Romance scam letter(s) from Oksana Kamenskaya to Carl (USA)
Letter 1
Hello C!
I am very glad that I have got acquainted with you.
Very, very glad that you have written to me answer.
I very much was afraid for my English and I really hope that you hadn't problems with my English.
And I hope that you saw my profile and read my parameters.
In my profile you could find out my growth and weight.
But I shall remind you:
My growth 5 ` 6, (168 sm), my weight it approximately 120 lbs (45 kg).
I am 27 year old. Color of eyes - brown.
I spoke you that the Astrakhan area in the south is washed by waters of Caspian sea, therefore I have an opportunity to have a rest there in the summer.
I want to send you my photo which I have made this summer on a beach of Caspian sea.
I hope you will like this picture.
We with my mum go to have a rest there each summer.
As you already know I for the first time has got acquainted through the Internet with male therefore I do not know what to write.
I want to know more about you and much to tell about me. Therefore I do not know from what to start.
I wrote to you in my last letter, that I have finished the Astrakhan Economic University.
And now I have received grade of the accountant.
I have study in university in 1998 and have finished university with good estimations in 2003 year.
Study for me was not difficult because I was helped by mum, already I spoke you that she has grade of the accountant too.
University sent us every summer on practice, and certainly my practice was on work at mum.
Practice has much given for me, knowledge received in practice were useful to me in study after.
But in 2 000 year the ministry of the Russian education has made the decision on transition from the old plan of accounting accounts
for the European plan of accounts.
I very like my work. When I was young, I in the childhood dreamed to become the accountant as my mum.
What profession you wanted to have in childhood?
The accountant is a female profession in Russia and in accounts department where I work 3 women, therefore we are amicable collective.
We work on computers, in special computer programs for accountants.
I process the information on warehouses, i.e. I to a kind the account of medicines in a warehouse.
I write out documents on reception or sale of medicines and at the end of one month I make a result of the goods which we have sold and have got on the end of month.
But on work we have no access to Internet, I have not computer at home, and as I said you before, I write you from Internet cafe.
I would be glad to hear your voice, but I haven't my phone.
And it's very pity to me.
Yes certainly it is possible to install a telephone, but it costs a lot of money.
For this purpose it is necessary to make an application on granting of personal number.
Also will pass year or more before we shall receive phone home. But I work on it.
I have the phone on my work, but this phone I can to use only in the working purposes.
Therefore I am once again grateful the Internet.
Internet helps us to communicate and it is very convenient for me.
I am glad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On it I shall finish my letter because I still should reach a house and I do not know that to me still to tell about myself.
In the following letter I shall tell to you more about me and my hobbies.
I shall wait your letters and your photos.
Your friend
Letter 2
How are you?
Are you upset to me?
I'm thinking about you and waiting letter from you...
In ours the Internet of cafe there were serious problems, therefore I could not write to you.
Someone has gone to the Internet of cafe and has stolen serious things.
And the police has closed the Internet of cafe on investigation.
And consequently I could not write to you during a week.
Please write to me, I shall look forward to hearing from you very much.
Your Oksana
Letter 3
Hello dear C!
Today on work I had difficult day and very nice to see you letter.
Today had a bad presentiment in the morning when I have woken up.
I have left on a bus stop and had no desire to go for work.
When has arrived for work, our boss has declared to us the order.
Under the order of our boss we should make audit of a warehouse.
It is usual procedure.
We made audit of a warehouse, we checked actual presence of medicines in a warehouse.
We had to count boxes with medicines and to verify them with documents.
We and my colleagues have found out shortage in a warehouse.
The girl who works directly in a warehouse could not explain to us shortage of medicines.
After audit we have drawn up a statement about shortage and have informed the boss.
Our boss was very malicious on the working woman of a warehouse, and he hardly has not dismissed her.
But when he has calmed down he has made the decision to leave the girl on work and to subtract from her salaries the sum of shortage.
I very pity her because she is very young and has no experience.
But in shortage her the fault and she should answer for it.
I think that she has lost the waybill on a sent goods.
After work I had very bad mood, but your letter as always has lifted my hard mood.
And when I have read your letter to me it became better.
I so am glad that I have male to which I can tell about my problems.
Now I should go.
Do you like ice-cream? I think that you like ice-cream.
I very much like ice-cream and chocolate.
I did not speak you but I well prepare for various dishes I know names of these dishes in Russian, but you probably prepare this dishes only call another name.
I hope that you tried Russian dishes.
If you never tried Russian dishes probably in the future I could prepare something for you. I hope that it like to you.
Now I need go.
I shall write to you tomorrow. I am so sorry I can't send you my photos today.
But I hope tomorrow I shall be able to make some pictures for you.
I am waiting your letter.
Your Oksana
Letter 4

Hello my dear C!!!
I have good news for you. Now not only I wait for your letters, now my mum asks about you.
I did not speak my mum that I visit Internet cafe and that I wrote to Male from another country.
I did not know as my mum will react to it. But yesterday I have decided that I am simply obliged to tell my mum about you.
I have told her about our correspondence.
She is was surprised, but I have told her all about you, but after she have told that she is glad our correspondence.
We talked to mum all evening, she is glad that I have got acquainted with such good gentleman as you.
Mum has told me much about her life.
I think that if my daddy and my brother were alive that they glad too.
Mum is simply sure in it and I too.
I very much miss on daddy and my brother.
I very strongly experienced loneliness when my brother was lost.
I and my brother we were very good friends.
My brother was true gentleman, he never gave me in insult.
Now I have no gentleman who would intercede for me.
But when I read your letters, I for some reason compare you with my brother.
I very much want have near with me a true male, a gentleman.
To whom I can to trust all my Love and all my Feelings.
And when I think of it I for some reason think of you.
You very much like me and my mum. I so am glad that I are correspond with you.
Each our letter approaches us to each other.
Now you for more than the friend, you for me very close person.
I so a long time had no walk with lover male in park and at cinema.
I would like to walk with you in park and in the evening to visit a cinema or restaurant.
To wake up each morning, and to speak Hi my Darling!!!
To hear answer, Good morning My Love!!!
And to know, that if to me bad, I can to come to man, who can to understand me.
Who can to help in any situation. Who can to be near, and to whom I can trust all, my heart, my soul and my love...
But it is only dreams, because you on other part of a planet.
But when I am dreaming, I am happy. And I am believing, that distance, for people who really love each other,
It can't prevent them to be together! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I remember a case when we with brother and with mum have gone to cinema.
Our mum has left me with brother at cinema and has told that will take away us after cinema, but she was late.
We were children and I have begun to cry, but my brother has not become puzzled.
The brother has taken me for a hand and has led me home.
I was frightened, but my brother have calmed me.
I very much missed my brother when him have taken away in army.
I wrote to the brother almost each day of the letter.
We with mum a few time sent money that he bought to itself necessary things.
We found out later from his the friend which was together with my brother on the war.
That our mail very badly works.
My brother received letters, but not all.
He has told that they received only small part of letters.
Money which we sent to brother due to active work of employees of mail were simply withdrawn from envelopes and passed in personal using employees of mail.
So the post service honesty works.
Therefore I once again want to tell that the Internet has rescued us from unfair workers of mail.
Your letters very much help me, now I simply need in your letters.
I it is happy that we have found each other.
Please write me each day.
In the last letter I spoke you, my assumption, that the working woman of a warehouse has simply lost the waybill.
Today she has found the lost waybill and now all is good, I am glad for her.
So our life a strip black is arranged is replaced on white.
I thought that I can not find the true gentleman, but now I correspond with you and it is very wonderful.
I should go, but I shall wait for your answer.
And I also want to send you my pictures, which I just got.
It is picture of my family, there my mum, in blue a sports suit.
And all other girls, it is my girlfriends.
This guy, which near with me, it is my brother.
I am so sorry that I cannot to stand with him right now... P.S.
Remember that your Oksana thinks about you and very wait your letters.
Letter 5
Hello my dear C! I knew that you will write to me. I waited your letter very much!!!
I feel that I have got used to your letters and now me simply attracts in Internet of cafe.
Now I very much wait minute, when I can come in the Internet cafe read your letter and write you my answer.
I spoke you, that I have written to you with serious intentions.
I could not find the person which understood me with which I could speak on any themes.
But between us now such understanding, that I want to open to you what I promised you early.
You should know that earlier I had acquaintance with guys.
I had serious relationship with three guys.
My first guy was when I went to school, it is my first love.
After was second at University.
And last my novel was with the guy which worked with my mum.
He worked car driver of the boss.
In the beginning of ours relationship was all good: there was a love, flowers, joint walks, dreams of creation of family.
One year ago we have interrupted ours relationship.
Year I lived as in a fairy tale because he looked after me, but after I has noticed that his the attention weakens to me.
I asked his that occurs but he did not answer me.
Later I found out that he meet with other girl.
I trusted him, but he have not estimated my trust.
I could not forgive him a deceit and consequently we with him have finished our relationship.
Now I at all do not want to recollect about him. I think that I have found gentleman which I searched.
Thank that you sincere in your letters, I am glad, that you trust me.
But as you now see, I was deceived in last-time too, but only I was deceived by my guy.
But our life as river and if river collides with a barrier, he collects all forces to overcome a barrier.
I have overcome change of the guy too.
I am very glad that I could find you. I did not see you, but we with you are very similar.
I very like to speak with you.
I have very much got used to your letters. I trust you, therefore I tell to you all about myself.
Yesterday I again spoke with mum about us.
Mum has asked me that we shall be do if our feelings will develop.
Mum has told that letters is letters, the most important, is a direct meeting.
I have thought and have told, that about our meeting to us early speak now, because we still find out each other.
But if we shall want to meet together, now we shall not have problems.
Our city has a few travel agencys through which I can legalize papers if I shall want to arrive to you.
But if all will be serious and we shall decide to meet directly, our meeting will be simply necessary for us.
I think that you agree with me?
I very, very, very wait your next letter.
I am sending you my photo, it is me and car of my girlfriend Elena.
I hope you like... Your Oksana
Letter 6
Hello my dear love C!!!
I have simply run in the Internet of cafe to read your message.
I have no a lot of time to write.
My dear I want to thank you, that you want to me the help.
Today in the morning I met my girlfriend and our conversation in anything has not resulted.
She has told, that for her is necessary the automobile.
We too have automobile insurances but when we have addressed in insurance the companies,
To us have told, that yours insurances term of half-container weeks ago has left.
Then also me the girlfriend has told, that I now should pay!
And also has taken away my documents in a pledge, including my passing for work.
Now to me to have will be explained before protection at each input for work.
My dear C! If you will help me with this money, I shall make everything, a that you will tell.
It is very a shame to me before you, but I simply do not know to whom more to address!
In car-care center do not take credit cards, there only cash.
And for the simple automobile they can tear off every day money from the owner.
Also you have asked how many there is a cellular telephone.
The normal cellular telephone costs 185-240 dollars.
It approximately, but I precisely do not know.
Mine C yes I read the English hand, but I do not understand some words, therefore it is the best way to write on printed.
Today in bank I have learned, how you can send money safely if you wish it.
Also they gave me the address and phone.
But my dear I have no documents to receive, but to me my help the employee on work can.
She knows about us and that we are copied with you.
I in conducted her in a rate of an affair and she has agreed to receive your money in a place of me.
My love I do not know, whether you want it.
But I allow to you the address of bank and the employees given to mine on work. My Country - Russia, My City - Astrakhan, Her Name - Elena, Her Lastname - Shmarova.
The information of bank with branch of Western Union:
Commercial Bank "UNICOR",
The address of bank-
Street Bogdana Khmelnitskogo 22
Astrakhan, 414024
Telephone of bank: 7-851-2304518 Also my dear pay attention my address of e-mail has exchanged.
Now I should run for work, I very much love you!!!
And I want to send you my eaoia? a photo on a beach.
I hope you will love him.
Your love Oksana
Letter 7
Hi My Dear C!!!
I was every happy to read your last email. It was very candid and thoughtful.
I am very lucky to get to communicate with you. Your frankness and sincerity gives me much hope in life.
You always say it as it is. I admire you for that. I wish you all the best in life in whole world.
Thank you for taking the first step of communicating with me.
I am very grateful to the people who invented the internet for making the communication between us possible.
May be the internet was created just to enable us to meet and to live together happy ever after.
Is it not like a dream comes true? Hope we can both work toward understanding each other and building loving, considerate, affectionate, passionate, enduring, faithful, caring relationship. All things are possible if we persistently channel our energies to them, relentlessly focus our attentions on them, and sincerely, actively work toward those goals. All our dreams will definitely come true. Are ready to start building a great, loving, enduring relationship with me?
I hope we are made to love each other, care for each other, listen to each other, understand each other, and work through all times in our lives together and individually in happiness and excellent health. Hope in future we will be able to feel and say the following statements about ourselves:
You are my soul mate and nothing, and no one else feels more right than you!! I love you eternally and unconditionally.
I miss you more than words can say and my love will reach any distance and fly to be in your dreams and heart each evening that we can not be together.
I physically long for you each night and will see you in my dreams until we find ourselves wrapped in the love that grows stronger and deeper each day, into our future together. I believe and have faith in you.
In the letter you asked me many questions which I simply did not want to answer. I did not want to recollect about the father who was broke, I did not want to recollect about the brother who has died in the Chechen war. I do not want to go through, again and consequently I do not want to recollect that horror about them. Also you asked me about religion I The Christian and each time when I go to church, I put a candle my native.
I do not know, why it so is interesting to you, but I any more do not want speaks on this theme.
Yes I know, that you on are much more senior than me, but it changes nothing. My grandfather was more senior than my grandmother for 16 years and they lived for a long time and happily. I think, that the age has no value.
My mother knows, that you on are much more senior than me and she speaks, that if I love you there is nothing bad in it. I do not know, how your opinion, but I love you!
Also I do not want you to lose because of it.
I do not know, how will be your former wife , but I hope, that she will not prevent our love. With your daughter I hope we shall be good girlfriends, I very much hope for it!
My mother of me abused, because I have dared to sit down a rudder of the another's automobile, and I on was promised it, that more such will not be repeated. My former girlfriend asks me money because I took the helm also itself asked to go. But now the situation was heated also I do not know, that to me to do. I know, that you do not trust me, thanks that you write letters and somehow console me.
You have asked why I have changed the address, yes because my former girlfriend knows this address and can make, that be badly. Therefore I have changed the address.
I do not know, that to you to write still, now decide, I do not know! I have tears on eyes and I cannot write any more, I shall write to you later.
Letter 8
Good day my dearest C, I just came to cafe write you,
How was your day? My C, My day was a nice,
I spent it in dreams of you... I was so badly, that we cannot to be together sooner...
To me was so lonely, as and before... I thought of you all time...
I want to be with you sooner!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Only one meeting and it will be enough for us...
I am sure in it also... Because all will be fine.
My dear it will be better if you will send money in dollars.
If it is necessary there will be I with can change in here.
My dear I want to get rid more quickly, from this problem and I do not want to know my former girlfriend more.
I do not want to have more with not what affairs! I
In the letter you have asked me, I love what music?
I love sincere, quiet music under which it is possible to dance slow dance.
But I seldom should dance, but I hope, that when we shall be in a place we shall give more dances.
From where I write the Internet of cafe to you to be not far from my house and consequently I am not afraid to go one at night.
My dear I has run for one minute and now I should leave for work.
I very much love you also I shall wait for your message.
My mum asked me to send you her best regards!!! And a big HELLO from my mum!!!
And certainly a bg Congratulation from my family for you C!!!
My lover, I love you...
And I am missing you...
With Love
Your Oksana
Letter 9
I do not know, that now to me to think! I cannot work and I have asked for leave from from work. In my head constantly your last letter. I know, that I am guilty also I have deserved it. But please forgive me mine C! Now I cannot think of anything, except for you! I do not know, what to me to do? How to me to be? I do not want you to lose! Please understand me.
My love arrive to me and I shall prove to you, that I really love you. Also you can get acquainted with my mum, she will be very glad to your arrival.
I allow to you once again my address:
Oksana Kamenskaya
31 Krasnoarmeiskaya
Apartment 30
You can arrive to me at any time, I very much want, that you have arrived to me. I know, that you any more do not trust me, but you can arrive to me and we shall solve all our problems at a meeting.
And you to remain with us how many to you it can is necessary. During your arrival we always shall be in a place. I shall not release you on a step.
My dear please forgive me and give me one more chance!
If you will throw me I do not know, a that I shall make!
I still want, that we were in a place and did not leave when.
Please write to me the answer as it is possible soon. I today shall not leave where I shall look forward to hearing from you.
I hope, that you forgive me also you will arrive to me!
I love you and I wait for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 10
I and my mum we shall be very glad when you will arrive to me.
I to you shall do the Russian dishes, and I think, that you will love them.
I do not know, want trust want is not present, but here phone on a bell in abroad do not give.
It is very a pity to me.
I do not know, how to me to be tomorrow, what to me to do?
Letter 11
My dear C!!!
I just wished to know it, that you are fine now.
My love, I hope I didn't scared you with my some of last letters...
I just wrote you all truth...
My darling, I don't know what to do, I think that one meeting more better than million letters...
I must to know your opinion...
I am waiting, it is evening here...
I think it is dinner in your country.
I hope to see your letter...
I will be here.
I am waiting your letter.
Your Love Oksana
Letter 12
My dear I hope, what you have woken up and have morning?
I still am in the Internet of cafe and I wait for your answer!
I want to speakwith you in online, I shall wait until then while you to me do not write!
Please my love as soon as you receive this message, write to me at once!
I very much wait for your answer and me a little not on myself.
I want, a that you have forgiven me and gave me one more chance, I swear to you,
That I have no except for you more whom! And I want, that our attitudes were not gone, I do not want to be in friendly attitudes, I want, that we were in a place and did not leave you when.
I very much hope for it and that you will understand me and forgive. Please answer me as it is possible soon!!!!!
Letter 13
My dear I did not send them nude photos, and I was not going to send them.
I already spoke you, that I wanted to find partner in life and consequently I sent letters at once to several person but as I already spoke you, that they impudent persons.
My dear C? Understand me correctly, I already too not so am young, and I want to have the family and mark children!
I do not want to remain the old woman!
And only you one of them not such, and I appreciate it in you.
I want to create with you family!
But recently I have problems behind problems!
That I even at times would not like to live!
Letter 14
My dear I wanted to find to myself of the partner in life and consequently I have written these letters, but these men appeared any maniacs.
They constantly asked me nude photos, that me very much enraged. They wrote to me, that if I shall not send them nude photos they will place me on any site.
About which I have no concept. But you not such person and consequently you very much like me, you not to time did not ask me nude photos.
I do not know can you did not receive my letter where I wrote that you have sent me a photo! You can send right now a photo, I shall be very glad to receive it!
Letter 15
My dear please explain to me as you to send a written mail.
I want to pay tomorrow to the girlfriend damage and to send you the check!
That all was fair I want to receive the documents back and to begin document registration, to arrive to you.
My dear I to you not to time did not tell lies also it I shall not do, please do not leave me, I have got used to you and I do not want to leave you!
Letter 16
Yes my dear I understand all, a that you have written to me, I also want, that our attitudes developed.
I want, a that we were, as the husband and the wife!
I want to have children from you. If you present me of the child, I shall be the happiest woman in the world.
You cannot present, as I wish it, to have the tiny child. When I see in the street young mums, with the baby, I so would like her to take! And I have tears on eyes!
I do not know, how your daughter will concern to this, I think, what she will be not against?
Letter 17
My dear I cannot call right now in you, I do not know where right now I can find phone.
Yes I can speak fluently with you, but I do not understand some words, but I all the same can understand you!
I can shall try to call in you tomorrow! Now we have night!
I also would be glad to hear your sweet voice, but at present it is not possible also to me very a pity to you to speak about it!
I already spoke you, that I have no documents and I cannot receive money.
I spoke you, a that in a place of me Elena can receive. She the remarkable person.
I still the day before yesterday should give money to my former girlfriend and I do not want to disappear from it. I want to get rid of it and more I do not want her to know. My love, I do not know you likely to me do not trust and do not want to trust.
I do not know I more that I can not tell! You should make the decision!
Letter 18
I and my mum we shall be very glad when you will arrive to me.
I to you shall do the Russian dishes, and I think, that you will love them.
I do not know, want trust want is not present, but here phone on a bell in abroad do not give.
It is very a pity to me.
I do not know, how to me to be tomorrow, what to me to do?
Letter 19

Is not present my dear C!
Our attitudes are not based on money.
If I would have this money I cent have not asked you, I am simple in without target position and I do not know, how to me was a that to me to do?
Probably it was not necessary to you to speak about it, but you spoke, that I with you was frank.
And now I do not know, that to you even to tell!
I promise you, a that I was more when in a life I shall not sit for a rudder of the automobile, I any more have no desire him to operate!
Letter 20
My dear while you will check up will pass a lot of time as you to explain still I I do not know, I understand, a that you doubt on the account of me.
But I spoke you the naked truth!
Tomorrow I cannot talk to my former girlfriend because she comes with the parents and it is necessary I is very a shame before them.
I simply do not want to see them. They even have managed to come today for work and have started a row there.
I did not know where to me to disappear.
And I have simply left work. I could not be there more. Now today I shall not go to spend the night home, I do not want scandal, as in today on work.
I do not know, a that I shall do still.
I have evil thoughts in a head about which I do not want to speak you.
Letter 21
The Internet eaeoa works 4:00 mornings and to me to hasten not where.
To me not where to leave, tomorrow I shall not go for work, I do not want to be dishonoured before the heads.
And let me will dismiss, I mean it have deserved.
Letter 22
Well my love! I shall act, as you speak, I shall go home, but tomorrow in the morning I again shall arrive to write to you.
My love please write to me on my new address which I to you allowed. I do not want a that the girlfriend read our letters.
I hope you remember it: oksanaoksa
Letter 23
Hello my love C!!!
I want you on to thank, for your photo, something you remind my father.
I hope you not annoys because of it. It was same nice, as well as you.
It also had long hair in a youth, I do not know, can at you was go fashionably with long hair.
My dear I has received all your letters, letters which you sent on Russian I also received, I only cannot understand why you sent on Russian? You well know Russian?
I very much love you also I am afraid of you to lose!
Today there came to us home, my former girlfriend and its mother.
Conversation was serious. My mother also was present at it.
Thank God conversation has taken place normal and was not what scandal.
We have agreed, that tomorrow I give them of money. I am very glad, that all has passed successfully.
My dear thanks you, a that you yesterday have directed me home.
I do not know, a that I have made yesterday. Well all right about bad! I want to forget about it.
You have asked in the letter up to how many our banks work? Our banks work on miscellaneous, where till 18:00, where till 16:00.
My dear I cannot write to you much because yesterday I practically did not work and have not made the report. Now I should to have time make for a night the report by tomorrow's day.
I shall write to you tomorrow when I shall come to check up your information.
My mother to you nearly has not overlooked transfers huge greetings and invites you to the day a birth! On Monday to it there will be 48 years.
Also she to me has told, a that wants to write to you the letter.
Well my love now I should leave. I love you and I shall wait for your letter.
Millions kisses only for you mine C!!!
With Love
Your Oksana
Letter 24
Hello Mr. C!
To you writes mother Oksana, I want to tell you at once that I do not know the English language as my daughter
And I use the translator, and probably that you can not understand something
But I hope that you will be capable to understand it,
I do not know precisely that you have decided, but I simply see as my daughter worry
She very much wants to arrive to you, she has told me that it is necessary ?????
I never saw my daughter such happy and sad as now
And I as mother very much worry for her I want only happiness for my daughter
She very much told about you, and all was good
She very much wants to be with you, I as mum see it in her eyes, I never heard that she talked in dream something happened with her
And I hope that you will understand our position, I saw as she cried one day at night
To her really very hard now, she need in support and in love
But I want to ask you, only if your intentions are really serious
If it so, I want to wish you be happy together
It is all, very hard to write.
I want you on to thank for your help, Oksana.
Yes I know, that 800 dollars are the big sum for you.
And also I very much understand you, how to you to have.
I talked to parents of girlfriend Oksana, we have found with them common language.
But I did not think, that girlfriend Oksana so will impudently conduct itself.
I her know many years and I have no words, that about it to tell.
Oksana to me promised, that she when will not operate the automobile is more.
And it very much pleases me.
I shall tell to it that she has tried to call to you though it is very difficult, but I shall try to help it!
All of you should hear voices each other!
I saw your photo, you are very good, and something you are similar to my late husband.
Also I want to tell to you thanks, that you have given me a gift at date of a birth.
Oksana has bought the big pie and has invited all neighbours, and to us it was very cheerful.
It is a pity, that you were not with us, I would be very glad to your presence.
Today Oksana cannot come to write to you.
She has a lot of work because soon the end of month, and she should make the scheduled report for a month.
She will write to you likely tomorrow early in the morning.
She does not know that I came here, and she very much is sick now
From the childhood she grew not the healthy child she sick much
Each winter she was sick either a flu or quinsy,
She very vulnerable person, and very sensitive,
And her, it is very easy to break heart, and I hope that you will not do so
I really hope for you, she already for a long time can not find anybody here
Well, it is all
I hope that I shall not distract more you with my letters
Love to both of you, and I shall only happy for you
Mother Oksana
Letter 25
Hello my love C!!!
Forgive, a that I could not write to you in the morning! I very much hurried up for work, that
To hand over the report. My dear we with Elena have received your translation. And as you to me have told, that I have talked to my former girlfriend. I and have made.
We have taken money in bank and have gone to it, I have explained all to it, but she did not want me to listen. And she to me has given me a closing date, till Tuesday.
She has not taken these of 350 dollars. Also she suited a panic which it is better to not recollect! If I shall not give it money on Tuesday, she will bring an action against me!
If she will bring an action, to me cannot give out the visa and I can not arrive to you!
And it very much frightens me, that we cannot meet you then.
I do not know to me it would be desirable to throw to it this money to face that she any more did not afford arrogance! To me all this has bothered also I to it all has stated to face, that she behaves, as last silly woman. Her it is very a pity to me, but it so!
My dear I do not know, about what my mum wants to talk to you, but I guess, it likely about us. She all the same worries for me.
Today I shall find out, a that she wanted you to write.
Whether in the letter you have asked me I received all letters?
I cannot tell to you it because I do not know how many you letters have sent.
But I precisely know, that I have received only one photo about which I wrote to you. Send to me once again what photos you sent, I shall like them to receive.
I also want you to ask, what your daughter thinks of us? And how she to this concerns? Also transfer it greetings from me! If she to me is good-natured. I hope, that it and we shall be the big friends.
I shall transfer my mother your congratulations! And I on yours 50 dollars want to buy the big pie and to call all our neighbours per day a birth of mum!
I hope it will be the best gift to it. You agree with me?
I nearly have not overlooked to tell to you, that tomorrow the Internet of cafe will not work.
And I cannot write to you, till Monday. Here will be it is made preventive works. I shall write to you to Monday in the morning. Well?
My love of thanks you for the help if not you, I do not know, a that I would do.
My girlfriend Elena wanted you to ask, whether you have the friend? c which she can will get acquainted. She is very timid and cannot in a straight line will get acquainted to the man, also she is very modest and very clever!
My love now I shall leave home, today I am very tired on work and my head does not think. I very much want to sleep and see you in dream!
I am doing good and always thinking of you.
Morning noon and night you are always on my mind. even in my sleep.
I love you with all my heart. And i am looking forward to the day we are together.
That day will be a joyfull day. For both of us [].
I love you so very much. I got to go for now but i will talk to you soon.
Plenty of hugs and kisses from me to you.
Your love Oksana
Letter 26
Hello my love C!!!
I hope, what at you all is good?
My dear I cannot see your photo, I do not know why, but there there is only a dark blue screen.
I want you will ask, you use what program?
Please try once again to send me your photo.
Today I was released on earlier from my work because I should to my mum set the table the help.
I already spoke you, that I shall buy the big pie, and we shall invite all our neighbours, at date of a birth of mum.
I so wanted, that you right now were on this holiday.
It is very a pity to me, that it is not possible!
Tomorrow I to you shall tell, how all occured.
My dear I want you to ask, you have sent the regards from me to your daughter?
If yes, that she has answered you.
It is very important for me, I want as it is possible to get acquainted with it more soon!
I want, that we were with it girlfriends.
Today in the morning, at breakfast, we with my mum talked about you.
She asked many questions about you.
But I did not speak much about you, also she asked, that I have shown it your photo.
My mum very much wants to have grandsons, and today she to me has told, when I on give it the grandson.
She very much wants to become the young grandmother.
I to it have told, that it depends not on me and I do not know, how will soon arrive to us you.
She very much wants to see you alive and I hope, that you will arrive to us soon.
I very much wait for this day when it at last will come.
My dear tell to me when you approximately are going to arrive to us.
I want to tell my mother, and that she has got me the questions.
Also she transfers you greetings and she wants, that we were in a place as it is possible soon.
I too very much want it!
Today for work there has come my former girlfriend, and she to me on remembered last our conversation.
I to it have told, that I perfectly remember all and it is not necessary to me to remind.
She has impudently looked at me and left!
I hope, what you have solved this problem?
Tomorrow I do not want to appear in an idiotic situation.
My dear I has not casually removed your letters and I have no now your address.
Please send me once again your full home address!
Now I should run home, that the help to my mum!
And also I yet have not bought a pie.
Well my love C! I love you!!!! But I really should leave!
I shall write to you tomorrow.
I must go
I will think of you!!!
Your Oksana
Letter 27
Hello my love C!!!
I with impatience waited for today more likely to see your letter and to write to you.
Today I did not sleep all the night long, all thought of us and about our first meeting and about our life in general.
I think, that it is fine that we have found each other and steel so are close.
I still never was so is happy. I am confident, that only with you it will be good me.
I searched such for the man as you all life and I now have understood, that I have knowingly spent for the search so much time.
Our life as ocean of passion will seems to me that. As the bottomless sea of love and tenderness.
Yes I know, that now we yet together, but I feel of you so much supports and cares and all problems at once disappear, it seems to me that and should be.
I even in the childhood dreamed about such as you, you that prince from a fairy tale which to me were read by mum for the night. And one of my dreams at last has come true, I have met you.
I constantly repeat about myself your name and it seems to me the finest name on light.
I believe, in that that our meeting not casual, the destiny chance to be together means to us has given and we should not release it in any way.
The person can be never happy one, happiness this business of two. And it seems to me that we are happy. I can tell about myself, that I the happiest on light.
My heart is my law, and I obey it, it wants to love you and to be your loved.
The true love is not able to speak, because she is expressed more likely by business than words, and I shall show you all love when we shall be together. In fact in love there are not enough words, they are given out always with any intimacy as they look against each other, touch.
In fact to love it does not mean to look against each other, it means to look in one direction. I am right???
Love it is fine, I its authorities will be subdued, to like it see a miracle which cannot to see others.
I at all do not present, that can be better than like and know, that to you like. Our life will consist from this and we should release never such opportunity because having lost once we can more never we shall receive such opportunity.
And I want that anybody did not have doubts, that our marriage will be based on the big love.
Today at night I tried to fall asleep, but only I closed eyes, at once represented you, and I understood, that I very much do not have you.
I love you and I build plans concerning our future.
I want that our attitudes were an exchange of ideas, feelings, energy, tendernesses and love. I know, that our union was strong, we should understand, respect, appreciate, love and please each other.
Now when I have found you, I do not present as though I lived without you, I cannot to myself will present, that I shall think, breathe, dream, without you, I very much am afraid of you to lose. My love please write to me soon, I very much wait for your letter.
Your love Oksana.
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