Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Strelnikova to Nikko (USA)
Letter 1
Hi my dear, How are you? I hope, that at you all is good. I miss on you very much. As weather at you.
Here all is good. But, slightly coldly. It approximately +6. My love to me was very pleasant to receive the letter from you. I miss on you very strongly and I want to be only with you! You... You Know, I at all do not want to think, as well as about what I shall write. It as if in dream. I am completely given sensation of twilight, music and slow movement of own fingers on the keyboard. They will write everything, that I feel, and that I want to transfer you. So it is interesting... I simply type... Itself, that will come in a head...
In a breast such warm fluffy feeling, because, that somewhere beside, nearby quietly breathes the closest, favorite and native essence. Sometimes I almost physically feel your presence... Today, when I went home, for some reason it seemed to me, that I now shall come, and houses - you... This idea became such pleasant, that I did not begin to dissuade myself, and on the contrary, began to represent, that I would make, appear you actually at me (I have presented, that you sit on a bed and you smile). Your charming, lovely smile, such, what I always remember it, from which at me in a breast always intercepts breath, and then the feeling of completely inexpressible happiness fills in me only... I would throw the arms round you neck from a threshold, and have embraced you strong - is strong, and then would kiss all your smiling person... It probably, sadly, but today I do not want to trust in a prediction. I do not want to trust that any force against my will can force to leave me with the relatives on this ground the person. I do not want, it is not necessary... Even for one instant I can not present myself, that I would began to do, if have lost you. You for me are more, than all my life, you is a half of my essence, my soul, having lost which, another it will not be simple to know what to do... And when we together, you remember, I spoke you, sometimes it seems to me, that our bodies can simply merge during one fine instant in one. Sometimes to me even it is terrible, because up to a meeting with you I did not think at all, that the person can feel SUCH... So fine feeling, that it sometimes ceases to seem a reality. And, nevertheless, it is a reality. Your and my. To tell the truth, our human world is so severe, that cannot allow existence fine independently, without contrast and then I find myself as if in a sticky dense fog of which at times cannot get out... But you, you are so magnanimous and self-denying, that over and over again give me the madly fine love, such about which write books and shoot a film, such of which people should be proud, and, again and again you open to me eyes that I in any way did not want to see and notice in spite of the fact that it was absolutely beside. My God, as I am grateful to you for it! Any person in this life has not given me and has not made for me even a small share of that you give me. And I understand, that I can thank nothing you... Therefore I also have decided to present simply to you the life. It so is simple, understand, and do not push away this gift is to you... And let I cannot sometimes understand much, and yet have not learned to accept you such what you actually, I shall study in this. That it would do not cost to me.
And let sometimes I feel a strong pain, insult, disappointment, all the same, it anything, in comparison with that there is you. I hope, you too will take all tenderness and all love which I only can give you, everything, without the rest... My dear, I can not tell why you that person who is necessary for me. I simply feel it the heart. You understand me? It is impossible to explain it in a word. When we meet, I want to do with you all!!! I want to speak with you, I want to look film with you. I want to walk with you... I want to live with you!!! My dear, you have found the love!!! It I, I always shall be yours, I shall love you, I shall care of you, I shall be always with you!!! Well, my lovely, on it I shall finish to write to you this letter. I send you thousand kisses and gentle embraces. I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Always yours, Elena...
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