Scam letter(s) from Victoria Shevchenko to Duane (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings Duane!! I to receive your letter. To like me dialogue with you. Though it A little unusually for me to communicate with the person whom to be in To other country. I never to visit your country, but I much earlier To read about your country. I to know that she is well advanced economically, and More civilized in comparison with Russia. I to want to learn more about You and also to want to tell to you about the life. I to not have a personal computer of a house, and I should write to you from the Internet of cafe. I also to not have a home telephone number, but probably I can call to you in the future from a public telephone booth. I to live with mine Mum and the daddy in an apartment, in silent area of the city of Volgograd. My city Big, number the population in it of 815 thousand person. Your city Big? My mum the housewife, its name Irina. Mine the daddy to work the driver Trolley bus. His name Anatoly. And you to have a lot of native? I never to be Is married. At me the friend was. We were familiar with it since the childhood, and gradually Our children's attachment to develop that we to name love. We Started to reflect on creating the family. But destiny To dispose on other. It was by a trade the militarian. Three years ago it To direct in business trip, in republic Chechen Republic. You probably to hear about It. There now there is a war. This person there to perish. I for a long time to experience About it. At me to be long depression. But time to heal my sincere Wounds. I to start to reflect that it is necessary to continue a life. Sometimes Very strongly it would be desirable to nestle on a man's shoulder. But here in Russia I not To meet with whom I would like to connect the destiny. For some reason I To meet only those men for whom it is more important my physical Environment. They to search in me only a beautiful toy for Satisfactions of the whims. But they to not be interested at all in that To represent my soul. I to count that it not absolutely those attitudes, which Can result in creation of a joint life. My girlfriend to advise To me to address on a site of acquaintances. I to obey its advice. And I have met You. You have liked me. And I shall hope that during ours Dialogue we can better learn each other. And it is possible our correspondence Can result us in the fine ending. I shall expect the answer. Victoria
Letter 2

My lovely and loved Duane! I to love you very strongly, and very strongly to want our meeting in the person. I hope that she can to take place. But during same time my lovely I cannot dare to use the Internet for entertainment. I to not have earnings now. And I have nothing to pay for services the Internet of cafe. My loved Duane I to ask to help you to me of 100 dollars on services the Internet and then I can write to you more often. Your Victoria.
Letter 3

My loved Duane! I am so excited, To meet you. I believe, that we shall like each other for ever. I to learn today in bank as it is better to me to receive the help from you. I consulted to the manager of bank. It has advised me to take advantage of services of the Western union. Because it to be the most safe way of reception of translation in Russia. My far loved! I to ask you to help to me in payment of my arrival to you Through the Western union. Coordinates of bank. ALFA BANK. SOVETSKAYA, 7. VOLGOGRAD , 400066. Phone(7 ) (844) 2361924. For reception of translation from you my love to me will be required Your full name and the code of translation consisting of ten figures. And also exact the sum of your help to me. I to want to be near to you always. You such fine the man, And you bring a smile to mine, I cannot imagine, How many happiness you will bring to me when we can meet. And I to want to give you all my love. I also dream of you and I love you so gently. The sea of kisses for you. Your Victoria
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