Scam letter(s) from Natalia Skylaruk to David (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello dear David! I'm not sure why you didn't write me back, probably you had a lot of things to do, or maybe you had lots of messages, as such man like you probably don't suffer from lack of women's attention, but I was waiting and waiting for your message, but did not get it. Anyway, I want to introduce you myself, if you did not get the message I sent you before. I am here to find my man, no matter how banal it will sound. You will probably think why I am here, on this site, cause actually I am also interesting why you are here, but I think if we both here, so we had some sad love stories in our lifes... and about me. I will not write any romantic stories and other love things, that were concoted by persons that had never felt about what they wrote. I want to create my own fairy tale, with all difficulties, problems, supporting, fun, and finally love... and also I always dreamt to write a novel, something new, not like that soap stories, but my own, I hope that our life will give me inspiration to write our "Love Story", so, are you with me?)) So, I will not bore you with long message. Hope to hear something about you. Maybe your hobbies? last relationships? Job? I am curious to know you better :-) :{} Hope my message will bring you smile:))
Letter 2
Hello dear David, Happy to have your reply :) I suppose you did not get my previous message, well, it is okay... How is granny? Sorry to read that she has such problems. How do you cope with your daughters to be so far from you? It must to be hard, is not it? Sorry also to read about your ex. If she wanted to be with you, then why she didn't understand that she had to learn German? David, I understand that she hurt you. I think you would not say that bad words to her if she would not deserve that words. I am not usually person who would judge someone. But if someone hurts, then it is hard to find gentle words... What is so bad in kindergarten? On the contrary, it makes child to be more social and to know new things.
You have noble job. I appreciate it. So, I think it will be fair, if I will tell you few words about me. My name is Natalia. I am 31 years old. My family is my mother, father, my grandmother and my younger brother. I also have cousins living in another city. I have born on the April 13, 1987 , so soon will be 32 .
I have never been married and have no kids. I'm working a social worker according to my education, I have finished a police school, so I am working at the police office with difficult kids. I'm often heard that it isn't lady`s job, but don`t care about this, I like it)) There are many difficult teenagers in my country as actually life here is not easy. I`m living in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. If you heard there was a revolution in my country. I`m living in occupied territory in a small town named Irmino (not far from Russian borders). And there are a lot of militia there. There are a lot of destroyed houses and other buildings after this terrible war(( But as said Freddy Mercury "show must go on", so I try to work hardly and help people, in particular kids and their parents. Tell me please also what city do you live in? You are such a good huy, why there is no one who would steal your heart in your city? I am sorry if I ask too many questions, I just want to know you better. I will be waiting for your mail very impatiently and do not forget about photos))), Your new friend,
Letter 3
Hello Sweet David, Hmmm Mister Handsome, have you ever heard that you have magic smile?
:)) NEVER EVER respected lazy people. It is does not matter it is woman or man. If be honest and open with you I can say that probably the silliest thing in all the history of Ukraine is this revolution... And a lot of people share my point of views in this question... David, I never liked when man is thin. It is a good thing that you try to lose weight.. Well, maybe you just do not need to be frustrated?
This is also important, this way you will not eat much :) David, may I dare to ask.. How can be that amount so big that would allow your ex to make parties and pay for children's needs? Was it considered to have kids with you? Or they will not give them to you, because you have busy schedule and you are single? Hmm it was surprising me that you asked me for that photo. So, this way you will be sure that I am, who I am. It is wise. It was not problem for me to do this. Actually, I wanted to wish you good night yesterday, but saw that request and I wanted you accept me as a real person, so I decided to write you only with that photo. I tried to not cover my face so you will see that I am who I am. Kiss, Natalia
Letter 4

Dear David, So, you were trying to reply me while you were working? That is sweet :) David, I understand your doubts about my existing and etc. I am policeman, so I understand that you want everything to be for sure.
And it's even more pleasant for me to know that you can be sure that I am real. I DO NOT LIKE YOUR EX! Sorry for this words, but I met such women who excused themselves with kids to not work. Their kids often appeared in my cabinet, because mostly, their mothers do not take good care about them. Do your ex like to drink? Maybe there can be reason to not give her children? And is opinion of your daughter can be something that would make the judge to give you children.. You know, the only people I am sorry about in this story are your girls... Okay, I understand that this topic probably not pleasant for you and I hope you can rest after an 8 hour's shift :) You know, there were times when I did not like my job, it is not safe, it is makes me to have a lot of responsibilities, but then then I see the results of it and it makes me the happiest. There were a lot of children who had problems with social and with school and then to see them having success in school and happy in their lifes - it means a lot to me. The main mistake of a lot of social workers is that they all think that problematic kids are all bad, but this is not true.
They all are personalities... and it just needed to find the right way, so they will listen and understand. I can't brag that all the kids I work with change their lives, but by statistic it was 68 % on the last year :) What is my plan for future? It is easy - I want to be happy. Happy wife and mother. I want to have kids, I want to change my life. I am not afraid of problems of anything else. I just want to fall in love and to be with one I love. And you? What are your goals? Do you want to have more children? Kiss, Natalia
Letter 5
Hello dear David, Morning came and I hurried to write you message. Strange feeling. I do not remember when I was thinking about someone. Thank you for photos.
I love dogs :)) I think we should learn a lot from dogs. Firstly how to be devoted.. David, I do not have reasons to not trust your words, so I do believe that it is your sister.. I like your future goals. Well, I think you need to hurry a little with kids to not be young father on 50 years old :) Though, as for me, I do not see this bad. Mature father, who can teach his son/daughter a good things in life to avoid life mistakes... David, of course, neither you, nor me can say that we have future together, but as for me, I consider my man to be like you. Maybe it is too fast, but it is the way I feel. You are not like men here. I do not know and do not have clear answer why I could not find someone here. I can't say that I have lack of men's attention. Just they do not have mine. Not a lot of men interesting in making family and having just a happy life. A lot of them like to cheat their ladies.
And the sad thing is that a lot of ladies trying to deal with this. As for me, I will never ever lay in same bed with man who cheated on me. No, men here are not scared of me. Though, there were some, saying that I am iron lady :) hah)) I can't call myself there. Yes, sometimes I can be like iron, but sometimes I can cry if I will see homeless puppy at the street or child crying in my office. This would be amazing to have a big family. I meant if consider us being together and we have your daughters and our kids as well. This would be amazing. Thank you for saying that about my character. It is even more pleasant than compliments about looks or etc.. Kiss you Natalia
Letter 6
Hey Dear David, I hope that you are having a good morning :) Our messaging is making me feel myself more comfortable with you as well :) It is pleasant to know that this feeling is mutual :) I am sorry to read about your past relationships you had.. This is sad. I can only imagine how you feel yourself, well, I will better die than will cheat on my man. I find it disgusting. This is why I will never allow it to myself. It is taboo. I will never forgive this to my man, same as I will never allow myself to cheat on to my partner. I like your children's photos... You were and you are handsome)) And David, I do believe you that it was your sister :)) How is your mood today? Thought about kissing you this morning.. Natalia
Letter 7
Good Day Dear David, During all this day I was wondering what did you write me. I understood that there is message from you and was eager to read it. No, I am not the one who likes to sleep. I do not know why, maybe because of my job, but I have this discipline and I can't sleep for long time... Though, can't say that I am waking up on 5 am like you did.. Or it was even earlier, right? As you were already on walk with Grisu :) I usually get up on 6-6:30 am. On the weekend I can wake up on 8 am, not later )) Hah , I think non of men would like to do house chores.. I suppose you are that grandson, whose grandmother always put as an example of the best grandson)) This is great)) David, I have never smoked in my life. Even have not tried it. I hate the smell of smoke.. ohhh so you will have your own room, bed and wife? That sounds great:)
My day is okay :) I try to be positive and do not think about bad things like war and etc. That is great that you want to buy kitchen))
I like to buy furniture, may I see the project?)) I am just curious)) I love the way you ended your message.. Seriously, it is pleasant.. My days changed since we have started our chatting. I have been thinking how it can be to meet you from job. What do you like to eat? to drink?
Tea or coffee? Kiss, Natalia
Letter 8
Was not sure that you would write me something, but came here to wish you "Good night" I do not have much time, because this cafe will close soon. Happy to have your reply :) Great that you have coffee machine.. Well, this is for future if we will be together one day :)) I like to have coffee in the morning, then I can drink the tea and the green tea at night. I do not drink red bull, don't even know why. Just don't drink it. I do not drink carbonated drinks, mostly, it is just a water :) Hmm interesting about Ukrainian cousin, what do you like exactly? I like to cook. Can't say that I cook too much now. Just I do not eat much and cooking for myself is not something that I like to do. I like Japanese food. Do not remember when I have eaten the sushi the last time, but I love them. Of course, I also like kebab, especially from fish :) What do I need for meeting? Hmm we are talking already about such a serious talks.. I can confess that I am satisfied from this. Because during the last days I was thinking about meet with you. Meeting in Ukraine can be not safe. There were amount of people who suffered from this. We have this statistic. They are pretty much. Besides, this is quite expensive, I mean meeting. I'm not sure how much it can cost, but this isn't a cheap thing. As I know Ukraine and European counties has visa free regime, so all that needs is international passport with biometric datas. I do have driver license :) Be careful tomorrow.. Kiss you, Natalia
Letter 9
Good Day, David, How is your mood this morning? How is the weather there? It is sunny here, but some windy. But basically, it is okay. I see that you know everything that needs for coming to you. I also tried to find out everything that needs. I went to department to find out everything and I was informed that there are 2 ways of getting that passport. The first one is going to Severodonetsk or Starobelsk city and make it there, or order it using the agencies here. In both ways it will cost me from 300 to 500 euro, depending of the terms that need to make it. David, I'm sorry from telling you this, but I don't have that much money. I am working in police and we do not earn that much. So, probably you need to consider looking for someone, who would be richer than me. I felt myself terrible after I found out that it costs that much. I did not know that it is that much. I do like to drive, though, haven't driven for a long time. Of course, it is only pleasure to drive the automatic transmission :)) David, deep in my heart, I am ready to change my life. I am ready to live with man, no matter in what country. Only that matters is to be with the one you love. I understand that you can't change your country, you have kids. And Ukraine is not that country to relocate in present time. But this thing with money and expensiveness of everything is something that makes me to think how to do that. Here's salaries does not even enough for living, I have forgotten when I bought the clothes at the last time, not saying about something more. Kiss, Natalia
Letter 10
Dear David, Yes, you are right. Everything has solution. Just sometimes it's hard to find that solution, especially if you understand that it involves money and that you do not earn that much. It makes person feeling himself kind of miserable. Want to admit that I am always smiling when I read your message :)) I like your house. It looks soo cozy and warm..And dear, you are alone in such a big house? I like also your car :) We have kind of common taste :) I am happy to read that you are not looking for rich person. It shows me pretty much of your heart. I'm also not looking for rich man and have never though... Can I see how you went to barbershop? I hope that you will have a great time there on your colleague's birthday party :) How would they react if you would come there with someone like me? Someone from another country, with different language and culture? My favourite flower is white lilies and of course, as probably every lady I like roses. But more lilies. Hmmm now I started thinking how it will be to meet with you. The first meeting in airport. Probably I would shake. Kiss, Natalia
Letter 11
Hmmm you know, I did not know that you have such a straight attitude to German ladies. It seems that your ex hurt you too much. I am sorry for this. Well, David, I do not drink alcohol, so this will not be problem for me. And I do not know how ***** I can be to do such things that you say... I have never cheated to man I was with. This is physically not possible. Because I just can't be attracted to someone if I have my man. It's hard to explain. Great hairstyle! Suits you very much :) Do not change the barber))) Hmmm I think too much about you.. Kiss, Natalia
Letter 12
Darling, I did not even try to judge your colleagues.. With the job that you have I think men here would be drunker. A lot of men here are also drunker after they were in war active actions. So, I know what it is. Men here try to find at least something that would make them forget about pictures they saw in reality. As for me, I also have a lot of things I saw in my life, especially during last 5 years...
Dear, I did not tell you, but as a psychologist I was in help to the people who lost their families or family members during this war and also to the one who saw how Malaysian Boeing was crushed on 2014 .
That was tough picture. So, no, I do not judge them. Everyone finds the things that would relax them. As for me, I do running. I can run by hours. And when it was hard psychologically I run and cried in the same time. Someone, drank alcohol. Someone cried all night. Someone has nightmare, my colleague started smoking. So, no, I really did not judge your friends... Finally, they are not alcohol and drink occasionally...
Letter 13
You know, David, I like how you end your message every time. It is really something that is very pleasant. I did not know that you and your family is doing such a noble things on this level... David, you should be careful, because it can be easy to fall in love with such man :) David, hard to explain how much I want sometimes someone hug me and tell me simple that everything will be fine. Maybe because of my job, but I am not used to complain on something. I think only my pillow knows how much I tired of everything and how much I want to be happy.
Each time when I close the door to my room I open curtains and look for the outside having different thoughts. I imagined hundreds of times when I will lay in bed with my man and show him my heart sorrows. But with every year this wound became ****** and ******... Okay, I should stop this probably... Kiss, Natalia
Letter 14
No, David, you definitely did not scare me away.. On the contrary, I felt myself so good and I opened you from another side to me. It was surprising for me that I opened you so fast and such things that no one knows, even the closest people here.. I appreciate that you opened me your secret as well.. Thank God you did not do that... You know, after I sent you my last message I felt myself so good and I had tears in my eyes. I kept all that so many years in myself, not because I did not want to share it, but because there was no one to share it with. This drove me crazy literally. Now I feel myself so good. There is kind of bond between us and it makes me happy... I imagine how we are talking laying on sofa and just sharing each other's secrets.. And I felt myself really the happiest woman in the world. I would never believe if someone would tell me that I would feel something like that to man I never met in person. You are different.
Not like another men. Sorry for comparing you with someone. But it is true, you are different... And I like it so much... Kiss, Natalia
Letter 15
Me neither, I do not like too hot weather and I am always happy to stay under the air conditioner, but I have it only at work :( I think it is pretty long to wait, I mean till November :) David, the last time I took vacation it was November 2015 th. So, I am working without vacations for 3,5 years. I can take it any time I want. Hmm that would be awesome to visit you. To see the life you have, things that around you and people who are around you.. When you think we can do that? Believe me, every sister do not estimate the things that brother do.
Unfortunately, we can understand it only when we are grower. Sometimes woman can be silly :( David, dear, I have to go, because I can late on the last bus to my home :(( I wish you amazing weekends and I hope that you will have a great birthday celebration... Kiss you, Your Natalia
Letter 16
Hello Darling David, I'm writing you with sad mood today. David, probably you need to find someone another. I am too problematic woman. I went today to department I wanted to visit yesterday. Dear, we checked the national Ukrainian base. And I am on that list. They said that I could not make permission to enter Ukraine. The process of making international passport involves having special permission. This permission means that I don't belong to separatists organization. But, for Ukrainians, I belong to separatistic organization, because I work in police department. It does not matter that I help kids the thing that matters is that I am here and work in police structure. I started talking with him and asking how can I switch my surname outside of that list and to clean my history (as they called it) , he said that he can do this, but this will be too expensive, because he will need to connect with people from the Ukrainian part. A lot of things here is corrupted. And I understand you have sad experience. So, I'm not sure what to do. I had just calmed down. That was too much. I came back to work and my colleague wanted me to have the glass of alcohol, to calm down, but I did not do that. Just it touched me that this place is so much lost...
David, they asked for too big amount. He said that it will be around 870 euro. I'm sorry, David, I really tried to do everything to reach you. But it does not mean that I will stop searching for that ladies.
I will do my best for this. I am sorry for spoiling probably your mood. I cried myself since I found it out. Darling, I could come through the Russia, as I think, but I need to make the passport first.
I can't make it in Russia :( Kiss, Natalia
Letter 17
Gosh.. why you told me all that? David, I really wanted to have the future with such man like you. A lot of people told me that I am too picky and that was why I was single. But now I understood that I just was looking for you. And now, when I found you I feel myself terrible, because the question of happiness is 870 euro. Darling, I do not need to have that money if I will not have you. Seriously. I do not need this. This is at the first time in my life when I found man whom I care so much and can't even meet with him. Feel myself miserable
Letter 18
Dear, we have everything separated from the Ukraine. We don't have this ability. I would already call you if I could :(( How long time will you spend there?
Letter 19

Dear, but why it is dangerous. Now I'm worrying :(( David, dear, I need to have 870 for that cleaning history. Around 100 I will need to make permission, around 550 will be for the taxi, then for 5 days of being there will be 225, phone with the sim-card will be around 200 and honey, I'll need to have at least some money to have in my pocket :( And better to have also money for the hotel in Kiev. And tickets you said you will book, yourself, right?
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