Scam letter(s) from Julia Hurenk to Kevin (UK)

Letter 1
My love Kev!
But this sum only is necessary to me to have at itself in cash.
I shall not spend them. I need only to have this money at customs house.
I ask you to help me. Can you will borrow this money. And when I shall arrive to you. I shall take away money from my card, and to give back all.
And even percents. It is all that it is necessary. Lovely I know that you will help me.
I did not know that so it will turn out! I do not want to burden you, but I have no a choice.
I hope this small trouble not a handicap to our meeting. I once again repeat, If you will borrow money for me, I give back all and with percents!
I wait for your answer. Julia
Letter 2
Hello my love Kev,
I didnt forget you. Excuse me for my long not write to you.
I could not write you the letter. As the computer my girlfriend has burned down.
She purchase a necessary detail. Now I again can write you the letter.
I have received your information large to you thanks.
I am sincerely glad. That you also want our meeting.
My love Kev I have good news to you.
I did search of the necessary information about our meeting.
I shall write to you all under the order. OK Read very very attentively.
I sincerely want that you completely understood this letter.
To arrive to you, I should visit embassy in Moscow.
There is no what problem concerning reception a visa.
As I can receive it for 1 day. It is very good.
Now you should think again concerning my arrival to you.
As I dont want that you game with me. If you really agree.
Then I can arrive to you. So I'll continue inform you details.
Also I can get the air ticket on Friday, May 26 or Saturday, May 27.
You should choose day. Each day flies many planes to you.
Therefore I can arrive to you. Choose only day of my arrival.
I'll be payment my ticket credit card. I have some sum of money for this purpose.
So very well concerning it. Also I'll be payment at reception the visa.
However it's necessary at passage of customs house to you. To have at itself the sum of money Not less than 1500 euro. Or travel the checks for this sum. As I should prove My financial well-being. It's the law against illegal immigration.
I really cant argue with the law of your government.
My love Kev as it already large expenditure of money.
I didnt plan expenditure many money for arrival to you.
After I'll get the air ticket through my Visa card.
At me still remain approximately 800 euro. It not it is enough that To pass customs examination. To me will not suffice approximately 700 euro.
To all to this I cant expenditure for our meeting all.
I believe what you also should accept in it participation?
I not the hunter behind money. However I'm not rich enough.
But I can arrive nevertheless to you. Only in that case if you will be help me about 700 euro. For my proof of financial well-being.
The request to not take offence at me for my letter.
I should ask you think very well concerning my arrival to you.
I dont want to litter money to a wind.
I really should be convinced of that that you want to meet me.
Sincerely I wait your answer. I'll not take offence if you failure me.
I ask you it's not necessary me to offend. Simply write me your answer.
Also if you dont write me your letter. I'll believe, That you only game with me and not that moreover.
Sincerely Julia
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