Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Dubova to Sam (USA)
Letter 1

Greetings my dear Samuel.
I was very glad to receive from you the next letter.
But when to read your letter to me it became very bad and at me tears have appeared.
Dear Samuel I have grown in decent family and I never deceived nobody.
I have come in the Internet of cafe with mum and she was simply in a shock you have dishonoured me before my mum.
Dear Samuel I have prepared to you a photo which I I have made recently to ask my children with which I work to drop a line you a little.
And I have made a photo!!
Dear Samuel I yesterday saw with Ludmila and she of nothing has told me she has told that you have sent me 325 $ that you will send other part to me on Friday.
As she has told that already started official registration of papers.
She gave me a paper which I to fill.
Dear Samuel I ask you believe me as I do not know as you to prove that I you I like and really I want to be with you.
But I to talk with Ludmila and to ask it why she to not write to you.
I ask you write to me.
You trust me or you till now doubt.
I ask you write very soon as I very much suffer!!
Yours for one century Natasha
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