Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Trokhimenko to David (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Dear David , Thank you for giving me your mail address so here I am writing a message to you)) I am here with serious intentions so I want to tell you what do I want and what I am looking for from the very beginning.
So we will not waste our time just in case if we are not looking for the same things. I am looking for serious relationships that will base on trust, respect, faith, and just in kind and sweet attitude about each other...I am not concerned much about financial wealthiness, but more I want to have a man with golden heart rather than with golden pocket.
I am not saying that I need a poor man or rich man, but only man with kind heart. I am chemist due to my education and I am often heard that love is kind of chemical reaction between 2 hearts that love each other. Who know, maybe we together will disclose this secret?)) But we could not do not this if we would not love each other and to love each other we need to know each other better)) So, I am waiting a message from you and something more information about)) And it would be great to see also some pictures of you as well)) Hope you are smiling from reading it)) So, I am eagerly waiting for your message. Kiss, Ekaterina
Letter 2
Good Afternoon, Mr.David, My name is Olga and I am writing you after Ms. Ekaterina's require. I am manager of Internet Cafe, that she used for your communication. She asked to write you message in borrow, be we do not have such service.
Then she asked me to write you that she could not write you, cause she can not pay for Internet connection. She opened an access to her e-mail box and now I am writing you, she is standing right next to me and she sees what I am writing you. You can assist your lady in it. If you are interested in the continuation of your correspondence with Lady Ekaterina we will be glad to inform you about our price list and conditions. Best Regards,
Mrs.Olga Sokolovskaya
Letter 3
Hello dear David, It has been a long time since I have not heard from you. I checked my mail box many times in hope to see the message from you but you did not write me anything and this made me a bit sad because I thought that it can be something between us... I hope that everything is fine with you and I will still waiting for the message from you.. Hope you will not make me wait too long with your response... Kiss, Katya
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