Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Anatolievna Smirnova to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hi! You 'll most likely be surprised by my writing.
I am just start to date in the Internet.
It seems that I open ed the door that was not known to me earlier.
To me, this is astonishing and it seems me that I am already enough old for this.
I start to feel that I do not catch up with pace of the world that is near .
I decided strike it rich! And try use new technologies for dating!
I 'll go to the main thing. I 'm forty eight years aged. I am not here for jokes.
I am interested in personal acquaintance and the begin ing of an adult relationship.
I hope that ye 'll write me.
My emotional state does not allow me to start write a lot at once.
Cause I still feel a little scared.
I say that you 'll get my more confident and informative answer only in case you answer to this text!
Wait your thy reaction!
Letter 2
Hello Steve! My love. I returned from Penza. All is well! I turned to the best travel agency of the city. They quickly learned everything for me. They made me a photo for a visa. Application for passport is filled. Filled my visa application. They helped me to issue documents to be trained in my working specialty in UK. That way I can take courses obstetrics and gynecology while I visit you, and then I can have permission to complete the work in UK. Very nice staff. They said that the plane tickets will be booked after receiving the documents. I gave extra money to make paperwork faster. Thus, my travel documents will be ready within five working days. To get a visa, I need to go to the visa center in Moscow next week. The travel agent said that in order to enter your country I would need to confirm my financial viability. In connection with the law on immigration in your country, certain rules for the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation have been established.
And one of these rules is the availability of money in the bank account of a person who enters the territory of United Kingdom of Great Britain. The authorities of your country do not take this money. I need to show in the visa application center an extract from my bank account. I need to have 71800 rubles on my bank account and your country let me in. For the duration of my visa - 1 month. To get a visa, I need to show them this money. This money is needed to ensure that they are confident in my financial situation. This proves to them that I will not go to the streets and will not engage in criminal activity in order to earn money. Therefore, I paid a travel agency for services, documents and tickets - 46400 rubles. I still have 17600 rubles in cash. There are 8000 rubles on my bank account now. I will transfer the money to my bank account, and as a result there will be 25600 rubles on my account. I miss 46200 rubles. I do not know where to get this money. I spent almost all the money I saved. I have not canceled anything because I have left 25600 rubles. And I thought that you could lend me 46200 rubles. Can you help me with this money? When I make an extract and confirm my financial viability to the authorities of your country, I will immediately return this money to you. Understand that it is very important that your government let me into the territory of your country. This is the law. The presence of this money in my name should be simply shown to them. Understand that I will return this money to you after receiving the visa. The same day. I also learned in my bank that an international transfer to a bank account from your country to mine is three to five days. Therefore, if you can and want to help me, then you should not waste time! They specifically converted all this to me in rubles, because I absolutely do not understand your currency. Please convert it all by yourself. I am burning with love for you. Perhaps I took a desperate step, but I believe that this is our destiny, and we should be together! We are not getting younger every day. I am sure that you are that beloved man and partner for me for the rest of my life. Waiting for your letter!
Your Nastya.
Letter 3
Hi my dear Steve. My love I went to the bank today to get all my bank account details. They said that my bank account is not international. And you will not be able to transfer money from UK to my bank account. To issue such a bank account I will have to wait two weeks. This is a long time. Bank staff advised me to use this site They said that this way your money will go to my bank even faster than through a transfer from account to account. The site will give you the code with which I will come here to them. I will only need my ID and this code to get your money. My information - ANASTASIYA ANATOLIEVNA SMIRNOVA. Svetlaya Street 7 Kamenka, Penza region, Russia, 442246. I really want to be in your arms. You have become for me the closest and favorite person. This is our common goal and let's go together, no matter what. I'm sure about it. I kiss you passionately my sweet. I love you. Your Nastya.
Letter 4

My dear Steve I know nothing about these links. For the first time I see it. I am not a scammer. Apparently one of my former boyfriends laid it out with a view to denigrating me. I am not involved in this in any way. I still love you. And I don't need your money just to love you. I myself am in shock and horror from what I saw. I will find out about it and if necessary I will contact the authorities in my city to stop it. Thank you for showing me this. I love you. Kisses. Your Nastya
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