Scam letter(s) from Marianna to Austin (USA)

Letter 1
I'am a awesome lonely woman searching for a person who will take care and understand his second half !!
I assume who I'm strong female with goals,ideals & ambitions. Dating is not just fun for me, i don’t play with feelings!!
Iam searching for a real relationship,marriage!! tell me about yourself,. How old are you?? Where do you live?!!
I shall necessarily send u pics in the following e-mail.
I'll be waiting for your reply.
All the best have a happy morning
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Name: Daria Pustobaeva
Age: 23
Name: Joy Henry
Age: 45
Name: Gift Hassan
Age: 28
Name: Helen
Age: 32
Name: Irina Rassadnikov
Age: 28
Name: Nadezhda Chepaykina
Age: 28
Name: Kisun Sung
Age: 32
Name: Ludmila Konstantinova
Age: 28
Name: Maria Makarova
Age: 32
Name: Precious Matine
Age: 23
Name: Lubov Biktagirova
Age: 33
Name: Christine Smith
Age: 25
Name: Maria
Age: 34
Name: Merry
Age: 28
Name: Petronela Neamtu
Age: 24