Scam letter(s) from Victoria Shevchenko to Kirk (USA)

Letter 1

Hello kirk ! It is very glad, that you have answered my letter. I in this I already wrote to you in my letter, me 30 years.letter send you my photo that you saw that I remind . I hope , you will like my photo. I shall a little tell about myself in this letter. I was born in the city of Yaroslavl. My parents then lived in this city. Then my parents and certainly I together with them have moved to live in other city of Podolsk. Now my parents are not present with me, unfortunately they have died. My mum of me has given birth, when to her there were 34 years, it very much late, I so think. I now live one. I studied at university in the city of Novocherkassk. By formation I the engineer, but I do not work on this speciality. In our country very much many people receive higher education, but cannot find work on that speciality as which they studied. I now work at school for children who badly hear. To me my girlfriend in this school has advised to go to work. In the beginning it was very difficult to work psychologically at this school. But then I have got used to this work. I do not work as the teacher. Into my duties enters to organize concerts for these children. In general organizational work. I was already for the husband. Now I am dissolved. It certainly a separate history, is possible I to you I shall tell about it later in the other letter. I have lived 1,5 years with the former husband. I have divorced 2 years ago. Very for a long time did not look at men. I simply was one. But I want, that in my life the man which will love me also strongly as I of him was. While in my life has not met such the man. I always with mistrust concerned to acquaintances on the Internet, but now itself have decided to try. I do not know. That from this it to turn out, but I have already received your first letter. We shall look, that at us will be farther. I on it shall finish the letter. Write about itself a little. It will be interesting to me to know all about you. You have favourite hobbies, music, sports.......? I shall wait your letter. Svetlana.
Letter 2

My dear kirk ...!!! I am very glad to read your letter today. It is pleasant for me, that you too want to meet me. I today learned to arrive to your country to me it is necessary to issue the visa. The passport for travel abroad has still remained with me after my trip to China. I have some money for this trip. I can pay for the visa and for the ticket. Certainly, it not cheap trip for me, but I do not want to speak about money. My feelings to you are more expensive to me. I can take a vacation this month. This month for me it would be very convenient to meet you because then I will have a not lot of work. I today began to do the visa. I of it was necessary some time, to me some days have told. My visa will be ready March, 28. It will be the visa of the tourist. About this visa I can remain with you from 1 till 35 days. I think, that time to us will suffice to study each other. What will you tell??? I hope, Yes!!!!! Your Svetlana.
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