Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Nikolaeva to Jimmy (USA)
Letter 1
Hi my new Friend.
I am very glad that you have answered my letter and have sent me the answer.
I shall be very glad to our new acquaintance. I am very glad that at us much in common in relations.
From your story I have a little learned about you. You seem to me very kind and romantic person. I would like to see your photo, please send her in the following letter.
I search for love, attention, care, trust . I search for the favourite person for wedding and serious relations.
If I shall grow fond of the person I is ready to go in any part of the world what to be near to him. I cannot explain to you that has forced to look me at you.
It was feeling inside me that you are the correct person, I was possible which man searched.
I would like to tell to you a little about myself.
I was born on June ,14 in 1979. I live in Russia in city Kukmor
To me of 26 years, I the young, cheerful woman with sense of humour.
My favourite color is red. I adore red color!
I work as the Tutor in children's a garden. Very much to like me my work as every day I communicate with children and to me very much to like to be in constant contact to children. I do not have own children. Many parents are very grateful to me for that that they see that their child to become in due course more charming and kind. They are grateful to me for my education and relations to their children.
I live with parents, at us amicable family, they support me in all.
At me is not present brothers sisters. I live one together with my Parents.
My father at present anywhere does not work.
He has worked 40 years at a building factory, and now he receives pension. Sometimes earns additionally, that is engaged in that repair of machines. We do not have own automobile.
My mother works as the seller in grocery shop.
At leisure I do affairs on the house. I very much like to prepare.
I like to walk on fresh air. I love walks in parks, there fresh air there is many beautiful places where it is possible to come and have a rest.
From books I like to read romanticism and detectives.
I very much like such writers as Dostoevsky, the Lion Thick, Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich and many others.
I search kind, loving, reliable for the man. It should be the clever, interesting interlocutor, with sense of humour. The age, color of hair, a figure not so are important for me, as his care, character and the
serious relation to a marriage.
I shall wait for your letter with impatience. With best regards Irina.
Letter 2
Hi dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have received your letter! To me delivers great pleasure to read your letters.
I hope that you with the same pleasure read my letters!!!! In this letter I very much would like to tell about my work!!!!
As I already spoke earlier that I work as the tutor in a kindergarten.
Very much to like me my work. I very much like children with which I am engaged every day. At us very much good relations.
I always help them in all. On work I practically do not get tired but nevertheless happens, sometimes there is a heavy day. The salary at us low, I shall tell to you at once she hardly more than 130 $ in a month, but me for a life suffices. As it is very pleasant for me to communicate with people which on the present are talented. They are teachers, teachers, creative people.
It is very interesting to me to listen to them because they never speak superfluous, and always on business.
To me to like to communicate with such people. I think that you very remarkable person both externally and internally. To me it is fair with you pleasantly to communicate.
Now I usually work up to 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Was later earlier.
The majority of teachers and tutors there work for us very high educational level in our kindergarten with higher education.
Because if worked usual with low education I think that our garden was not so popular in all city. From different areas of city bring every day here children on education!!!! I very much hope that our Kindergarten as early as more many years!!!
Likely that I wanted to tell all about the work!!! I shall wait for your story about your work with impatience!!!
On it I finish the the letter and I wait for your answer!!!!

Sincerely Irina.
Letter 3
I have finished Pedagogical Institute in Kirov.
And already during several years I work as the tutor in a kindergarten.
Every day, except for the days off I go for work, I rise in 7 mornings and I am on work with 8.00 up to 17.00. I work 5 days in a week, 9 hours per day.
I hope, that not too you have tired, simply I think work and education the important part of acquaintance of people, we can simply not understand each other internally from and it. Therefore if it is possible tell more about yours education and work? Still I talk on English, but not so well (is (not fast), I can read and translate, write. To talk to the foreigner never tried.
I write letters itself in English Houses at me are not present a computer, but I go to the Internet of cafe.
Letter 4

I am very glad to receive your letter again!!!!!! How you today???? Yes same I think that our attitudes became better. And now we with can meet. If you want it. Same I think that to us is necessary to meet. And you speak when to me it will be more convenient than a meeting with you. I am very much confused for me it so unexpectedly. You speak that you can arrive here or I can arrive to you. I not to time was not abroad I want though time to visit to lives. To look as other people live. But most of all I want to see you. I want a meeting with you. You agree what I have arrived to you????? I very much want a meeting with you. And even at us it is very easy to make all documents for flight to you. That week I for the sake of interest went and learned how many there is a visa the passport for travel abroad and the ticket. I talked to the employee of agency about that as to me to receive the visa and as it is better to make all. The employee of agency has told that I should collect documents and information on me and my parents. I should attribute all necessary documents and information in agency. Also I should conclude the contract with agency and to pay work of agency and cost of the visa. The employee has told that the visa costs about 220 $ USD, the embassy of America takes consular gathering about 170 $ USD, also the agency takes about 180 $ USD for work on registration of the visa. The passport for travel abroad I shall make out about 3 weeks. In total I was necessary about 570 $ USD. The employee has told that when I shall bring all necessary documents and as I shall pay the necessary sum then all my documents will be sent to Moscow. There in embassy of America will consider my documents. After a while, approximately in three weeks I should go to Moscow on interview in embassy where will ask questions. In the same place in embassy I can receive my visa and all necessary documents to arrive to you. Still I learned how many there is a return ticket it there are 900 dollars. But me have told that they will make all when I shall pay all sum at once. All this so is expensive. You have not decided not my trip to you???? I very much want to you.
YOURS IRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 5
Hi my love!!!! I am very glad to receive your letteragain!!!!!!!!! How you today????? My love excuse that I did not write to you as I had problems with the Internet. You have thought that I ignore you it not so simply I had problems with the Internet. My love I very strongly like you as you the very good and courageous man. You one only mine. My love I to hear that very many women deceive the foreign men is glad of money. I hate such women which for the sake of money deceive the men. My love you the very courageous man. My love I want to you to say that I hate a deceit. My love I is glad that we shall together very soon. My love you ask when I can arrive to you. My love all depends on you as you will send me money so I at once shall go all to do all documents. Now at me all summer a vacation! My love you ask on how much I can arrive to you. My love I shall say at once that I shall do the visa to work. My love if all at us will be good I shall stay at you for ever. I think that we can with you create good family. Whether not so???? My love at us is western union. My love it is very good that I in city have western union your money quickly will reach for me. My love you asked my complete address. My complete address: CHYVASHIA CHEBOKSARS area settlement CHEBOKSARS Street of Gagarin the house 40, an apartment 11, The postal index 428012 IRINA NIKOLAEVA My love only is one problem I to time received money through western union!!! Please tell to me more in detail as to me to receive money when I shall go to receive your money. Well!!!!! I very strongly like you and I hope that eu soon we shall together.
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