Scam letter(s) from Alena Babenko to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
greeting to You from your Miss;-) Sir appetizing!
How r u today? what's your age?
Where r U from?
Let's speak:) I'm single colossal Female living in Ukraine;-) currently Im look up incredible guy.
This is my e-mail
I will reply to You my pictures. bye
Letter 2
I will write you more about myself at Monday
As I told I am 28yo and live in Kiev, Ukraine
Letter 3
Jim I've got your e-mail at the Acquaintance Agency, where I've come earlier. I didn't ask them where they took it I was sure that everything is legal. I don't think the Agency tell me where they get any e-mails. Why? Don't you happy that we've met one another and have such a wonderful acquaintance? I am very happy that I have such a nice possibility to contact with you and hope that everything is serious. ---
Letter 4

Hi there!
Jim I am checking my mail box and I can't see your message.
I was looking forward to your response.
Didn't you like the way I look and made up your mind not to write to me?
Why haven't you sent me an email?
Perhaps we could make friends. Aswer me please. P.S. If you look into your spam-folder you could find some more letters from me there I guess.
-------------------------------- Hello there!
This is Mariia again.
Jim I hope that you remember that I sent you the message earlier.
You can chat here. This is my personal email.
I am sure you have some questions and I am ready to answer them.
I'd like to give you more information. It's a pleasure to meet you.
I am 28 yo. I am single. I wasn't married and don't have kids.
As you can judge from my photos I am 5.5(170cm) tall and 110(51kg) weight.
I am a romantic and soft woman who believes in love and wants to find a second half.
I look for a man with serious aims about a woman and family life.
I pay attention more to inner world of a person rather than to appearance.
I search a kind and sincere man. I want mutual feelings.
I'd like to take care of a man, walk hands in hands, share everything or simply keep silent with each other.
I live in Kiev, in the capital of Ukraine. You can read more by this link:
I work in a good clothes shop. I am a shop-assistant.
I can't complain about my life but the conditions in Ukraine are not so good.
I think I will be more safe if I move to a foreign country.
Every person needs a partner. I am not an exception.
I suffered a lot from love in my life. But I survived and I am ready for a new relationship with a good man.
I want to give my feelings to my partner.
I am an ordinary woman with simple desires. I want to succeed in life and to have a family.
I am honest and sincere with people. Sorry, but I have to leave now.
I am in the inet-cafe now. From time to time I can use my boss' laptop to write to you.
I hope I won't be fired as it is prohibited to use internet for my personal purposes at work.
I hope you see what I mean. I will wait for your response!
See you
Letter 5
Hi Jim
I was very glad to get an answer from you!
You know my close friends call me not by my name, they usually call me "KVITKA" in Ukrainian.
Only very close friends can call me "Kvitka". I'll be happy if you call me "Kvitka" too.
This name is translated "flower" into English.
I want to describe you my life in Ukraine. I am living in a small apartment.
I live alone and I don't need a big flat.
Moreover the rent payment in our country is very high.
But I like my apartment, it is very nice and cozy, everything is very comfortable here for pleasant life.
If I want to talk to my friends I use cell phone as there is no phone in apartment.
Unfortunately international calls are restricted at my cell phone.
My self-depended life started very early when I was 19.
That time I made a decision to start a life without parents in a new big city and left there.
From that time I've seen my parents not very often as we all live in different countries.
I am grown-up person now. I am 28 and I am ready for a new stage in my life.
I want to have my own family, my beloved husband and have a normal life as many people do.
I don't like men in Ukraine I am disappointed with them.
I like you. Maybe you'll tell me more about yourself. I am interested to know more about your real life.
Do you have a wife? Or had before? Have you ever loved any woman?
You know that first of all I am going to visit your country as a tourist and that will be great for us to meet and see one another and to get acquainted closer.
I don't want to live in Ukraine; this country has too many disadvantages for me to stay here any longer.
Life here is terrible.
Once I worked as a nurse in a family with small children. The family was very kind and pleasant.
My employer, the family helped me a lot with my speaking languages and now I can communicate without problems thanks to them.
My native language is Ukraine and Russian but I prefer to speak Russian of course.
OH! Jim I am going to tell you about my hobbies but in the next letter. I am writing from work (my boss laptop)
and my time is over now, I have to go back to work.
Waiting for you reply!
Best regards! P.S. I'll write in a day and you can see my photo attached. Please tell me more about yourself.
Letter 6
Are you ok? Did you read my letters?
It would be super if you write me back!
------------------------ Hello Jim!
It is a real pleasure to get your message and to learn more about you.
You learn more about me with every email.
I promised to write you about my hobbies and I am going to do it.
I am fond of cooking. As I began living alone early, I had to learn cooking.
This process attracts me. I always know what ******** dish will have.
I can cook dishes from different cuisines. I cook salads, appetizers, main courses, desserts.
If I eat out, I always order something new for me and then try to cook it at home.
Unfortunately I can't afford to eat often outside, it happens rarely when my friends invite me.
I like playing bowling and billiard.
My favourite colours are black and red.
I enjoy watching films on TV or in the cinema.
I like different genres: comedies, melodramas and others.
Now it is your turn to tell me about your hobbies)))
Jim What are your favourite dishes? What games do you play?
Do you watch TV at home on your days-off? What films do you watch?
My favourite program on TV is Animal Planet.
Do you have this channel in your side? Do you have pets?
When the weather is cold we gather together with friends, buy some food
and swtich on some funny film and have a nice time together.
I don't have bad habits. I don't smoke.
I can have a glass of wine or **** but it happens very seldom on holidays.
I am also fond of reading and sport.
The last book I've read was "Loneliness in the Net" by Vishnevskiy.
I regularly go to the swimming-pool and to the gym.
When the weather is nice I rent a bicycle and ride it.
Music and I are always together.
I listen to Adele or Enrique Iglesias, ACDC, Metallica while I cook or ride a bike.
My choice of music always depends on my mood)).
Jim What do you like to do in your spare time? What kind of music do you listen to?
I decided to start the process for travelling to your country.
I'll collect all the documents and apply for visa. I hope I'll get the visa in a month.
It is a pity but I have to leave now.
I hope to get an answer from you next time when I check my e-mail. P.S. I am sorry but could you tell me again the city where are you live in? I want to read about it in the Wikipedia:-))
Letter 7
Jim It seems to me that our difference in ages is not big problem...
I really want to find the right person for me...
I want him to be a responsible man...I guess your ages make you the most responsible man...
I think that you have had a lot of life's experiences... You can teach me a lot about the life...
and i will return the sentiment to you....I will give you all my tenderness and love...
Letter 8
Hi, sweetheart Jim !
I see that you want to talk to me online. It is clear.
To tell you the truth I dream of it too! But I have some problems with it.
I don't have a computer at home.
I have to go to the internet cafe where I use the computer to write you emails and sometimes
I use my boss' laptop at work as I mentioned before. But I risk being fired for it.
There are some other people who use the internet while our boss is absent.
I have time only for 1 email to you.
You can see my photo in every letter, and I will continue sending them to you.
This is my post address and you can look at the map where I am located. Name of the street - Vasiliya Kasiyana 10
Number of the apartment - 98
City - Kiev,
Region (state) - Kiev,
Zip code - 03191
Country - Ukraine This is my cell phone: +380998805418 (but as I said before
international calls and sms are restrickted on my phone) I would like to see you in real life and to know you better.
Please send me your photos too. I want to look at your eyes even on the photo.
After writing a letter to you, I am going to walk.
It would be unforgetable if we could walk hand in hand.
I like walking; it gives me power and makes me healthier.
I try to follow a healthy lifestyle.
Today I will wander and find a nice cafe to have a delicious cup of coffee.
You know I always find ways to walk more. I don't have a car, it is very expensive.
But I have driving license. When my friends are free, we can walk together.
But they have their own families and their problems to solve.
I don't want to bother them and walk alone a lot.
My religion is Christian (Orthodox). I believe in God.
I believe in God in my heart and don't often go to the Church.
I dream of meeting a man of my life and spend a lot of time with him.
I want us to drink coffee together, to walk around the city or just to sit on the grass having a picnic.
I want to fall in love with a kind man who wants to have a family and stable life.
I am sure it will happen.
Jim What kind of city do you live in? Do you like the place where you live?
I kiss you and wish you a nice day.
Always yours,
Letter 9
It is your close friend Mariia. Jim I hope I can say like this, can't I?
This is my photo which I promised to send you.
You will get a new photo every time when I write you.
I have my stepsister Olga. She is a photographer.
She is very good at it.
I hope you like the photos.
Now I am in the process of preparing documents to apply for the visa to your country and then I can travel to you.
It is necessary about a month to settle everything and get the visa in my passport.
Some words about my parents and family.
My parents got divorced long time ago.
My mum and dad have their own lives in different countries.
My parents don't live in Kiev anymore.
My mother was already married twice after she got divorced with my father.
My mother's last husband is Russian.
I have a lot of stepsisters and stepbrothers who live in Ukraine and in Russia.
We get along very well together. We write letters to each other regularly.
I also write to my parents, stepsisters and stepbrother from the inet-cafe or the boss' laptop.
I am a teacher by my specialization.
When I graduated from the university I went to work in the kindergarten.
I liked my work but unfortunately I had to quit.
Salaries for teachers here are so small that it is impossible to live on them.
I have noone here who helps me and I have to take care of myself alone, as my parents can't help me with money.
Even when I am in relationship with a man, I stay independent.
I want a man, not his money.
The most important thing for me is to have mutual feelings and understanding in relationship.
I do my best to make a man happy by my side because I want him to feel at ease with me.
Unfortunately not all men appreciate such relationship.
I am not such a woman who can have *** for one night.
I want to know a man, to develop feelings and to understand his character.
I met the man before who could easily have 2 women at the same time: a wife and a lover.
It will never happen to me.
I will never waste my energy for 2 men.
I am a one-man woman!
I had relationship with the man two years ago.
We separated as I understood that he preferred to spend time with his friends but not with me.
He went out to show what a beautiful doll he had.
I felt horrible at that time and decided to finish it.
I don't like speaking about ***, because I am not ready yet to discuss such an intimate topic with you right now.
I hope you accept my attitude about it.
Moreover there are my colleagues around me in the shop.
I don't want them to read my e-mail to you and see details about my personal life.
I am sorry but I have to go now.
My time limit is only 15 minutes today as I am using the boss' laptop.
Do you know how an internet cafe works here?
It is some kind of an office where there are a lot of PCs.
People come there and use PCs by payment.
Darling, Jim I want to learn more about you!
Can you tell me more about your family?
Some words about your parents and their relationship.
I wait for your reply soon! P.S. Please, see my attached photo and send me your post address.
I want to find your location on google maps.
It is interesting for me.
It will help me to know more about you like this.
Letter 10
How are you doing today my dear? It is me, your Mariia
It's unbelievable that we have found each other in such a big world due to the Internet.
Today I am not so happy as before because of some news. I have to tell you this.
I had some problems at work. Today the customer came to our shop.
She was so disrespectful! She talked to me in an arrogant way.
I showed her the best dresses. But she was not satisfied.
It is horrible but people here are sure if they have money they can humiliate others!
It is one of the reasons why I want to leave Ukraine.
Life is hard here. It is impossible to have a good salary here.
I have to pay for renting an apartment, for bills and for many other things.
Prices are rising with every day, even for vital things.
My wages are only 300 USD. I have to pay half of it for my flat.
150 USD are for living. How can I survive if even milk costs 2 USD?
Our country is in the process of the war as you heard I am sure.
On the East people are fighting to each other and nobody knows when it is over.
People are worse now: more aggressive, evil and selfish.
There are less work positions as many companies are closed because of the war.
Sometimes my parents help me with little money but it is not enough.
They work hard but they don't earn much either. We have miserable life.
I want to leave Ukraine and to start my life in a well-developed country.
I have been already saving money to my trip for a long time and my dream will come true.
Soon I will get visa and I hope that I will be able to see you in reality.
I am going to work hard as I have to earn for leaving and provide myself with everything.
It is necessary time to learn each other. I hope in a month I will receive my visa and we will meet.
I have a question for you. When I arrive, can I stay at your place?
I would like that. But I hope I won't bother you.
I have typical dreams.
I wish I could live in a good country, have a family and a beloved husband.
I feel so lonely without a family and it's support.
So now I am saving money for my better life in future.
I hope you see what I mean.
I want to share my life with you. I want to feel your support and a strong shoulder.
Now I will go home to have a bath and relax.
Jim Do you want to have a bath with me? It is romantic for you? Do you dream of this?
My best regards to you and kisses,
Letter 11
Oh my sweetheart, we live so far from each other, there is such a ffreat distance between us.
I hope you are doing all right. This distance makes me worry about you...
I think you are too busy.
Caould you find a several mintutes to write me some words? I look forward to your letter. ===
Hello my dear Jim,
Your friend Mariia needs your attention.
I feel shame because of my last letter to you.
I don't have any rights to complain about my life and troubles.
I apologize for that.
This is only my life and I must solve them myself.
Especially if it is connected with money.
I hope you will understand me. Each of us has problems.
I won't tell you such things any more.
It is so good when you have a close friend with whom you can share everything is this life.
I want us to be good friends. I want you to share everything with me: your problems, your concerns, your desires.
I have a strong wish to meet you in real life, to see and to talk to you.
You know that I am preparing my visa to your country now.
I gave them all the necessary papers and application form.
I hope in a month my visa will be approved and we will have a chance to meet.
Jim Do you think of our meeting? How do you imagine it?
Where will we meet first? Will we like each other?
I wonder what your thoughts about it. Can we be happy together?
You know that I want to leave Ukraine,
it is a very serious decision to change the place of living, but I will definitely do it.
Nothing keeps me here.
My friends have their own families; my parents live in the countryside.
I know that I will miss my friends, but I want to have a good life in a good country.
There is no opportunities to earn good money in Ukraine.
My work doesn't satisfy me both financially and morally.
I know that in a well-developed country I'll have a lot of new possibilities.
I will be able to find a good job where I will earn enough for a better life.
I am an ordinary woman and my purpose is to have a strong family and a reliable husband.
It seems to me that you are a good and understanding person.
I am sure that you get me right.
Oh, you asked me some questions about myself but unfortunately I have only 15 minutes to write you.
I am using my boss' laptop now and I have to finish here.
If she sees me using it, I will be fired.
I have to go now. I am sorry and please don't be angry with me.
I wait for your letter. You are always in my mind.
Have a great day,
Letter 12
Jim how is your day? Is everything ok?
Is Marria in your mind? I can say that I always think of you...
Today I would like to share something with you.
I am alone and I have nobody to rely on.
I don't have any close man here.
Men are not so good here.
Men in Ukraine don't respect women.
They use women as beautiful toys without any sincere feelings and only play with them.
After speaking to you for a while I realized that you are not like this.
You are interested in my feelings and you care of what I tell you.
I see how you treat me.
I enjoy reading and rereading your nice letters to me.
We have a lot of things in common in my opinion.
I am doing my best for getting the visa to your country but it is not so easy as I thought.
I have to prepare many papers.
I am sure I'll fix it soon soon.
I see our first meeting in my mind.
Jim Do you think about it too? How will it be for you?
I have feelings for you and I hope that you have feeling to me too.
We have a lot to discuss face to face and to know each other more.
We will have a lot of time to talk about everything.
I am involved in you and I like you a lot.
I am so glad that people invented internet where people can have a chance to meet each other.
So we can learn each other better before we have a possibility to see each other in reality.
It is very important I suppose.
We will have a great time together.
We could go for a walk hand in hand or I could cook something delicious and
I wait for you when you come home after work.
Probably you can be in silence or we will watch something interesting on TV.
I want to do everything with you which couples usually do together.
In my opinion two people can understand their real feelings only when they spend time together
and there is no distance between them.
You have become my friend now and I am open for another step of our relationship.
Jim What do you think of it? Do you want us to be closer?
I dream of falling into you hands and see your eyes.
I hate lie and I never tell lies to you.
You can trust me in any situation.
You seem to be a strong man whom I can trust.
I told you before about my stepsister Olga, who is fond of photography.
She takes photos of me and says that she likes how my body is shown on photos.
I like posing for her and she helps me to make better photos.
We have a good time together walking in some interesting places and making photos.
We work close to each other and sometimes we see each other before or after work.
Olga is a shop-assistant too.
Today she has made two nice photos of me and my passport.
I will attach them next time.
Tomorrow I am having an appointment with the travel agent about my visa.
I hope she has some good news for me.
In an hour I will know everything about my visa.
Kiss you with love, P.S. When were you born? My birthday is on the 25 of April, 1990.
Letter 13
I don't understand you at all!
Is it so difficult to write you some words?
Probably you are not going to write me?
Tell me the reason for not writing please. I have a right to know it!
Letter 14
Hello my beloved Jim,
I have talked to the travel manager and got the whole information about the visa situation.
I need:
1. The international passport valid not less than 3 months after the end of the trip (if a person has 2 passports he/she has to show both);
2. 2 color photographs, size 3,5 cm for 4,5 cm without angles and ovals, they should be made on the light background, made on mat surface paper.
The face should take 70-80% of a photo;
3. Reference from a working place (made on a company's letterhead signed and stamped by CEO) where a position, salary, work experience and company's contacts are indicated;
4. Together all these documents a person has to pay a consular fee;
5. Confirmation of financial resources for a trip: bank account statements;
6. Copies of national passport (all pages). This service can be done in the office;
7. Translation of all the documents into English;
8. Certificate of criminal record from the police;
9. Medical certificate;
10. Tax certificate;
11. The main requirement is that a person must bring all the papers personally;
12. Personal data. Jim As you see I have to prepare many papers for getting the visa to your country.
Everything should be done in a perfect way.
I didn't expect such a long list of required papers, frankly speaking.
So now I need to think over how to get all of them as quickly as possible.
I have to talk to my boss and ask for papers. I am sure I will cope with it.
As you see I must provide the Embassy with the documents personally.
I am looking forward to seeing you and will do my best for it.
But anyway I will need some time to prepare everything.
I miss you loads and I wish we could be together as soon as possible.
I hope you understand that I will need more time to arrange all of this.
I can't leave my job now as I still need to earn for living.
So please be patient with me, ok?
I have my international passport, so the first step is done)
Soon I will be next to you and I am sure we will be happy together.
Have a wonderful day, my man, P.S. You can see the photo with my ID.
I hope you will like it)
Letter 15
I can't wait to get your email dear.
Can you write me back please?
Didn't you like something which I mentioned in my last email to you?
What has happened? Please be honest with me if it goes wrong!
Please don't keep silent! This silence is killing me!
I look forward to your email! P.S. I have attached my ID photo and the photo where I am hlding it! Did you get them?
Letter 16
I am so sorry I still have some small problems with documents here (I sent a list in my last letter) hope you like my pics!!
Letter 17
Perhaps that was not right from my side to be so sincere with you.
But I don't want us to have any secrets from each other.
We shouldn't hide our feelings.
I understand it is difficult to believe in this.
But this happened and I can't change anything.
I like this feeling and I want you to feel it also.
I know some people who have found each other through the Internet and they are very happy now and they have their own families.
This is what I also want.
If we also want to be happy we should make some attempts.
I could come to you at any time and spend with you for about a month (or stay forever if it is in our destiny).
If it doesn't work for us I will go back home.
Of course, I can't do everything alone and I need your help also. We should decide it together.
Please, let me know what you think about it.
Letter 18
Jim finally I know everything about getting the visa.
I am prepared for all the steps.
It is super that soon we will see each other, will able to touch you in reality.
I can't stop waiting for this moment.
Please, don't think that I am insane, but I have such a burning wish to see you.
will get all the papers and show them in person in the Embassy.
At the Embassy I have to pay for the visa.
Well, I am not sure what to do with it and where to get the money for it.
I hope you will support me.
I told you that I was keeping some money for traveling.
But unfortunately my money is not enough for the visa and I don't know where else I can get it right now.
I can't wait for our meeting any more.
I thought that I would pay for the visa at the end of this process and hoped to save money to that moment.
Probably you could help me with my problem? will have the following documents: - the international passport;
- the certificate of criminal record;
- the medical certificate,
- the papers from the bank, from my work and some others. All the papers in this list will cost 500 USD.
will can get my hands on everything and the visa in my passport .
I know that it is not a small sum of money.
I spent all my savings for getting the international passport.
The rest of my money is not enough.
If I stop the procedure of getting the visa now, they wouldn't approve it to me later.
I was told this at the Embassy.
Jim you can see the copy of my ID in my hands in your e-mail and you know that I am a real woman from Ukraine.
You can trust me because you have known me well and I have never given you grounds to suspect me in something bad.
I must pay for the visa during 10 days.
The earlier I pay for it, the sooner will be able to fly to your country.
My visa will be valid for 3 months.
will be out of your hair because I'm going to find a job during this period and earn for living on my own.
I promise you that after I get a job in your country will return this money to you.
When I get the job, will change my visa for unlimited period
and we will have much time for us being together.
Could you lend me 500 USD? will return it to you, don't be worried. There are some possibilities to send money to a foreign country.
My mother, father and stepsisters sometimes send me money like this.
It is a comfortable and quick way. There are such systems as Money Gram, RIA, XOOM (PayPal service), World Remit, Azimo,
Western Union (have a very bad reputaion here)..,transfers. They are the quickest way of sending money.
Jim will you be able to send money by one of these systems?
You need my personal data for it: my address and full name.
You remember I have sent you the copy of my ID before, so you can also use it. Mariia Koshelap, Name of the street - Vasiliya Kasiyana 10
Number of the apartment - 98
City - Kiev,
Region (state) - Kiev,
Zip code - 03191
Country - Ukraine
Cell: +380378404714 (but international calls and sms are not restricted on my phone) You can search the detailed information in the following web-sites:
Letter 19

I will never send you **** pics until we meet each other, go to the ***** sites or find ****** who will send it.
you hurt me deep inside..
I understand that this very funny for you but absolutely not funny for me...
And this shoes that you are not serious to me :-(((
Do you really think that I am so ****** for that??>
You just kidding me... P.S. and I will repeat this letter again and again till you read this letter...
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