Scam letter(s) from Anna Mihaylova to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Vince!
Thank you for your letter! Every morning I wake up with a pleasant thought of our meeting! And each new day reduces distance between us! Every new day makes us closer to each other. I so hope that we will meet.
Vince, I the doctor, but I cannot think of anything except of our meeting!
(Smile). Even my patients have noticed it! I think it is good that I the doctor of gynecologist because if I would be for example the dentist and would think only of you instead of work, my patients would run out from my cabinet with horror in the expanded eyes! (Smile).
I want to have romantic evening with you. I want to visit any historical place, I want to walk in beautiful park and in any beautiful place, simply to walk and enjoy the nature and you. I want to go to movie with popcorn. I want to meet a sunset. I want to get a hiking in the woods.
I want to see the theatre, museums, Disney World and certainly a zoo!!!
Vince, Olga say that last time she saw me such a happy many years back - when I was the student girl! She asserts that you have changed me absolutely! I began often to get my hairbrush and to correct my hairstyle!
(Smile). I began often to sing songs aloud! (Smile). I began often to immerse into the world of fantasies so, that sometimes I at all don't hear someone talks to me or asks me about something! (Smile). It is so amusingly, pleasantly and unusually! She is very grateful to you and very glad that we will meet! She helps me by all possible ways. Vince, do you remember in my very first small letter I have told that I want to find a man who will compel my soul to blossom? I want to tell you, that my soul blossoms! You have brought a spring into my soul and now I feel like a flower blossoming under long-awaited beams of the warm sun!
Thank you Vince! Vince, you cannot imagine what tense time I have now.
I actually haven't even one free minute. I already was in Ministry of Health and I got all petitions! It is great! In the Ministry I have been told that I must visit all patients which I visit on a "Trip Day"- they must fill up forms of petitions for me. Of course they will be happy to do it. These people love me and all doctors who visits them! It will be a big support for me. The Ministry will make the report about my work in the difficult places where not each person is ready to work. I also will get the report and the characteristic from my clinic. Tomorrow I and Olga will have our own "Trip Day"! We will go together to those settlements. Probably we will go there not only tomorrow but also the day after tomorrow because the one day is not enough to visit all people who knows me. After that I must legalize all documents at the notary. Olga will help me to get the full report about my biography in Municipal Department. If Olga will be able to agree with them, they will get for me the information about me and my family from all Municipal Departments of those regions where I and my parents lived during all life. By self we would never get all this information. I get tired very much not only spiritually, but physically as well. And when I come home, I simply fall onto a bed, and I simply lie on a bed some time looking at a ceiling. But if we will do everything quickly, I will have interview with the commission.
After this interview the commission will inform me if my visa is approved or not. Tomorrow I will have also consultation - preparation for interview.
It is very important point for me as well! Maybe I worry too much, but I cannot calm myself! Forgive me that I write to you about my cares.
But I really worry. I knew that I must do much for our meeting, but I at all could not assume that I will worry. Olga says that if she would be on my place, she would become confused and simply would not know what to do. She says that she envies my endurance and the power of will.
I never told her,- but actually I often feel fear, I often feel like weak woman. I really need moral support. I since the childhood make all decisions by self, and my parents taught me never to show weakness or confusion.
And I always tried to do without anybody's help or advice, even though in my heart I often feel like very weak woman. Vince, are you the leader in relationship with woman? Do you like to make the decision by self? P.S. Vince, please tell me again the name and the code of the International Airport up to which I must fly!!! I must be sure, that I have the correct information. Your Julia
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