Letter(s) from Ekaterina Novoselova to Simo (UAE)

Letter 1

Hello dear Simo! How you today have lead your day? A thank to you for your letter! Simo that concerning my travel to you. Yes I went in tourist agencies, and me have told my ticket to you how many will cost. Me as have told visa and my foreign passport how many will cost, the visa will cost US $180.00., she will be done approximately 9-12 days. My foreign passport will cost US $50.00., it will be done 7 days. My air ticket will cost US $300.00. So I can very soon travel to you. And the happiness seems what not in money to me. I think that at us with you all will turn out, and we shall have general happiness.
Simo I think that you understand me concerning it. And it seems that it is destiny to see you in real life. But me very much that I have no this huge sum for my travel to you. I think that you will help me with my travel to you. Simo I to you I shall be very grateful, if you will help me with my travel to you. Simo it seems that to me not so dearly for our happiness. I think that you will understand me and will arrange. As I have learned as you can send me money, you need to go in Western Union, it is very convenient for transfer and reception of money. When I come in the Internet of cafe to me very much hunt to write only to you. And even when you write to me your new letters, I on these letters answer with pleasure. At times to me at all hunt to leave the Internet of cafe and to wait your new letter, but unfortunately I have no many money to sit and to wait. Simo I without you very strongly miss, and it seems that you too very much without me miss. I wish to you excellent day, and I think that you will lead this day perfectly!!! Please write to me soon, I wait for your answer!
Yours is sincere Katya!


My complete data:
Novoselova Ekaterina.
My number of the passport: 89 69 659890
Russia, city of Volgograd.
Street Komsomolskya 34, apartments 78.