Romance scam letter(s) from Susan George to Andrej (Slovenia)
Letter 1
My name is Susan George
I live in Warsaw Poland
I am single for about 2years now
Because I don't want to get married again,because all my thinking is that there is no true love again, all the men I have meant,they just want to collect my father's property and run away.that's the main reason why I said I won't get married again
So when I got your email, I decided to add you,if you can wept away my bitterness in terms of husband bitterness.
But before I tell you all my secret, I will like to ask you, can you keep a secret??????
Am 38 years of age,and I have no kids
Letter 2
I want to tell you about my late father heritage I inherited from him before they passed away,I am the only daughter of George Susan
I would not have told you this but right now my heart tells me that you are my future man that is why i want to reveal this secret to you.
I dreamed of that one person that I would share my dreams, happiness and energy with I could not see his face but he was there. I always felt like he was out there, I just needed to feel him. I visualized the bond we would have and the courage he would give me to endure life is obstacles. All these years I was with others, and feeling my way through life, learning lessons that later on would prepare me to become the person that I am now. I have felt alone and sad. Then one day my eyes opened and I became that little girl again ... realizing that he is here now. Here in my world was the man that I had dreamed of and I had hoped would not miss our meeting in life that man is you. I hope you will never hurt my good feeling to you, betray my trust that i have in you and also promise you that i will never let you regret that we meet together when i get to you...
Sweetie, After much consideration and prayer i have decided to tell you all about myself because i believe you can be of Assistance to me and my faith and believe in God led me to you. i am the only daughter of my late father Mr. George Susan from Bolton in Great Britain.
My father was a successful business man that travel everywhere to buy gold and precious stone to resell it in Europe, September 12 2013 was my mom birthday, my dad was in Africa for his business but he came back to the Bolton to celebrate my mom birthday and he will return back to Africa for his business the following day but when mom went to pick him up at the airport, they had an automobile accident which my mom died immediately but my dad was rushed to the hospital I didn't know that my father was going to leave me after I had lost my mother. But before he gave up the ghost, it was as if he knew he was going to die. He my father, (MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE)
My Father disclosed to me that he deposited big money for a company to buy precious stones, gold and money kept in an insurance company in West Africa that worth 4.5 Million British Pounds. He single handedly the document covering it which is the certificate of deposit and the agreement bond made with the security company, and instructed me to seek for a life time investment abroad once i have the money with my husband. I have suffered a lot since my father died. I don’t have any body to look after me, but I have some heartless and wicked relations who want to fake me in love and have the properties, I would have personally contact the insurance but my father owe a debt which I'm the surety to, so I'm paying back the debt and all my license has been sophisticated, that's why i couldn't contact the insurance company I'll be very happy if you are ready to help me contact the insurance company on my behalf and have the money into your account
My first boy friend, Jack Moer, absconded with my dad's money which was kept with me after a completion of a contract in Hawaii, US. When my boy friend absconded with the huge sum of British pounds, this brought about the first breakup between me and daddy, because he thought, I plan with my ex-boyfriend to loot his business, but not knowing that I'm an innocent about this embezzlement. So my dad has been harsh and tough against me about this before he died. My father was a wealthy Gold and Diamond merchant in London before his untimely death, and he instruct the security company to transfer the money to my husband or my real boyfriend and i decided to find a older man than me that will understand life very well with me and someone that can not betray me...
Please let me know if you can keep this secret and help me. I'll give you the information of the money and the contact to the insurance company if you are ready to help, also i promise never I'll hurt you or make you regret that you help me and I'll live and stay with you forever.
I wait for your response
Kisses and hugs.
I have the full details of the insurance company with me but I am looking for serious man that he will let me down or betray me
Letter 3
So what help do you think you can do for me about my story?
Yes but since I seeked an help from you,you suppose to help
But just a little help
I got your address from my friend
And she told me you are a good man
You will help me
But me am different, I only just need a small favour
And I will be so happy if you can help me
Since you cant help me with money Andrej,can you help me with just ordinary card only
This type of card
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