Scam letter(s) from Cynthia Freedman to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Am looking for something real and sincere tired of lies and empty promises
Letter 2
Yes i have my won car i own a Kia Sorentor 2012 model V6 engine I’m very much a people person. With women & men. But men irritate the **** out of me. Their comments sometimes are overbearing. A lot of people think I’m a man hater. Which I don’t think I am. I just dont like ignorance i got a pride and dignity i always feel comfortable with the right man. I’m trying to teach little girls that are close to me as well My friend daughter. Sometimes she gets scared. We can be at the mall & she says why is everyone looking at us. Meaning men. I’ve had to explain some men will make comments to them or say things that are inappropriate. I’ve actually told them men are pigs. My bad. But i like man and sincere with him always sometimes gets scared. So yes men are around but I’m not impressed. I love to be with one man & have all of his attention.
Letter 3
Yes i open my profile while i was in New york , but right now am in Michigan , the standard of living over there is too expensive and i decided to move here after i lost my late master to deadly cancer
Letter 4

My Real name is Cynthia Freedman and i lives in Inkster Michigan
Letter 5
Name: Melissa keen
City: West Huntington
State: West Virginia
Letter 6
My phone is about to be disconnected and am gonna live all my life to appreciate you if you can d this for me dear Am very sorry , i don't know how you gonna feel like but i just want you to know am gonna live all my life to appreciate you .Am out of foods stuffs plus i need to pay my phone bills please help me mylove I can give you my ssn if you wnat that That is why i said i need a google play card , my phone number as been disconnected because of phone bills When do I get to meet you
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