Letter(s) from Nadezhda to John (USA)
Letter 1
Dear Sir, We are the translating firm "Proton".The girl whose name is Nadya came to our firm.She does not know English and doesn't have any access to Internet and all this time you were communicating through our firm but unfortunately her accouht is closed.If you want you can help this lady.All you need to do is to write to us and we will transfer the details of the payment. Sincerely Yours,
Letter 2
Hello my sweet! I'm so happy that you wrote to me,cause I didn't even hope to have a response from you!
Let me tell you more and more about myself and acquainte you with my life:)
I can say that I'm an easy-going and kind person.May be that's why there are a lot of people who wants to use these my qualities:(That was with relations.I was ready to do everything for my dearst one and than I found out that he simply used me for his own benefits!
Unfortunately when I understood that I had to change,it was too late and I'm sorry that I couldn't be naughty or behave like real bich:(
Oh,I almost forgot to tell you about my family.I was born in the big family.I have one brother and small sister.My parents teach us to help to each other,cause we are the most close people in this world.Unfortunaly I'm the elderst in the family and that is why I always had to help my mother with children.But i have to confess that without my brother and sister my life would be boring.Of course sometimes they make a lot of noise and irritate me,but I know that without them I will bad:)
We live in our own house and you can't even imagine what is happening here on holidays,when all the family gather together:)Sometimes it reminds a nightmare,but there are periods when our festal dinner is like from the american movies about Christmas,when all relatives gather in one place,usualy the house of the main hero of the movie:)
Unfortunately we don't have phone,cause we live in our own house:(But I'm sure that it won't become a barrier on our way:)
Dear,I know that may be after this my letter you won't write me anymore, but I have to tell you that I use the help of the translating firm,cause my knowledge of English are on the primitive level:(I have to tell you this, cause I don't want any misunderstandings and secrets between us!!!!! Till next meeting in the Net...Nadya
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