Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kovareva to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi, how are you? I wish I could express myself with but I'm not sure how to do that?
Anyway, I was passing through the profiles and noticed yours. With all my respect I have to your private life, I just want to tell that it could be not bad if we could know each other closer?
Actually I never do the first step with a man but you caught my eye. I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Darina, I'm from Ukraine, Lozovaya town, although I'm not sure you've ever heard about it? But that’s always great to know something or someone new so I hope this message won't be the last between us. I think that would be not reasonable to tell you loads of some info about me now, so if you have a desire to continue I will be glad to see inbox(1) in my mail box from you? And that would be great if you ask me questions, that would be easier to know each other though them and I will know what exactly you are interested in.? So I will cross my fingers while waiting for your answer and hope you will write soon or my fingers will become so tired that I won't be able to type a reply:) Wish you great day! Darina
Letter 2
Hello dear Frank! I knew that! I knew that you will answer:) And I'm very glad to see your reply to me:)
That seems to me a good beginning, doesn't it, Frank? Thank you for photos! I like how you are looking and your daughters are very pretty! I see that you have talent in writing because it was very interesting to read about different aspects of your life! Now that is my turn to introduce myself. You already know, I'm Darina and sometimes I wonder why did my parents chose that name, it's not so common in Ukraine and maybe that influenced my character, I like to be not like other completely, maybe that is a reason I'm looking for man in the Internet, that's not usual and a kind of exciting process! I'm 27, was born on 10th of June. Grey eyes, dark hair, 169 cm in height and 52 kg but I'm not sure if I should give too much details about that Frank: You can see everything on the photos:) I live in Lozovaya, Ukraine, that is near Kharkov. Work as a sales assistant in the cloths shop although I finished university as a economist:)My mom, my sister and my little niece are my whole family, my father left us when I was 15 years old for another woman and I still can't forgive that to him, I promised myself that my own family will never brake and my children would never suffer because of parents' divorce. Although I can't predict if my dream will come true I will do my best to build strong, loving family and save it. For sure I have much to tell you but you know Frank, tell the whole life in one letter is impossible: But you can always ask me if you are
interested in something! I will finish here, need to get back to my daily routine. But I will wait impatiently for your reply Frank, wish you wonderful day (or night, I'm not sure about the time difference);) Kisses, Darina
Letter 3
Hello my dear Frank! I'm glad you like my e-mails, glad they are not boring you to sleep:) So step by step we are knowing each other and I must say I like this process much:) Thank you for new photos!
My congratulation that your team won! It was very interesting to read about your family, your motherland. My life is also very quiet. I have never lived in large city.. Frank, as we are trying to find out if we can match each other, I think it's really right to tell about the past relationship, so we could know what to expect from each other and what we can give to each other in relations. I know that Ukrainian and Russian men have not really good reputation, but I will not tell they are all alcoholics, or despots or whatever:) they are usual people, just I understood that we are not compatible, they can't give me what I need from relations, what is true about them, is that they are rather cold and can't express their feelings and emotions. And for me it's important to hear from my man that he loves me, some compliments, just some love words.
I'm sensitive woman and this is vital for me:) And what about you Frank? Do you like when your woman is expressing her emotions towards you? Or this is a kind of irritating for you?:) Want to tell you one more thing Frank. I'm not talking English, I know that this is a great disadvantage but I hope it want cut the sympathy we already have:) I already decided that in the nearest future I need to go for English courses and to learn it and till that time I use the translation bureau "GlobaLanguage". So we can communicate without problems now:) Well, I think I should finish here, we have much time ahead to know each other and there is no need to put everything in one letter:) Wishing you wonderful day and wait for your reply with impatience! With a little kiss,
Letter 4

Hello my honey Frank! You are now always bringing smile to my face Frank, I know I can tell you everything as I do feel I can trust you already but all I am going to say is that maybe god has answered my prayers in giving me you to come into my life and be a family I don't know as yet but the sign is there:) This week I'll be working as usually) I know that there are so many translation tools over the Internet, I've tried them already and I was very disappointed with the result,
because the text appear to be senseless and I'm afraid that we won't be able to understand each other. Do you really think that if there was opportunity to talk without the third person between us I wouldn't use it?:) I had a nice day here, my darling Frank, in such kind of days I want to be with someone who can make me warm, with someone who can protect me from everything. No matter what is going on with this world, no matter what weather is outside there should be the man in life of each woman who will take care about her. I'm longing to be with someone today... I'm longing to be with you Frank... I feel that I can trust you and I can rely on you.
You are the man who leaves no doubts in me.
If you were here with me by my side right now, I would give you a very tender kiss and I would make you feel special. You know, I think that it is really great that we have met each other. I think I tell you this in each and every letter that I sent to you, but this is really the way I feel to you. You saved me from this loneliness and I'm so grateful to you for this. My search is over now. I don't want to be with anybody else. I want to be with
you only. When I read your letters I feel that there is somebody in this world who cares about me and who thinks about me. Frank, hope you are not against questions:) I have several for you;) We still don't know so much about each other although I like you greatly! So let's ask you:) Which part of you that you hate the most?
Can you tell me something that you'd like to change in me? Which is the decision you regret the most? I know that these questions are not easy for answering but you know, we, girls want to know always everything so please, you little Darina is very curious now:) Darling, I will be waiting for your letters with the great impatience, you even can't imagine how important it is for me. I send you my very special kisses:) Your Darina
Letter 5
"GlobaLanguage Translation Bureau" Ukraine, Lozovaya (Zip Code) 64609, Pobeda street, building 8.
phone number: +38066-095-30-67
work hours: 9 AM - 6 PM
client Darina Iakovleva
September 15, 2011
_____________________________ Dear Mr. Frank, I have to inform you that your woman miss Darina is using our translation bureau for translation of letters you are exchanging with her. Unfortunately her subscription for our services if over and it should be refilled. Miss Darina is not able to make it right now so we are suggesting you to share the translation expenses with your woman.
If you agree I will send you the detailed price list with all the services mentioned and you may choose the variant which is the most convenient for you. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Anna Tkachyuk,
executive manager,
GlobaLanguage Translation Bureau
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