Scam Letter(s) from Alena Pedan to James (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear and lovely James! I was so happy to hear from you today.
Thanks for writing it. Your letter always make me smile!
I can tell for sure that you are a sunray in my life. You always make me so happy and complete! Thanks for it, darling.
I could never feel it all, but for you! You are really very special.
I only can thank to God that he sent me such a man as you are!
Our relationship has become a great part of my life. I mean it.
Now i can;t imagine my life without our relations, our correspondence.
Now you are me!!! When i think of my future, when i try to imagine what my life would be in future and what it will look like, i think about you. It means that i just can;t imagine my future without you. You became so dear and close person to me. I want you to be in my life forever! Honey, i promise that i will always be a person for you, whom you can count on, i will never leave you in need or let you down. That will never happen! I am honest and sincere with you, and i feel that you are open with me too! I think it is very good for our relations. I have always dreamed of it before!
Honey, i want to thank you for all you brought into my life. It is all thanks to you!
Now i will get prepared for my next exam. It will be the day after tomorrow.
The subject is Writen English. I am a bit worried, but i believe everything will be fine.
I still can;t believe that my study will be over in a week! Then i will have my graduation ceremony and soon after that i am completely free! I am so happy! I am looking forward to this time! I think i deserve some rest, as i was studying so hard.
By the way, i am not sure if i told you that i am excellent student at the Uni!
It is really hard to do it, but i did it!
Baby, today I will send you a photo, which was taken last week, when my sister and I went to the birthday party to one of my friends, remember I told you about it? We took a photo there, and today you will see it, Hope you will like it.
Just in case, I am the one on the left! But I am sure you will always recognise me:)!
I hope you will have a nice day today! I am thinking of you all the time!
i miss you so much! Please, write me soon. Kiss, Love, Your Olena.



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