Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Nikolaevna Smirnova to Paul (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Paul,
My name is Anna, nice to meet you! Few words about me:I live in Boise, Idaho,USA. Its the main city in Idaho located beside the beautiful river Boise, between Salt-Lake City and Portland. I'm 32 years old. I was born in Russia on February 15th 1987 completing the family of four. When i was 10 y.o. my family moved to USA. Though my grandma still lives in Russia, in small town called Saratov. I speak both English and Russian.My biggest passion are kids, fashion and western culture. You might not say that these don't work hand in hand, but that's the truth :). Uhm, I almost forgot, I love the 70's rock, it so reminds me of my father... Paul,I work two jobs - one as a primary school teacher and the other as a part-time hairdresser. I have no laptop and I write you from the school, during changes. My best friend, Olga works for the local beauty parlor. In weekends, I give piano lessons to some wonderful children here in Boise. I'm living alone in my childhood home. These days life has become so extremely busy so I dont even have time to meet with friends or speak with them on the phone. You might say that I have the perfect life, but to be honest it's really not so. Things have been harder and harder for me, especially since my grandmother had to quit her part-time job because of her heart condition... And don't get me started about my relationships - they were only two and both were such epic fails! Quite often, I catch myself thinking that something is missing out of my life... Paul, I'd love to meet a man who is polite, calm, civilized and knows how to treat a lady! Unfortunately all the men that I have met in my life brought only dissapointment , one way or another. At a certain point I lost all hope that I would ever be able to find someone I can totally count on, someone relaible, stable and strong. Luckily my friend Olga helped me bring my faith back to life:) And for that I'm very grateful. Your new friend of Anna
Letter 2
Hi Paul I've been so engaged with my work that I havent even noticed time flying so fast... What have you been up to since our first talk Paul ? Today I thought about you while being at work and decided to write to you .. Just took a hot shower and still cannot get warm hopefully I didnt catch bad cold) Last night i spoke with my grandma on the phone and ... she is not doing well at all, it makes me worried more and more since she is the only relative that I have. My parents and older sister died in a plane crash in 2003. It happened 5 years after we'd moved to US. I was devastated . truly impossible to explain how i felt back then, it felt like my life ended and the whole world just collapsed. Grief, despair, pain and tears embraced me -I drowned in the ocean of sorrow... I have no words to describe what it felt like.. Imagine I was 15, my parents and sister died and on top of that I almost had no friends except Olga, my best friend whom I mentioned in my first letter. She and her mom were the only ones to support and help me overcome those feelings. They both helped me a lot over the course of years. I'm certain that if they hadn't come to help me and pull me out of the misery I was in then I, for sure, would have ended up in a ditch someplace( sorry for being so explicit) -memories took over... So now I have only grandmother that lives in the heartland of Russia. She has asked me so many times to come back to Russia and stay there with her because she means the whole world to me. In the first letter I mentioned that her heart condition went bad and she ended up in hospital and on the top of that first glimpses of Alzheimer started to come into the light. Thats why she requires good and special treatment and trained stuff almost 24/7 now. I do hope that she will get better soon and we will be able to take a horse ride in the woods , drink tea with honey and laugh like we used to do when I came to visit her. I keep regretting that I haven't managed to visit her more often but there is a reason for that -flights to Russia are quite expensive and I cant afford coming over as often as I want esspecsially now when she is taking this treatment in hospital most of my income naturally goes there in order to supply her with the best meds possible. Well looks like I've gone too far talking about my life ) Please tell me about yourself Paul , your visions , hobbies, your life and whatever else you wish to share with me Paul)
Looking forward to hearing from you Paul! Anna
Letter 3
Hey,Paul How are you doing Paul? i hope all fine? ) Today i went to gym with Olga and suddenly hit my leg while doing some workout-it still hurts like ****... Afew years back i used to go for sports few times a week but now when life turned so busy and crazy like never before -it happens only once in a while and sometimes I have little mishaps like today... Also I love listening music - I'm fond of 70s rock that my father used to listen to. I think I started to hear that when I was 3-4 y.o. and of course it was destined to become my biggest passion when it comes to music. I had quite a music family background since my mom was piano teacher and father played sax. Deep Purple , Rainbow, Led Zeppellin, Doors and many more mean the world to me. Partly because of my father I think -when I listen to this kind of music I always think of him... You might think that I dedicate most of my time to teaching children how to play piano and listening to 70s-80s rock -its not like that:) I love cooking - I really do. I like experimenting with different kinds of food , mixing something that cannot be mixed and so on )) My friends tell me that what comes out of my oven looks and tastes delicious-I'm not the one to judge cause cannot be totally objective regarding that matter but people like my food ) who knows maybe one day you,Paul, will taste it too ) And I have to admit I love travelling though I've been only in a very few countries due to personal reasons that you already know. I love sound of the ocean, whisper of a summer breeze when standing somewhere on an ocean shore, sky and falling stars to wish upon, white sand and blue water , sun and palm trees... Oh my God how much I love sun - you cant imagine. To be honest I'm very romantic at heart but practical in life-at least I'm trying to be practical in life since the age of 15 when I had to start learning from mistakes the hardest way. By the way , may I have your phone number Paul? I'd love to hear your voice...) Unfortunately I cannot give mine at this moment since I'm so busy these days working hard and rarely keep the phone close. But I can call you once I have a moment. If you don't mind me calling of course ... Looking forward to hearing from you Paul. Anna
Letter 4

Hi Paul Been missing you Paul I have to admit :) Thought about our correspondence the whole day at work to be honest. How are you mt dear Paul?? How was your day? Mine has been extremely busy and anxious -lots of work, lots of people , a lot of running around etc I feel pretty tired and drained - I had a hard day but now starting to feel better.Luckily Olga dropped me off close by my place so I didnt have to walk much. Can you imagine one of my students (Nancy) came up and told me that I started to look like woman in love?? I was so surprised , how? by what looks or signs she guessed ??) On the other hand I must admit that its been a wonderful day -full of very exciting thoughts.
Believe me or not but you have touched me more profoundly than I thought anyone would ever touch me... So nice and warm at home-just lying on a couch chating with new and sipping tea with honey -what else could have been better? ) I live here in a quite secluded place at the end of a road surrounded by tall trees. This place reminds me of my grandma house back in Russia. Here's my full address 702 W Idaho St Ste 1125, Boise, ID 83702-8928. What is yours Paul? I'm interested to know what your place looks like,Paul -It's hard to explain, I mean my interest but for me it means a lot I mean the place . Because I suppose that place a person lives in defines him. At least it always seemed to me so.. Nevermind , these are just my thoughts:)
Though it is quite a complicated task to catch me home during a day -only overnight since I'm working almost all the time. How was your day Paul ? what have you been doing/thinking Paul ? I hope you dont mind sharing with me :) I have this tendency to talk a lot about myself -I guess all the women do but in truth I have never revealed so much about myself to anyone. It's very hard to find someone you can talk to like to yourself these days . However looks like I got lucky and found one... you Paul Truly You are the only one I have dared to reveal so much about myself over the course of years. You Paul somehow managed to revive long-forgotten emotions and... feelings within me. It feels so indescribably good it's like the whole new world cracked open and I dived in a cool and fresh water which brought me back to life . I have been sleeping so long and just woke up from a deep slumber.... I hope to hearing from you soon , dear Paul...
Kisses and hugs Anna
Letter 5
Hey my dear Paul I have a wonderful story to tell: Last night I had a dream: we were walking in a meadow of flowers , you were holding my hand with moonlight cast on your face Paul revealing your traits that have become so "loved" ... It was the feeling of the ultimate happiness and bliss , something I never felt before, something ultimately beautiful and perfect bestowed by God himself to me... Something that I want to cling onto and never ever let it go ! It might sound odd but it looks like I start falling in love with you Paul , how it could be possible if i never even saw you? Never even heard your voice which now I'm dying to hear...But still have no courage to call you Paul) I've been thinking of you the whole day and these thoughts put everything else out of my head , my head is filled with you Paul ... Tomorrow I'm going to contact grandmother to find out how she is doing I hope hse is getting better... Today has been so tough I didnt even have a time to sit down, I have realised today how much strenght my work is taking up however I love it. Today I spent so much time on a classroom preparation which is the behind-the-scenes element to teaching. Preparing for class is time-consuming and can entail everything from authoring “lesson plans,” to brainstorming tomorrow’s lecture, to developing thought-provoking questions for discussion, to physically setting up a special needs classroom. Sometimes it gets pretty hard to handle it like, for example, today. Dont get me wrong-I'm not complaining -just trying to describe my day :) I don't like people whining about their work is hard and time -consuming so I never do it myself ))) To tell the truth I even tried to imagine our first meeting today when I woke up and was getting ready for work: It's 11 am when we arrive at the restaurant for brunch. The restaurant is a white painted weatherboard, simple but well-kept, set on the edge of a lake, separated from it by an expansive deck, dotted (not packed)
with tables and comfortable chairs… I look into your eyes , you slightly touch my hand and... then I heard the doorbell ringing and went to open it... Girl from neighbourhood brutally interrupted my dreams-she just moved in and asked how to kick up the heat cause it became quite chilly in her house. The restaraunt set on the edge of a lake ...It's so romantic and charming like in old movies:) In my dream kast night I heard your voice... it was so mezmerizing, and endearing ... We have become so close already niether met nor even heard each other its simply amazing and never happened to me in my entire life.
However you still remain a bit of "eau de enigma" to me. I'd really love to find out what are your dreams and plans for the future Paul? You might think that it sounds awkward , these questions but I have to confess that I never ever corresponded with man for such a long time so please bear with me... I have no experience. your friend
Letter 6
Hi my love Paul I'm destroyed .... My grandmother died earlier this morning right after the operation had taken place...Even though the operation went fine -her old heart gave up. She was 81 year old... Tears are pouring down like rain I dont know how to stop it , I want to cry I'm into despair , my love she was the last one from my kin and now she is gone.... It cannot be it simply cannot be Oh my God I'm devastetd I;ve been crying for a few hours already . I' feeling so bad you cannot imagine I cannot pull myself together, I simply cannot like I fell out of the nest and not aware of anything . What i should do... I need to arrange funeral and pay for the operation and medical treatment she'd been taking here till today... Doctors ask ****** questions , ask to fill out some paperwork as if they dont see that I'm grieving over the death of relative... terrible. Its the hardest time , it came so unexpectedly I didnt expect anything like that and now she is gone, she passed away in silence not being tortured with pain or anything ... she flew up to the sky like an angel. Tears are running down , I need to take some sedative pills to calm down, I feel so dizzy . How are you my love Paul??? Missing you like **** Paul I'm completely lost unable to express what just happened to me. Everything around me is a stinging reminder of my grandmother and of what happened. I think I'm still in denial and dont want to face the fact that it happened, you are the only one my love Paul, the only one i can open up my feelings. I'm going through the motions and not really proccesing the event. I feel so vulnerable... i feel like one **** of wind and I'm gone I barely keep my eyes open cause havent slept almost at all . I'll go take pills and take a few hours in bed to pull myself together at least a little bit and once I wake up I will start calling the funeral agency. Also I need to come over to hospital and pay the bills etc... As soon as I'm done with both I'll let you know my love Paul, miss you so much here. your hands and strong shoulders Paul... I feel lack of your precense so strongly now Paul, thank you for bearing with my love! you are my saviour!
really you are Paul, eagerly awaiting your reply my love... I'll hold the breath take the pills and go to sleep I'm so tired. Loving you Paul
Letter 7
Hello my love! Today I woke up in the arms of a late morning. The sun was already high and blinded my window. The light of its rays spread throughout my room. Honestly admit it was this bright light that did not let me watch my wonderful dream. What do you think I dreamed of? Of course, I dreamed you. Like we are sitting with you on a hill by the river. There was just you and me. We sat in silence, holding hands, we saw how to leave that day. The sunset was superb. Then the sun threw us the last rays of this day and hid behind the wooded distance. We started talking about something, sometimes we laughed merrily. The stars had already lit up the sky, and the moon spread its reflections on the surface of the water. It was all beautiful, as in the pages of the novel. And suddenly you asked me: Do you believe in angels ?. I replied that I believed and began to make various assumptions about this. I was not stopped. And you listened in silence. And finally, when my answer was exhausted, I asked you a similar question. What do you think you answered? “When I saw you, then I believed in the existence of angels.” Because I saw a clear confirmation of this was your answer. Of course, I understood that this is just a dream. But I really wanted to be in that fairy tale. Suddenly you drew my attention to the falling asterisk: Make a quick wish! you said hastily. After a moment, the star disappeared. Your love Anna !!
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