Roamnce scam letter(s) from Natalia to John (USA)
Letter 1
Hello! My name is Natalia! I am 34 years old, I am divorced and I have no children!
I am a very fun, optimistic and happy girl!
I love to eat properly and do fitness!
I want to find a good and right man for another good life with him!
I want to meet the true love! I am a faithful and honest woman, I love it if I am treated well, the most important thing for me in the relationship is mutual understanding and equality!
I am an adult woman and I can stand up for myself! I really want to get to know you, maybe you are the man of my life! =)
Please, if I have interested you, tell me about your life!
How old are they? what do you like to do and who do you work?
What is the most important thing for you in life? What qualities do you like in a woman?
Send me some of your photos, I'm glad to see you! =)
I hope you enjoy my pictures! I look forward to your answer, Natalya!
Letter 2
Hallo! Mein name ist Natalia! Ich bin 34 Jahre alt, ich bin geschieden und ich habe keine Kinder!
Ich bin ein sehr lustiges, optimistisches und frohliches Madchen!
Ich Liebe es, richtig zu Essen und Fitness zu machen!
Ich mochte einen guten und richtigen Mann fur ein weiteres gutes Leben mit ihm finden!
Ich will die wahre Liebe treffen! Ich bin eine treue und ehrliche Frau, ich Liebe es, wenn ich gut behandelt werde,
das wichtigste fur mich in der Beziehung ist das gegenseitige Verstandnis und Gleichberechtigung!
Ich bin eine Erwachsene Frau und ich kann fur mich selbst stehen! Ich will dich wirklich kennenlernen, vielleicht bist du der Mann meines Lebens ! =)
Bitte, wenn ich Sie interessiert habe, erzahlen Sie mir von Ihrem Leben!
Wie alt sind Sie? was tun Sie gerne und wer arbeiten Sie?
Was ist das wichtigste fur Sie im Leben? welche Eigenschaften mogen Sie in einer Frau?
Schicken Sie mir ein paar Ihrer Fotos, ich freue mich, Sie zu sehen! =)
Ich hoffe, Sie genie?en meine Bilder! Ich freue mich auf Ihre Antwort,Natalya!
Letter 3
Hello my darling Xxxx I'm glad to get your answer!!!
I'm really glad you answered me. I hope you're a serious person like me!
because I'm serious and I don't play games.
Dear Jim,Thank you for your photos. You are an attractive man and I think you have a lot of girls who want to talk to you?
thank you for telling me about you... It's nice to meet you and know you. I hope that in our letter we will be able to know everything about us.
I want to tell you about my life. I was born in St. Petersburg but I don't remember how we lived there because when I was little my parents moved to the outskirts of Moscow, closer to my grandparents.
And now for almost 32 years I live in Moscow. Now I want to tell you a little about my family.
I have a small family that consists of My mother, my grandmother and my brother.
Unfortunately my father died about 10 years ago, he had a stroke...
My grandfather died a long time ago, too. I am very sad about it and remember everything about it.
But I have a brother, we are even very similar, ( I will send you some photos)
As I told you in my first message, I'm divorced, but don't worry, I don't have kids from this marriage!
I've been married for about 4 years. But my ex-husband was a pig! After we were married.,
he started acting like a pig, and he treated me like I was his property. He cheated me a lot.,
therefore, for me, the most important thing in a relationship is seriousness and loyalty to each other. But now I'm divorced
I decided to start my life from scratch. I would very much like to live in another country in the future.
Now I live in my mother's apartment with her. My brother lives apart from us, he already has a family and children,
I'd like to have a family and children too. But it's just a dream for me now.
I haven't found a decent man to start a family with yet.
Could it be you? =)
I have 2 cats! boy and girl, Tosha and Alisa!
I love to play with them))) They calm me down in difficult moments of life.
I have a degree in accounting, I work in the accounting Department of a small company of women's cosmetics in Moscow. This company is called "Oriflame"
I have a lot of work to do, and I don't have much time to just walk down the street, because usually
after work I do fitness in order to maintain my beauty and be in good physical shape.
So I come home late and very tired...
I'm tired of this life and I want to change it, I'm ready for change.
I want a good life with a man who really loves me and will understand me.
So I decided to meet a man on the Internet, because I can chat with you at any time!
Yes, I understand that you are from another country, but I think that the distance is not a problem for us,
since there are so many opportunities now to communicate with each other at a distance.
I will send you some of my photos, I think you will like them! I would also like to receive from you
photos regularly, and do not hesitate to write me what you think))
I look forward to hearing from you, Natalya! =*
Letter 4

Hello my darling Xxxx I'm glad you wrote to me! Very glad we started to communicate with you.
I was looking forward to your letter. I just thought of you, could not get you out of my head!
Dear Jim, thank you for all your compliments about me. It is always nice to hear such beautiful words from you. I'm just as happy to see your pictures. Because only then can I see how you live there now.
Thank you for being so open with me, because that is the only way we can get to know each other, and I am glad that you fully understand me.
Today I will tell you what I do at work.
I keep a book about the company I work for, I get a good salary. I have enough for life,
I do not need much wealth or money. For me, the greatest wealth is to find a man who
will live with me in harmony and mutual understanding. I start my work every day from 9:30 am and work until 7:30 pm.
I only have one free day per week, but I work 6 days a week. But I have enough of this weekend to rest
and do your whole business. For example, I often go to my grandmother's on weekends to visit you! She is the best friend I ever had.
Usually I go to work out after work and do about 1 hour or 1.5 hours of fitness.
I go to work by public transport or too late by subway because it is much faster.
At work I have a PC that I work on and I can use it freely, for example I can write you letters while I am at work.
But I've already told you that I'm tired of this life, the same every day. I want to change my life.
I want to start from scratch. I want to leave Russia one day and stay to live, for example, in your country.
Just want a quiet life, and have a good and reliable person who love me.
It seems to me that this is the most important happiness in life! What does "happiness" mean to you? You probably also have dreams that you
Do you want to make a reality ?! tell me about you? I really want to meet you!
I hope you like my photos =) I am looking forward to your photos !!!
I hug you and kiss you on the cheek! I expect your answer, Natalya!
Letter 5
Hallo mein Liebling Xxxx ! Ich bin froh, dass du mir geschrieben hast! Sehr froh, dass wir begonnen haben, mit Ihnen zu kommunizieren.
Ich habe mich auf deinen Brief gefreut. Ich dachte nur an dich, konnte dich nicht aus meinem Kopf kriegen!
Lieber Jim, vielen Dank fur all deine Komplimente uber mich. Es ist immer schon, so schone Worte von dir zu horen. Ich bin genauso glucklich, deine Bilder zu sehen. Denn nur so kann ich sehen, wie du jetzt dort lebst.
Danke, dass du so offen mit mir bist, denn nur so konnen wir uns jetzt kennenlernen, und ich bin froh, dass du mich vollstandig verstehst.
Heute werde ich Ihnen sagen, was ich bei der Arbeit mache.
Ich fuhre Buch uber die Firma, fur die ich arbeite, ich bekomme ein gutes Gehalt. Ich habe genug fur das Leben,
Ich brauche nicht viel Reichtum oder Geld. Fur mich ist der gro?te Reichtum, einen Mann zu finden, der
wird mit mir in Harmonie und gegenseitigem Verstandnis Leben. Ich beginne meine Arbeit jeden Tag von 9: 30 Uhr und arbeite bis 19: 30 Uhr.
Ich habe nur einen freien Tag pro Woche, aber ich arbeite 6 Tage die Woche. Aber ich habe genug von diesem Wochenende zur Ruhe
und Mach dein ganzes Geschaft. Zum Beispiel gehe ich oft an Wochenenden zu meiner Gro?mutter, um Sie zu besuchen! Sie ist die beste Freundin die ich je hatte.
Normalerweise gehe ich nach der Arbeit zum Fitnesstraining und mache etwa 1 Stunde oder 1,5 Stunden fitness.
Ich gehe mit offentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zur Arbeit oder zu spat mit der U-Bahn, weil es viel schneller ist.
Bei der Arbeit habe ich einen PC, an dem ich arbeite, und ich kann ihn frei benutzen, zum Beispiel kann ich Ihnen Briefe schreiben, wahrend ich bei der Arbeit bin.
Aber ich habe dir schon gesagt, dass ich dieses Leben satt habe, jeden Tag dasselbe. Ich will mein Leben verandern.
Ich mochte von vorne anfangen. Ich mochte Russland eines Tages verlassen und bleiben, um zu Leben, zum Beispiel in Ihrem Land.
Nur ein ruhiges Leben wollen, und haben eine gute und zuverlassige person, die mich lieben.
Es scheint mir, dass dies das wichtigste Gluck im Leben ist! Was bedeutet "Gluck" fur Sie? Sie haben wahrscheinlich auch Traume, dass Sie
wollen Sie eine Realitat machen?! erzahl mir von Ihnen? Ich will dich wirklich wirklich kennenlernen!
Ich hoffe, dass dir meine Fotos gefallen werden =) ich freue mich auch auf deine Fotos!!!
Ich umarme dich und Kusse dich auf die Wange! Ich erwarte deine Antwort, Natalya!
Letter 6
Hello my darling Xxxx ! I really like our communication with each other!
I really want us to become close to each other people! I'm really glad I met you! I hope that our communication will grow into something more than just friendship!! I want this!
Dear Jim, I don't have that much time to write to a lot of men! And so I write only to you. I hope you understand that.
Yes, I have a Whatsapp application on my phone. But in the beginning I want to understand that you have only a serious intention to me and a desire to know me.
I have many friends of women who married long ago, and they are happily married!
I envy them very much because they have good husbands. Apparently that's the one I wasn't so lucky with her ex-husband!
But I'm not looking back! as I said , I am a very optimistic woman and I always think positively!
I don't try to panic when I have a problem, I look at the problem from all sides and start looking for
the solution to this problem! That's what I do in relationships! I'm not trying to swear or scream. Better brew a Cup
fragrant coffee and discuss everything at the table. It seems to me that this is a more humane solution to the problem in a man's relationship and
women. You think so? Tell me your point of view!
I already told you that I am a serious woman and I have only serious intentions!
My parents raised me so cheating is the biggest sin and shame. It is better to tell the truth to your face at once
well, than to be guilty before man. But usually if the person is honest with everyone, it does not mean that
the rest will be honest with him! so I was much deceived, and I felt that I just a naive fool! But it is not,
I just haven't found the right person to be honest with me yet! I very much hope that this man will be you!
Because I have a good feeling! Me very want to meet with you in real life, a pity that we are so far from each other!
But the distance in the 21st century is not such a strong problem as in the middle ages!
A few hours on a plane, train or ship, and we are next to each other!
It's good that we live in such a modern world and we have great technical progress and people do what was previously impossible!
For example, if there was no Internet, I would not have met you!)))
My dear, I send you some of my home photos, and one photo with my girlfriend with whom I communicate
since high school. I hope you like my photos! I'm also waiting for your photos, I will always be pleased with them
look. I look forward to hearing from you, your Natalya!
Letter 7
Hello my darling Jim ! I am glad to receive your letter, I was waiting for it! You know, when I get your letters,
I immediately lifted the mood! And I'm like a little girl starting to jump for joy)))
I don't know why , but you're the one who makes me feel like this, you're becoming an important person to me, just like a drug!)))
Dear Jim, Yes, I have a Whatsapp application on my phone. But in the beginning I want to understand that you have only a serious intention to me and a desire to know me.
I think that you can understand that I have only a serious intention and desire to meet a serious man with whom I can live all my life. I hope you understand me completely.
You know, I do a lot of fitness, but not as much fitness as the gym or anything.
I go to a mobile fitness where a lot of women gather and they do different women's exercises,
which are designed specifically for women. I really like to go there, there are engaged in some girls
and they joke a lot and communicate with each other. I became a permanent member of this club.
I go there 3 times a week, sometimes I miss these classes if I do not have time to finish my work on time.
I'm a lively girl and I don't like to sit at home much. I love outdoor activities, for example: I used to love to ride a bike in Moscow with his girlfriend, but now, she has no time for me, because she has a husband and children at home.
Very lonely and sad I sometimes happen, but as I said that when I see that you wrote to me, I immediately
I become cheerful and try to answer your letter, I completely. I am immersed in my thoughts and I like to write to you! I have so many thoughts and so many ideas in my head, and every time I scroll through them in my thoughts.
I think that if we lived in the same city, I would be happy to now rushed to you to spend time with you, walk, talk and chat with you on different topics.
I think that you, too, have many thought about which would you wanted to to talk to the with me and much discuss, because only under rubbing shoulders with each other people are falling in love! You think so too?
I hope to get an answer from you very quickly! Kiss and hug you!!!
Your Natalya!
Letter 8
Hello my sweet and most beloved man Jim ! How are you? I am very happy to write to you again and read a letter from you! With every letter, I like you more and more! It's true, I'm really glad we met! I am ready to say it 1000 times and I will say it!
Dear Jim, I'm sorry I'm only now able to answer your letter. I just had a lot of problems with work and a lot of work this season. But now it's decided and I can write you my letter every day as before. I hope you understand me completely. how were your days without me?
I know it's all a dream for now, but I really want to come to you. I want to come to your country and walk with you to beautiful places! surely you have your favorite places in your city? where would you take me?
You know, I love nature!!! and I would really like to go with you and take a walk in the Park or in the woods! What do you think about it? do you like this idea? We could have a little picnic if the weather would let us!
And can be have you, too, there is any proposals or ideas? share it with me.
For example, we could go or go to the lake or river which is not so far from you.
I already told you that I often go to my grandmother, I really like it, because there is real nature and clean and fresh air! I am a person who is very close to nature, I love to take care of flowers and water them.
I would like to in future I have was its a small garden, where will grow berries and fruits with colors.
Fruits and berries I could ispekat you delicious cakes or to make jam. And some of the flowers you can make tea, or decorate our house with them. These are my dreams for the future, you see that I want to live in peace and harmony.
And I need you for that, because we're very similar. I hope you like my photos.
I am waiting for your reply I hope you will reply me quickly! I kiss and hug you, your Natalya!
Letter 9
Hello my most handsome man Jim ! How are you? I worry about you all the time, a lot of thoughts in my head about you. Sometimes it even gets in the way of work, that's the beauty of love. Do you think about me, too?
Dear Jim, tell me you have on your phone whatsapp program? Write me your phone number. so we can talk to each other more often and for free.
Yes of course I understand you completely. I hope that you will cope with it and you will be able to make everything quickly.
You know, I was crossing the road today, and I was thinking about you, the first time we ever saw each other, and how you would kiss me passionately. I was thinking how nice it would be to smell you and feel your warmth. And suddenly I heard a car honking at me!!! I saw I was crossing a red light! I was very scared at that moment and awoke in me a primal self-preservation instinct. I am far away and quickly jumped back, I even itself did not notice as I was on the sidewalk. I answer I heard was swearing, and that I should be careful.
It made me wonder if it was true love. I think so! True love is when a person thinks about his lover and the whole world for him did not seem to exist... You see, without you, my world won't be the same!
My world without you will be empty and hollow.. I can not convey it to you in words in a letter, I want to surprise you as soon as possible and just show you it with their actions. Love is not only empty words to the wind, it is primarily actions and relationships between people. I hope you agree with my opinion. You can always tell me your point of view and what you think is right. I think that we are very suited to each other and we have a good future, I really believe in it! Faith is half the battle. because if there is faith, there is desire.
I hope you like my photos, I will send them to you as always! I also expect photos from you because it's so nice to see you and look at you.
I am waiting for your answer, for me it is a great joy and pleasure to receive letters from you!
Kiss and hug you! Your Natalya!
Letter 10
Hello my beloved man Jim ! Every day you become the meaning of my life! You understand that?
I'm getting more and more attached to you.
I really believe that we will become a good love couple, I really want it! I'm sorry I told you all so straight, but I always tell it like it is. Why hide it from us? we live once and if we miss the chance, the second times can not be. That's why I take our relationship so seriously.
Dear Jim, I'm sorry I couldn't write you my letter all weekend. Just Russia was the Easter holiday and went to the village to his mother and grandmother. We did a lot of delicious meals and on Sunday just sat with the whole family. it was a good time. I hope you understand why I couldn't write you my letter. Now everything is as usual and I will be able to write to you every day and talk to you about us more.
I'm a very sensitive woman, you probably already know that. I'm easily offended, so don't hurt me.
I just want love and affection, I can be very lonely. I don't tolerate men who hurt other people.
I believe that every man chooses himself as him to live and I no one can judge for his choice.
I think this is a more correct opinion. Do you agree with me?
Sometimes when I'm at work, I often imagine our first meeting.
The way you meet me from the airport and the way you hold me and kiss me. I understand that this all sounds just just like a little girl's dreams, but it really is. I often think about it and I share it with you because I I want this to be real. I want all our dreams to come true, you know, I'll have them soon.
vacation, I'd like to meet you. I really want to come to your country and see how you live, see all eyes. I imagine we're walking around your city and you show me different places and tell me stories from your life that are connected to this place. Of course it looks like a movie, but why not?
Why can't it be real? You can come to any dream, the main thing is to strive for it and do everything for it.
I hope I'm not scaring you too much my thoughts just when I write you, and say all this, I it's getting quiet, you're like my psychiatrist who always listens and calms me down! I like it, I believe that it is this is how relationships and constant communication with each other should look like. This is the only way to build true love!
I as always send you my photos, I am very glad that you like them! It gives me more motivation!
Kiss and hug you! Your dear Natalya!
Letter 11
Hello my sweet and most beloved man Jim ! I'm so glad to get your letter!
I read it with pleasure! You're making my day so much better!
Dear Jim, thank you so much for all your compliments about me. It's always nice to hear such nice words from you... Every girl has a desire to hear such words... I hope that one day soon you will be able to say such words to my eyes. I would really love to hear those words.
Yes today I will try write you and hope, that you also you can to answer me there.
I'm so glad you came into my life! This is the greatest happiness of my life.
You already know that I want to come to you, I would like us to be like a happy couple who loves each other.
I really want this!!! Yes I understand that say about this almost in my every letter, but this I like!
I am very glad that everything between us is really serious and that we are ready for a relationship.
Know me last night so wanted to cuddle up to you and throw you foot to sleep with you in this position!
Would you like that ? Do you like to sleep hugging your loved one?
I think that now between us there is a big spark you need to ignite the flames of passion. Let's do it!
To ignite our flame of love we need to meet you in real life! I've already told you that I'm mentally prepared for a change and if there's anything I'm willing to leave my family because I know that my mother and my grandmother will be taken care of by my brother. Let's make sure we meet you as soon as possible! I want this! I want to be with you!
I kiss and embrace you! I look forward to your next letter! Your dear Natalya!
Letter 12
Hello my greatest love Jim ! I'm so glad to see your letter!
I am filled with joy and feelings for you!
Dear Jim, I'm glad the insurance will do everything for you, too. I'm sure you can handle anything. Because you have good hands.
Thank you very much for your pictures at home. It seems really very large and ATM so clean that you can not say that it lives only a man.
Thank you for all your compliments about me. It's always nice to hear such beautiful words... I hope that now very soon you will be able to say such beautiful words to my eyes. I'd really love to hear you say that. I'll hold you and kiss you.
I am so looking forward to my vacation and our meeting! I imagine you're waiting for me at the airport with a bouquet of flowers!
I imagine seeing you for the first time from far away, and looking at you without looking away! I'm getting closer and closer to you! I gradually accelerate my step and when there are only a few meters , I throw my bags and suitcases and run to you and our first strong contact, it's a big hug! you feel my smell and my warmth, I feel
I love that! Then I look you in the eye and you say, "Hey, I've been waiting for you so much!" And you kiss me with great passion! This is our very first kiss out of millions of next kisses! So here I present our first meeting at the airport! I can't even believe this is going to happen in real life! I'm so glad and happy that I have! As soon as possible to fall asleep in your arms, lie with you in the same bed and talk to you on different topics. I so want this, I would like to come and stay with you as long as possible, or stay with you forever! But for now it's just a dream that will soon become a reality!
How do you imagine our first meeting and our first kiss? tell me please!
I'm sending you some pictures of me again, as well as my video! I hope you like it!
Kiss and hug you! Your wife Natalya!
Letter 13
Hello my greatest love all over the world Jim ! I am glad to receive your letter!
I answer you as soon as I can! I'm really happy when you write to me!
Dear Jim, thank you so much for all your compliments about me. It's always nice to hear such nice words from you... I hope that one day soon you will be able to say such words to my eyes. I'd really love to hear you say that.
You know, I had a dream tonight. Dream on, you strolled around the outskirts of your city.
We talked to you and laughed, we joked a lot and played like little children!
Then you said you wanted to blindfold me and that you wanted to show me something and blindfolded me with a big black tie! It was like a fairy tale, we were going somewhere and I smelled flowers! You took me to your house and there were a lot of roses and a romantic candlelight dinner! On the floor of your house were scattered petals of white and red roses,
and it was very dark and light was given only a candle which was also very much!
I was so happy about it that I woke up right away! I quickly tried to fall asleep again to see the continuation of this dream, but I heard only the sound of the alarm clock in the morning. Can be someday I see continuation of this sleep, but only in real life and in real environment together with you! I hope that someday this will happen!))
Did you have dreams about me?
I really want to be in your arms as soon as possible! all I do is think about you, I can't get rid of that thought.
I look forward to hearing from you!
I kiss and embrace you! Your dear Natalya!
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