Scam letter(s) from Natalia Morozova to Bryant (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my sweetheart !!! Very pleased your ansver , excuse me that has not been able to write immediately since beside my girlfriends were a troubles in computer,have said that reason in virus from inet. With paper for trip of the problems no. I did not think That it is necessary will fill so much much documents, I was found on several hours in each department. I came only closer to evening and powerfully tired. Immediately want to say that I can be beside you only 10 days, afterwards me it is necessary without fall to return in Russia since 1 September to me on work. For these days we shall be able to discuss many questions and speak of our future. Beside me also there is small request, I much hope that you will help me. Please came me 175 dollars or 145 euro, this necessary me for legal registration visa and medical insurance. Dont warry! The cost of the ticket will pay my managament. Certainly, I take these money in debt and without fall give them at the end of the August or at the beginning initially September, OK'? For remittance of this amount give you address branch Western Union since this the fastest way to get the translation, so I have said in bank. I have said that need my data and bank data. My given : Morozova Natalia, Russia, 420000, Tatar republic. City: Kazan. Street: Yamasheva 36. An apartment : 127. Now name of the bank : Russia , 420111, Tatar republic , city : Kazan , VneshTorgBank , street : Pravobulachnaya 13. The Translation it is necessary to do at earliest convenience , flood plains itself , I must for all pay in time To was not no problems with the document and that I had time to get the ticket on plane. For registration of each document I happened to to pay , I even occupied beside its girlfriends. My money , which were remitted on registration of the papers were spent on 3 day. I not think that I expect such wasting. If will appear some problem, that you can to ring me on mobil phone ( number: +79030506864). But want you to warn that my english bad. For you I have foto. Wait from you answer my sweet. With love your Nata!!!
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