Scam letter(s) from Alla Bochkareva to George (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my sweet heart George!
I love you so mach!!!! Lovely my peach I was so am happy to receive from you the letter today!!!!!
At me even has intercepted breath when I have found so much your letters in my box.
Native mine you sound similarly to Romeo!!!! I was so much compliments never received from anybody.
It is so much heat so much love I is simple ??? from your words.
I can not be far from you I more be unable to sustain this torture.
I so would like you to tell so much much that in letters it to not be laid.
Ah why we so far apart and I do not know as it is possible to overcome this distance.
If it was simply possible to close eyes and having opened them again to appear near to you.
I would give all for this miracle. But such we will not need to do(make) something to connect our hearts.
But what as we are able to do it? If I might I tomorrow sat aboard the plane and have flied to you!!!!!
And you would meet me at the airport probably with colors and a smile.
In one instant I would feel your strong embraces!!!
I would give a floor of life to appear in your warm hands.
Lovely, pleasure mine, sweet mine tell that to me to do(make)? I can not more without you!!!
I love you you love me if we shall not be together I shall die!!!
Loved mine, huge to you thanks for a photo of your children,
They such charming both beautiful, and lovely mine,
I realize you and I sympathize you about that
That their mum does not allow you to see them....
And lovely mine, do not worry for our apartment with mum,
We already for a long time have got used also to us conveniently, at us in an apartment is:
Kitchen, the big bedroom, bath, toilet and vestibule,
As there is a balcony!!!!!
And certainly I do not show the girlfriend our letters,
But something to her I tell about us!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!
And lovely mine, do not worry for cafe, there not so dearly take for services,
But many people use Internet - cafe!
In the street already darkens also to me it becomes slightly sad.
Lovely write to me faster.
I shall wait your answer with fragile heart!!!
The most sweet kiss in your lips my prince!!!!!!
With all love and respect Alla!!!!
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