puede ser que escribiste para mi otra vez letra. Despues de salir del autobus y voy poco a poco. Me siento muy bien porque ?PIENSO EN TI! Vengo a la vivienda ... No hay nadie ... nadie esperandome alli ... A veces me siento muy triste. Me cambio de ropa, me bano, y yo Te imaginas conmigo! (Sonrie) Cuando tengo un poco de descanso.
Y ese es el final importante de mi dia, puedes volver a intentarlo mi direccion de e-mail y yo leimos todas sus cartas y escribir la respuesta.
Asi que hago una comida en si mismo, pero sonrio, porque me imagino que USTED sentarse delante de mi! A veces vienen a mi mis amigos, (pero sucede no tan a menudo).
?PIENSO EN TI! A veces voy a caminar. Si no, escucho musica, leer libro, veo la television, hago un monton de tareas, y yo pienso en ti! (de Por supuesto que no todos a la vez). (Sonrisa) A las 22:00 me voy a la cama. Para En este momento solo pienso en ti! Y durante este tiempo tambien A menudo lloro ... porque tu no estas conmigo ... Pero manana usted recibira su nueva tarjeta. Y me cuesta conciliar el sueno, puede estar en Sueno con que yo lo vea.
Dejame que te mando un beso mujer rusa de pensar en ti a menudo, incluso lejos de ti .. .. te Eduardo, y yo con un beso impaciente para esperar por su respuesta.
Su novia Marina le espera.
Letter 10
Hello, my most desired Eduardo. I am very pleased to receive your letter again.
Thanks for not forgetting me and always keep writing for me. I am very happy to have met you! His lyrics always radiate both light in the dark sky. Thank you for your beautiful words. Today and every time I saw you in my dreams again !!! You I would, but I do not kiss, just look and smile, you put your hand on top look at my face and eyes. It's a lovely feeling, but still stop you back, not knowing what to do. It is a wonderful feeling, one of joy, a guarantee. I felt very strange, wanted I embrace my arms, kissing him gently and tell everything I do be well, to feel our passion, sharing everything in our beautiful in life. I would like to be your sweet heart and soul if you want to be in like this. Eduardo, you know, as a child dreamed of finding The prince, with whom you can go at the edge of the earth. Only later, after I understood many years: in real life I can not answer Prince, only ... Dreams and fairy tales. There are no ideal men. But very similar for optimal game that is necessary for you, you can find. I can Confidential tell you who you are - the man of my dreams ... I can not explain a source of love. I can not explain why the woman is based on expensive. And I can not explain why the man leads the woman. It is produced in subconscious level. Eduardo, I know you feel something for me, and I I feel my heart is open to you. I need you so much. I do not present my life without your letters. I know you want to give all my tenderness, I have saved my heart for a long time. No Such Thing You can compare to the feeling of filling one's life. the excitement, what tortures me while I'm waiting for your letters all day. The feeling that fills every corner of my heart. Every step do is because I feel safe around me. You are my dream, you are my angel, you're my soul, I am my life! I want to be your "Lady in red ", in which he sang Chris De Burgh. And I want you to know I never felt like this before. You light up my days and my das strength to continue fighting every day for you. You showed me deepest emotions and feelings kept inside me for so long. I feel that our relations become something ****** ... It so excites my mood. I do not know what I'll do without letters every day ... impatiently waiting for their cards. I always I worry when I see your letter in your inbox. These feelings are not similar nothing.
I want to ask Edward, what we do even more ... I think You must perform some steps ... because I can not, I will not support long dialogue through letters.
Every day I understand that you borrow more, more and more places my heart. I was alone for a long time. And our dialogue becomes larger simple dialogue. I'm so glad I found you! You seem man of my dream. And I really want my dream came true ... Eduardo, Think about that. I'll wait for your letter ... Well as always.
Marinochka dreaming of you ...
Letter 11
Hello my love Edward!
I'm glad to receive your letter. It was nice for me to read your beautiful words.
I think about you, I think about our future. And I thought our meeting too. A meeting
It is required for the development of our relationship. Because without a real encounter it is impossible to have a serious relationship.
I already know about you lot, and I totally trust you. We become a better knowledge of the other. You agree with me?
I have great interest. You are so beautiful to me. Your letters bring me happiness. His words to start the fire and hope of true love in my soul. I know that girl,
Whatever serious relationship, love, a happy life with a good man. And to understand, if I approached and I really like, we have to meet.
But before that I want to know you to promise me. Do you promise to love and care for me? You promise that never hurt me?
Dear. I'll try to do something with the phone. so we can talk.
I know I will promise everything in your next letter. Because I think he is a good man. If I do not trust you, I never
They disagree on such a serious step - to get to your country, and to meet you personally.
I would hear his promises of love and care for me, because I would like tomorrow to talk to my parents and to talk about our relationship.
I think I have the time to share with my parents about our love, our mutual desire to be together!
My dear, if you are ready too, I like for our meeting, if you're ready, I have come to you, I will ask for a vacation at work tomorrow.
I will inform you of the date of mine and I want a vacation that you have also planned to have time for a meeting with me.
Now you're away from me and hurt me very strongly. But I hope that together we can overcome all, we will in the future go hand in hand and a smile on our faces.
I can not pair with a lifetime with you on the Internet. I want our actual meeting.
I want this, I want that we were close to each other. We could take the stand talk together on us to see if our feelings, our emotions. I want to see our destination. What do you think about this? You want it, dear Eduardo?
You can hurry too much and be afraid of my words, but what I really want. You are my destiny with which I do not want to leave.
My feelings for you have become love and to strengthen this feeling I need a meeting in real life.
I wait with impatience for your letter.
Kisses and love.
His girlfriend Marina
Letter 12
Hello, my beautiful angel Eduardo! Yes, I quote an angel, because now I wish you were my guardian angel! I like being with you feel like behind a stone wall and never be afraid, that no one can offend me. Because I know that you always protect me, to care for me and love to the end of our days! I very glad I found this great world, annoy 1,000 men. You remember that our relationship developed, with what you started? And all that is The great mutual feeling turned - to love! I do not even think he It can happen when he wrote the first message! But it happened and I thank God, fate, we know now we live for the other! It is the meaning of life, then? You agree with me Edward? My dear did not happen today? What did you do?
You think of me, dream about me on our first date? What if yes, do not forget me I describe this dream and I'll compare my dreams to dream about our first treasure awaited meeting!
My dear, I mean in this letter I have news for you.
First, I talked to my parents about you. I found time to visit my parents and had a good time. We had a family dinner. When I have met my parents, I realized immediate change in me. They saw I hope to become better, I was cheerful, happy and started He smiled a lot. During dinner time behind a desk, I have the courage to say my family about you. I said why I'm so happy now that man very good in my life seemed to love me is and he wants to be with me. I can write a lot about the conversation with parents, about what questions they had about me, what which it was a reaction and so on. But to describe a meeting with parents need a lot of time, not everything goes in a letter. But I can tell you one, the most important - my parents have our blessed relationship and accepted our meeting! I was delighted, I shine with happiness! Are you happy, my love Eduardo? Once the news! Thinking It will be good or bad news ??? . Of course, good news! Unless you can you are afflicted with bad news ??? Never dear Edward! I always want that was humorous, he was glad and happy. So I have only today good news! The second news is a conversation with my boss at work. I They have run for 20 minutes with my boss at home and told me urgently we need a vacation. Because I need to go in another country a personal matter. In the first head of mine gave no vacation and he told me that as a rule gives a holiday summer. But I convinced my boss that he has given me vacation in the near future. Because I really want to be together with you as soon as possible. As a result, you might agree with my boss I'll get a vacation of 60 days. Date vacation Mine December 25 to February 15 Honey, you're expected this new? I very much hope you will be pleased to hear this good news we can to meet and be together because soon! Just do now do not tell me I can not answer right now, because you want being very busy. If you are going to speak, I will be very sad, afflicted. Because I did my best to convince my boss to give me a vacation. I hope you can organize this free time time and can find. I really hope so! I hope that my hopes is justified and see You agree to comply in my holidays. Honey, I do not know how to end my letter, because I You want to write and write even more, by then in me a lot of thoughts and ideas about our meeting. But I can not express all my emotions and only feelings in a letter! It will be better if we expect our meeting and then, as in real life that will please others and us It has great, great time together! I end my letter Nowadays. I will eagerly await your letter. Why the excitement because I have fear of something that will give me in a meeting!
I love you. I give you my sweet, warm, wet kisses! With love and Marina matter
Letter 13
Hello dear Eduardo, my best man in the world. I am delighted to receive your letter of today's always very nice to me. Thank you for your very nice letter, for your kind words about me. I'm very happy you agree to meet me.
I am very happy that you are ready to make our meeting a reality. I am delighted that we can take unforgettable time together. My vacation will last for one month. I can spend this time along with you. I think it's very durable and will suffice learn from each other very, very well. I'm sure it will be memorable moment for both. The idea of knowing our strengths my heart beating hard and fast. It seems that he is ready to jump out of my body. I am grateful to fate, I found my love! Each day brings me great pleasure when I see her letter! Eduardo, his lyrics mean to me something ****** than a simple letter! When I get up in the morning I think of you, my pretty!
When I sleep I think about you !!! When to go together I will be the happiest woman in the world! I really want to be with you, my pretty! And for me the most important man is YOU !!! I am And now I find you present at the airport with flowers. With my favorite roses ... I'm so bewitches my mood. I am delighted that we know !!! Our time will come soon. And we can go and meet with us !!!
It's great !!!!!!
Eduardo morning, I find in the travel agency in the cost tickets to fly for you. I would stay with you forever, but you should buy a return ticket! Necessarily !!! Otherwise, for me it will not let you fly for you. I think the Russian government to restrict number of migrants from other countries. Otherwise, nobody in Russia live and everything goes from abroad. I did not citizens of your country and therefore can only stay home for a vacation as tourists.
But learn more details about all the rules of a morning trip in the travel agency.
My dear, for me only a small request. Please enter the name of the airport where it should fly. I'll check the entries from the Krasnodar airport its airport. But this flight will be via Moscow because almost All flights abroad go through Moscow. And I also write your full name, address, telephone number he could call and tell about all the details that I learned.
Eduardo, really I have serious intentions about our meeting. I think at you constantly. Even way back 1.000 miles feel your presence close for me. Millions of kisses for you my beautiful Eduardo !!!
Letter 14
Hello my love Eduardo !!!
I am very happy to receive your letter again. I think about you and we want our meeting. Only when we go together we can have the real future. I am very happy to have found this nice, good man like you. My dear hope that we will be very happy together for anyone We can not separate us. Now my beloved every night when I go to sleep, I dream of you. I think of you and dream with us.
Last night I had a dream about our meetings. It was so good.
I came to you and you expect me at the airport with a bouquet of red roses.
I was running from you and we join our soft lips kiss. My dear was a dream that I hope will be a reality soon.
Today my handsome prince Eduardo went to an agency and tour to discover details of a trip and the exact cost of a trip. In the tourism agency I was told I need a visa, abroad passport, medical research. And this is not a problem. All these I can send documents in a travel agency for 2 weeks.
I will get the visa at the Embassy. Because only the Embassy provides visa.
But the travel agency send the query to the reception of visa once the Embassy and you should not waste time and money to go to the Embassy in Moscow.
The registration fee of all these documents = $ 200
In entries. Tickets and the trip will cost $ 1.480.
And for travel agency services if they pay $ 50.
So, my dear round trip will cost me $ 1.730.
I write the amount of dollars that was clear, the Grand money necessary for my trip for you. I have only $ 500, which could save.
But I also need to find $ 1,230 for full payment of the trip.
My dear, do not even think it's going to cost so much. I'm much now sad I do not know what to do. Really all my dreams and my desire to be together you want vain and we will not meet because of this ***** money ????
For me it was so sadly after coming travel agency. I nothing not eating for dinner because I had no appetite and no humor.
I am very afraid of losing it, because you and I love you for everything in this world.
Tell me, what I like to me to be ???
I do not know where to find a large sum of money ????
I am very afraid that we will not be together, to play me because I'm so poor girl and I can not even afford a trip for you.
I too would like to have your attention and affection. Hopefully we'll be together.
I will rely on the best. I'll wait for your letter. Much depends on your reply.
I kiss you.
His beloved Marinochka
Letter 15
Hello my love Eduardo !!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter again. Eduardo, you know, today that they have agreed with the sun shining through the windows, and my first thought was of you :)! I get up out of bed and I imagine it could be remarkable day if we agreed together and when you wake up, he kisses me and wish me good day, and I do the same for you. I want everything was real, we our morning together, and throughout the day, we will not lose embrace each other in a minute. If we are, we It will be a while quite together, and never boring.
I'll get my hands and hug forever, and you'll have me. We can go together His city. You can display the city and all the beautiful places. I think that he It will be wonderful. We love each other, and nothing to divide us.
I think about you, and you are constantly in my thoughts. I I think it's a good thing, I'm too deep in my warm feelings for you.
Our emotional communications that develop, become the love that waited so long.
I feel that my feelings for you to be stronger and stronger.
Every day I think about you all the time. Whenever sleep with us as together. These are remarkable dreams, I think our future together. I love to dream with us, waiting for a happy future together.
My love, I always rely on good and better. It is said that our dreams are materials. Yes, I know, I faced a problem, now it does not allow us to meet and get together. But I will solve this problem. I'll settle for one if not in forces to help me at all. I will fight for our love. I not see you in forces to do anything for our meeting and I understand.
My dear, tomorrow I'll try to go to the bank and take the credit you had the money to fully pay for my trip.
Please scratch your fingers and pray that everything was fine. Why should we pray now. I think God is in our group and we will solve a problem with money to meet and hang out.
You were very mainly for my life, and I can not live without your attention and now hot letters. I am very happy because you are in my life now, and I'm very happy, We have each other. I never want to lose you. You - meaning of my life. Without you I have nothing to live this world. I always dreamed someone like you, about man and understanding man who loves me so much.
With love and kisses forever Marina.
Letter 16
Hello my dear Eduardo. Thank you for your warm letter. My heart calms down, When you receive your letter. I can not say what I'm feeling right time. And every day I hope you feel the same as me. I always dreamed find someone who was very special for me to come into my life! The one who understands me, my efforts and encourages I share my dreams. As a child I dreamed of the man who will do It makes me smile and laugh. I could trust, who never hurt me.
Eduardo, today I want to describe my usual daily morning day and at night. 6:00 my alarm roars. I'm not so love my alarm clock. Because it is so loud roaring, whenever my head began to break This noise. It was before ... But on the last day I get up quickly because today I'll see your beautiful letter. And because I saw you in dream. At 06:05 I go to the bathroom, and I think of you! I wash and I clean teeth. At 6:15 I say a little and not so long and exercise during the same I think of you! 6:30 prepare for breakfast, rule hot tea or strong coffee and a meal I prepared yesterday, if I have not myself a sandwich. I drink tea, I watch TV and I think of you! At 7:15 I leave my apartment and I go to my job. Normally, if good weather, I'm walking a short distance, and I THINK YOU! I like to walk in the morning. I live away from my work, so at some point I take the bus. I get to work vigorous and cheerful. In 07:55 I go to my office. As a rule and I expect my colleagues (all friends). If I have the chance, I read my send. If not your message, you receive later. And when Eduardo I see your letter, always, always brings me so many positive emotions. Makes my day CELEBRATES Hollyday. Is the most moment of my day as expected. But I can not talk to you at work. Therefore I hope the night to answer your letter. 8:00 I started working, and I ABOUT YOU! My letter to be written with my soul, well written. At 12:00 a break for lunch and we were in the building cafe near our. 13:00 I will again participate in labor issues, and I constantly think ABOUT YOU! 15:30 and my colleagues take a short break, tea, probably all do it. And I think of you again! At 17:00 I'm going home.
Sometimes it happens later, around 19.00. We are with my colleagues leave a workplace and going in a bus stop. I sit on the bus with ideas about YOU. I think what you can now ... be you wrote for me again letter. After exiting the bus and go slowly. I feel very good because I THINK ABOUT YOU! I come to the house ... No one ... no one waiting there ... Sometimes I feel very sad. I change clothes, bathe, and I Can you imagine me! (Smiles) When I have a little rest.
And that's the important end of my day, check again to my e-mail and I read all your letters and write the answer.
So I make a meal in itself, but I smile, because I imagine that YOU sitting in front of me! Sometimes my friends come to me, (but it happens not as often).
I THINK ABOUT YOU! Sometimes I'll walk. If not, listen to music, reading book, I watch TV, I do a lot of homework, and I think of you! (from Of course not all at once). (Smile) At 22:00 I go to bed. For Right now I only think of you! And during this time also Often I cry ... because you're not with me ... But tomorrow you will receive your new card. And I have trouble sleeping, you may be at I dream that I see.
Let me kiss send a Russian woman thinking about you often, even away from you .. .. you Edward, and me with a kiss impatient to wait for your reply.
His girlfriend Marina awaits.
Letter 17
Hi my favorite Eduardo!
Happy New Year. new happiness.
I love you so much. I wish you in the new year all the best.
happiness, health, and of course my big love.
I really want our meeting! you are to me the most expensive in the world.
I very much love you very much.
Your Marina.
Letter 18
Hello My favorite Eduardo!
I love you so much!
Why do not you write? Are you alright?
I'm worried about you.
Write me please ...
your Marina
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