Scam letter(s) from Victoria Shevchenko to James (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings Jim. I gratitude to you for the answer to me. My name Victoria. I to be born and To live in the city of Volgograd which to be in a southern part Russia. My age of 29 years. I to be born on March, 16, 1975. My growth 173 See. Volume of a waist 62 see. At me fair-haired hair. Volume of hips 93 see. Volume ******* 93 see. I two years to be trained in medical college. And Then has ended medical university. My trade The doctor - neuropathologist. I to work in state charitable The organizations. Our organization to be engaged in rendering of medical aid To needy people. I studied the English language in college, and then in University. But I long time to not communicate on it, therefore at me can To be some mistakes in the letter. At me kind character and is pleasant to me To help people. I not to be married, and to not have children. You to have children? I To consider, what to get child is possible at the consent of the favourite person. And There should be conditions for education of children. I to not search for entertainments, or Distortions through the Internet. I to search fair for the man with kind heart, and To expect from him the serious attitude to me. I to want to give to mine To the elect all love and to want to see reciprocity of feeling from him. You to like me. And if you also to show interest to ours To acquaintance, I to want to continue correspondence with you. I to send to you my Photo, also it was - grateful to you for an opportunity to see yours Photos. I to ask you to not send to me a photo big Volume. The computer on which I with you to communicate has low power, and At acceptance of the big photos it to hang. I hope, that I can To like you. I shall hope, that you still to write to me. Victoria.
Letter 2

Greetings Jim!! I to receive your letter. To like me dialogue with you. Though it A little unusually for me to communicate with the person whom to be in To other country. I never to visit your country, but I much earlier To read about your country. I to know that she is well advanced economically, and More civilized in comparison with Russia. I to want to learn more about You and also to want to tell to you about the life. I to not have Personal computer of a house, and I should write to you from the Internet Cafe. I also to not have a home telephone number, but probably I can call to you In the future from a public telephone booth. I to live with mine mum and the daddy in To apartment, in silent area of the city of Volgograd. My city big, number The population in it of 815 thousand person. Your city big? My mum The housewife, its name Irina. Mine the daddy to work the driver of a trolley bus. It Name Anatoly. And you to have a lot of native? I never to be married. At me The friend was. We were familiar with it since the childhood, and gradually our nursery Attachment to develop that we to name love. We started To reflect on creating the family. But the destiny to dispose On other. It was by a trade the militarian. Three years ago it to direct in Business trip, in republic Chechen Republic. You probably to hear about it. There now There is a war. This person there to perish. I for a long time to experience about it. At me To be long depression. But time to heal my sincere wounds. I to start To reflect on that it is necessary to continue a life. Sometimes very strongly It would be desirable to nestle on a man's shoulder. But here in Russia I to not meet With whom I would like to connect the destiny. For some reason I to meet Only those men for whom my physical environment is more important. They to search In me only a beautiful toy for satisfaction of the Whims. But they to not be interested at all in what to represent mine Soul. I to count that it not absolutely those attitudes which can result To creation of a joint life. My girlfriend to advise me to address on Site of acquaintances. I to obey its advice. And I have met you. You to me Have liked. And I shall hope that during our dialogue we can It is better to learn each other. I to not have the brother and the sister but very much wanted them to have difficultly to be one child in family. And probably our correspondence can result Us to the fine ending. I shall expect the answer. Victoria
Letter 3

Hello Jim!!! Today at me on work to be given out difficult day. There were many patients, and I to get tired a little. But it is necessary to transfer weariness. In fact people which to come to us on reception require the help. We help them. Also there is a pleasure and it is pleasant on soul when it is possible to cure the person. Our patients those people which do not have means for treatment in paid clinics. Our organization to have state financing, and we help all to address who to us for the help gratuitously. Basically I to be engaged in inspection of acting patients. And then I direct those who requires hospitalization in medical cases. Today I wanted to send to you some my photos on which I am represented and my family. But at photos bad quality of the image, and them it was not possible to process the scanner. I cannot scan documents itself, and I should ask about it the manager the Internet of cafe. It to try to do now to copy the image, but at him it to turn out nothing. I to think that it is necessary to send you my photos in an envelope, through post service. If you will not complicate, I to ask you to send to me your exact post address and your full name. Then I can send to you the letter. Probably you also will wish to send me the letter through post service. My exact post address. Mine mail the address. Russia. The city of Volgograd. Street October, the house number 141, an apartment 35. The postal index 345678. My name Victoria, a surname of Shevchenko. I to want to tell about our correspondence to my parents. You the good person and I to think that they should know about you. I have not got used to hide something from them. At us in family confidential attitudes and consequently we to live amicably. My family to not be considered rich here, but I to think that in our life of money should not play a leaging role. The main thing a family cosiness and mutual understanding. At my girlfriend today birthday, and she to invite me to go in the evening to it on a visit. Tomorrow I need to go in the morning on work. It would be desirable to have a rest better. But I to think that is necessary to come not for a long time to the girlfriend, and to congratulate her on a holiday. I like to receive your letters. You the remarkable person, and probably are desired for many women. You very much to differ from those men whom to live here in my city. You to have now correspondence with someone except for me? I would not like certainly that you communicated with other women. But if you to want it, I shall understand you. I to not communicate with anybody except for you. For some reason it seems to me that you that the man which can captivate heart of any woman. Tomorrow I still to write to you. Victoria
Letter 4

Greetings my fine friend Jim!!!! I again in the Internet of cafe and to see now the message from you. Correspondence with you and to deliver to me great pleasure. You to bring a lot of pleasure in my heart. I have told about our dialogue to my parents. They to approve our dialogue. And to ask me to send the regards to you from them. Mum speaks that you good the man and Probably our dialogue can result in something serious. I have sent you today the letter through post service. In it I to send you 5 photos. On four of them I am represented together with my family. And on one I and my girlfriend Elena. Inform me when you to receive them. I last night came to my girlfriend at date of a birth. It did not have a few visitors. I have congratulated her We have ***** a little dry fault, And then it is a little to talk about our life. We now not frequently to see. In fact daily cares to borrow it is a lot of time. Elena to notice changes in my behaviour. Has told to me, that I to look a little more joyfully than earlier. I had to admit to it that I to have correspondence with you. My girlfriend to live the husband, at them two children. And in their family it is always joyful and cheerful. I even to envy their happy life a little. I not envious on character, am simple sometimes to me also To want a happy joint life with the favourite person. A life not strongly to indulge me, But I optimism in soul and think that the happiness can to smile and me. Today at me the short working day was. I to decide to visit on quay of the river Volga. It is the huge river, she the biggest in Russia. About it many songs are combined. In warm summer days here there are many people, but now a cool season and quay deserted. I like to take a walk sometimes on coast. And to look at this mighty river. I to dream today a little. I to not hide from you, I frequently you to think. And ideas about you are pleasant for me. Dialogue with you carries away me. You are nice to me. And sometimes to me to seem that you very much for a long time to be present at my life, and I was very good to know you. Your Victoria
Letter 5

I welcome you my lovely Jim!!!!! I to send to you today my photo. At the end of August I visited the city of Anapa. Anapa is resort city on Black sea. It to be 600 kilometers from my native city. I to do this my photo there. These days at coast there was an excellent weather. I have perfectly lead these four days. I certainly would like to remain there longer, but I to have modest earnings and I can not afford the big wastes. In fact rest cost very dearly. Half of my monthly earnings I to spend for residing at hotel within four days. I was pleasant like near the seas, to breathe fresh sea air. But as though I would like to be there with loved The man. Certainly to show interest to me some men there. But I To not love transient novels. Parents to bring up me in modesty. I not so dismissed to rush to embraces of the first comer of the man. Probably I Little bit old-fashioned in my outlooks on life. How you to think of it? I looked Today on these my photos. Recollected last summer. Also has thought of how it was - pleasant for me To be there together with you. I to test deep sympathy to you, and To think frequently of you. I to represent you in my dreams. In my soul To arise huge feeling to you. I for a long time to not test such. I Thought, that after loss of my friend to the childhood I never to manage anybody To grow fond. But is not present. I to fall in love with you. My heart is beaten quickly now. I To not know, how you to react to my words about love to you. I to hope To see reciprocity from you my lovely. To me it seems that all my life to me not You sufficed only. Now you enter it, and my heart to belong To you to one. To kiss and embrace you my loved. Victoria
Letter 6

My loved Jim!!!!!!! I again to see your mail. And again pleasure in my soul. Pain in my hand to pass and I today again to leave on work. But appeared that troubles which to occur yesterday, were only the beginning. Today on my work to all employees to declare unpleasant news. To us informed that the state refuses to continue financing of our organization, And since tomorrow's day all of us shall be sent in long no-charge holiday. It will proceed till that time while the administration of our organization will not find Private sponsors for continuation of financing of our activity. And probably all of us will dismiss after a while. It is necessary to leave probably from this organization and to search for other earnings. In fact it is necessary to provide to itself residing. The daddy to receive mine the small salary. And it cannot provide one our family. At me to be created very much Unpleasant position now. But it is necessary to me to think of you my lovely, and I to overlook About all my troubles. Ideas from you to warm my heart. I to dream to merge in a delightful kiss with you my lovely. To want to feel Taste of your fine lips. I want to make love and kiss and embrace you. I to understand that it only my dreams, in fact We with you to be far apart. But I shall hope, that is possible In the future we with you can feel pleasure of a meeting. And then to come true my dream of ours To meeting. To kiss you my loved and to send to you a photo. Victoria
Letter 7

My far favourite person Jim. Huge feeling of love to fill my heart at perusal of letters from you. I strongly to want a meeting with you. I to hope that you also to have desire to conclude me in your loving embraces. Now at me the free time is a lot of. And I think that we can - to meet in the person. I to discuss it with my mum. She to consider that you the good person, and to approve our attitudes. Mum to advise me to address in a travel company. I to try to visit a travel company today or probably tomorrow. Also I shall try to learn from them about an opportunity to visit your country. I shall inform to you that I will manage to learn about visiting. You - beautiful and extremely intellectual person with the big love to anothers. I to send you many my warm Embraces and billions Delightful and Sweet Kisses...... I shall write to you soon, and I hope, that your dreams have me, as my dreams constantly about you. I to hope that you And I shall have a long life together and that our life will be that life which is filled Love and understanding, validity, both fidelity to each other and our love. I to want that you knew, that I to think of you constantly. I to want to feel very strongly kisses of your fine lips on my lips. I love you my lovely. And to cherish ideas from you. Victoria
Letter 8

My delightful loved Jim! How you today? As your mood. Today I to visit a travel company. And to consult there About an opportunity of arrival to you my lovely. The adviser of firm informed me that the Firm is engaged in registration of a start in your country under the tourist visa. I have a passport and consequently his registration to me to not be required. The firm makes out a package of documents. He includes manufacturing the visa and the air ticket. Cost of manufacturing of the visa of 350 dollars. Cost of the air ticket of 1100 dollars. Term of manufacturing of documents of 5 days. My lovely for a start to you to me to be required 1450 dollars. I to not have now it is so much money available. I to not have now earnings on work. I informed you that I am now in holiday. But even when I worked my earnings never was high. In fact in Russia a low standard of living. Those people which to be engaged in dark affairs have many money basically. Mine the daddy hardly earns means for residing of my family. In fact products and municipal services dearly cost. My loved if you can help my arrival to you I can take off to you in some days. We can meet, and our love will be united. I to try to descend in bank tonight or tomorrow in the morning. Also I learn from them as it is better to me to receive the help from you. My lovely! I shall hope that you can, probably to help our meeting. Victoria loving you
Letter 9

My loved Jim! I am so excited, To meet you. I believe, that we shall like each other for ever. I to learn today in bank as it is better to me to receive the help from you. I consulted to the manager of bank. It has advised me to take advantage of services of the Western union. Because it to be the most safe way of reception of translation in Russia. My far loved! I to ask you to help to me in payment of my arrival to you Through the Western union. Coordinates of bank. ALFA BANK. SOVETSKAYA, 7. VOLGOGRAD , 400066. Phone(7 ) (844) 2361924. For reception of translation from you my love to me will be required Your full name and the code of translation consisting of ten figures. And as the exact sum of your help to me. I to want to be near to you always. You such fine the man, And you bring a smile to mine, I cannot imagine, How many happiness you will bring to me when we can meet. And I to want to give you all my love. I also dream of you and I love you so gently. The sea of kisses for you. Your Victoria
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