Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Antonova to Aiden (Italy)
Letter 1
Hi Beppe, I am glad to meet you, Today I woke up with an early morning dream to meet a man who will be my soulmate, a man who will conquer my heart and of course, I will give him everything back in a double size. Firstly, I thought that this dream is hard to make true, but life is unpredictable and everything can happen, right?:) I think that we should use this great and wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better because I feel like it is a beginning of something thrilling:) As for me, I am looking for a kind, passionate and loyal man. You know, kindness for me is one of the most important features in men because if the eyes are kind, the soul is kind:) I hope that my dream will come true and who knows, maybe with you?:) Let's make it happen:) Looking forward to your answer, Julia
Letter 2
Hi dear Beppe, Thank you very much for your letter and for your photos:) You are very handsome man:) Thank you very much for your compliments. I am flattered. I am happy that you are looking for the same. May I ask why haven't you had luck? You are such a handsome man and women should attack you, haha:) As for me, I am very interested in you and I want to get to know you closer and I hope that our communication will lead us to something more. Where are you from? What are you doing for living? As for me, I am an ordinary woman from a little village called Khryashevatoe. Maybe it is hard to pronounce it:) It is not far from Lugansk. I live here all my life with all my family. I am lucky to have a full and happy family. I have happy parents who are the great example for me because they are soulmates, they understand each other just from one look, I guess. My Mom is an example of a wise woman who is a house - keeper and who loves her man passionately and deeply. I was born in January, so I am winter girl, but it doesn't mean that I do not have a fire inside me:)
My birthday is the 23rd of January. Yes, I had a birthday some days ago and I turned 30 years old:) Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to get High Education, but I am still lucky to have a profession which I like and which brings me a lot of pleasure. I am an administrator in a center for children and moms, they come here to develop there skills in writing, reading and speaking. Right now, we do not have a lot of people who come to our center, but still it is very funny to spend the time surrounded by kids. I hope that your answer will come as soon as possible and we will continue our lovely communication. Your Julia
Letter 3
Hello again my dear Beppe, I am so happy that we are going in the right direction in getting to know each other better. Thank you very much for your letter and for your congratulations:) Thank you very much:) Thank you also for your photos. You are very very handsome man:) I understand what you mean.
When you open your heart to someone, and you don't feel the same in return, it can kill. Wow, Sicily:) The island of Italian mafia:) Are you somehow connected with mafia, haha?:) You know, I cannot tell that I had a hard life because I have almost everything to be happy. The one thing which misses is love. Pure, mutual love. I think that every person unconsciously is looking for a true love, even when we tell that we do not think of it or that we do not need it, we still look for it. Some wise people tell "stop looking for it and a love will appear". And maybe it is true, but why should we deny the chance to be loved and happy?:) I really hope that you feel the same way as I feel and that you are interested in me the same as I am in you. I like our communication and I want it to lead to something more. Waiting for your answer, hugs and kisses Your Julia
Letter 4

Hello my darling Beppe, I am so happy to receive your letter, I cannot hide my joy and I want to smile all the time. Thank you for the experiment:) When the pencil was close to my eyes, I almost didn't see it, haha. I do not know why, but maybe i failed this experiment?:) You are a man who a girl wants to give her heart to, you are a man who can cherish a woman and who knows how to care and to love. I feel that you can put your woman on a pedestal and you can make her feel like she is the one and only. Dear, I do not know why, but I feel that you are a man I want to get to know personally. Maybe we can work on this dream together? Maybe we can use the chance to be happy with each other? I want it will all my heart and I know that you feel the same. I am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible. Hugs and kisses, Your Julia
Letter 5
Hello my dear Beppe, Thank you very much for you letter:) Well, I really do not know what that experiment means, but I have a guess. Maybe it means that you see things clearly when they are far away, and when they are close you cannot notice obvious things?:) Is it right?:) Tell me please:) Beppe, I do not want to push on you or to scare you, but I am writing you from Internet cafe and I have little amount of funds left to pay for it. Do you have the opportunity to help us a little with our communication? It is really hard for me to afford it with my salary in the center, and being adult already I do not want to ask my parents for help, haha:) I hope that I do not scare you away and that it is not a big issue for us because we really found each other and I am dreaming about our future meeting and I know that dreams come true one day:) Hugs and passionate kisses, Your Julia
Letter 6
hello my dear and my lovely Beppe, Thank you very much for your letter:) Haha, thank you very much for your compliments:) I am flattered:) Do not spoil me with your wonderful words. Truly speaking, I liked this experiment. Very creative. Do you have some more experiments?:) You are not a boogeyman at all:) You are very handsome, smart and cool man. And I really like you. Thank you very much for promising to help me. It means a lot for me. I really felt embarrassed to ask you for some help. Thank you for promising to help me. As I know, there are MoneyGram and Western Union locations in my region. Is it suitable for you to use them? I do not ask you for too much. As much as you can afford. Here are my details from the passport. My full name is Julia Antonova, I live in Khryashevatoe, Lugansk region, Ukraine, zip code 94457, the address is Lenin street, 14. How are you today? How is your day going? What are your plans for today? I wish I could be with you right now and we could do something together. Today we have such an awful weather. Can you imagine it was snowing yesterday and today it is raining and everything is melting. I miss you and I am looking forward to hear from you, Your Julia
Letter 7
Hello my dear and my lovely Beppe, Thank you very much for your letter. Yes, I understand your concern, I really understand it. I want you to realize one thing. I am not here for money, I am here for love, too. Just like you. And I really like you and I do not want to lose you. I hope that our communication will go to other level and our dreams will come true. I also want to get married and have a family. I like you and I just faced some problem and that's why I asked you for some help. because I do not want to lose you and our communication. I do not want it at all. I do not ask for my own necessities, I ask for our communication. I can understand that you worry about it, but I am who I am and I am not going to disappear or something. I like you and I want to get you closer and closer and who knows, maybe soon we decide to meet each other:) Thank you very much for your number. I cannot call you because my phone doesn't have international calls, but you can try to call me.
Here is my number +380633710643. Your Julia
Letter 8
My dear Beppe, Thank you very much for your help:) I checked my e-mail and found the letter from you. I will pick it up and I will let you know. Thank you very much. It means really a lot for me. I appreciate it very much.
Thank you:) I will write you when I pick it up, Your Julia
Letter 9
Hello once again my dear Beppe, Even if you said that I shouldn't thank you, I will:) Thank you very much. I picked up the money and now I am back to the Internet cafe to let you know about it. How are you today? How was your weekend?:) You know, actually, it is good that you are thinking about meeting each other because I want it. Yes, why not? I know that the meeting will show all the chemistry between us:) And belive me, I won't cry with one eye when I see you, haha. You are very handsome and good man.
And it is a good idea for us to meet each other. Thank you very much for your invitation. I will be more than happy to come. But as I know, I need a passport for it. I do not have that passport which allows to travel outside of the country. Tell me about your weekend:) What did you do? How is your mother? How does she feel herself? I hope that she feels better. I send you my kisses and I look forward to hear from you, Your Julia
Letter 10
Hello my dear and my lovely Beppe, Thank you very much for your letter:) How are you today? I like talking to you on phone even if sometimes the connection is lost and I cannot hear your voice. But I like your voice very much and I like talking to you:) You've said I was the one who asked about your mother. Do you have a lot of girls?:) I am kidding. Sure you communicated with someone else.
Actually, it is normal to ask it when you care about a person and when you worry. Wow, did you ride your motorcycle yesterday?:) I wish I could be with you and I could ride it with you. I have never ridden the motos, but I can imagine that it is a thrilling and breathe - taking feeling.
Especially if I sit behind you and I hold your waist:) Beppe, I asked about Skype her in the Internet cafe. They said that they do not have a web cam because their equipment is very bad and the quality of the Internet doesn't allow to have video conference. haha, why did you said if I like you?:) I like you a lot. I like you for being a good and decent man and I know how you look like. You are very handsome man:) Today I went to passport office to find out how to get it. And truly speaking, I am a little shocked. Because the lady in the passport office told me the price of it. She told that it could take around several weeks or month to get it, but the price is exaggerated.
Officially it costs much less, but due to the war zone it costs here 190 $. I am a little bit shocked because I do not have such money. I am a little upset and I do not know what to do. It is strange, but it is a fact that due to a war zone the government charges more money for a biometric passport. It saddens me a little bit. Anyway, I hope that you have a good day today:) I miss you and I send you my most passionate kisses, Your Julia
Letter 11
Hello my dear and my lovely Beppe, Happy Valentine's Day to you!!:) I wish we could spend it together, but we are far away and we couldn't do it. But we are together spiritually. I woke up today thinking of you. I wish we were together.
But I know that we will have time celebrating it together:) I am happy that you do not communicate with other girls. I am really sorry that you met some bad girls. I didn't even think that it is possible. Beppe, I really want to confess that I like you very much and I feel that our communication can grow into something more. I want it with all my heart. Thank you very much for the link you sent. I checked it. But I didn't find any information about biometric passport. Only help in applying for visa and citizenships in different countries. Dear, I wrote you yesterday what I was told. Yes, the lady explained me that official cost of a passport is much less. Around 50 USD. But due to the fact that we live in a war zone and it is a kind of an occupied territory, it is harder to apply for a passport here and to make it here. Yes, I can go to a free Ukraine and apply for a passport there and pay 50 USD for it there, but the road will also cost a lot for me. The same money. You didn't offend me because I do not have any hidden intentions or something. I do not play any games, too. I am who I am and I like you very much and I want to come to you and this is it. It is everything I want. You are lucky twice because I am who I am:) Thank you very much for your words about me being kind. I am. I always tell you the truth, I have nothing to hide from you.
Your Julia
Letter 12
Hello my dear and my lovely Beppe, Thank you very much for your letter:) Dear, this morning I have applied for a passport. I prepared all the documents, went to passport office and I did it. Thank you very much:) Yes, you told that I do not need to thank you, but I always will. Everything should be thanked.
And I am thankful person:) How are you today? How is your Mom? Haha, you are not a bogeyman and I am not scared. Why should I? I know that you are decent man and I will be more than happy to come to you and to stay with you:) And maybe I won't come back home?:) Thank you very much for your calls. I like talking to you. Even sometimes the connection is not that good. Yes, I know that Italian cuisine is very delicious. All that pizzas and pastas. Really?:) Will you cook for me?:) Thank you very much. I want to taste a home - made pizza very much. I want to taste all types of pizza and then I will tell you which one is the most delicious. And sure I will cook you borsh and vareniki. Do you know what vareniki is?
Have you ever tried them? Actually, I do not think that you dream too fast:) I like your dreams very much. What I am sure about now is that I like you and I want to come to you and I feel that I won't come back home. Yes, when the passport is ready, I will let you know and we will decide the date for a flight ticket. I was told that the lady from passport would call me when the passport is ready. I miss you and I send you my most passionate kisses:) Your Julia
Letter 13
Hello my dear and my lovely Beppe, Thank you very much for your letter. How are you today? How is your mood?:) I am glad that it is a shining day there. Here it is raining today. Not that good weather, but also unusual for this month. Is it raining in July there? I hope that it is not:) And the weather will be fine so you could show me everything around. Okay, dear, we will buy the new phone there. It is not that important where to buy it:) I am sure that I will like riding the donkey around the volcano. I am sure it will be funny and we will laugh a lot. Really?:) Sure I want to see Rome:) yes, yes, yes. I want it. You know, actually, I think that Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world. The story of Romeo and Juliet inspired me in my childhood and I imagined that I am Juliet looking for my Romeo:)
But sure I do not want to end up like they did. But the story is amazing. Yes, everything depends on passport, but I guess that passport will be ready before July. Dear, I am so flattered now. First of all, thank you very much for your compliments. And second of all, sure, I want to have a daughter:)
It will be wonderful not to come back home and to have a daughter together:) You are not going too fast. I like it. And do not even doubt that you will meet my parents and my friends. I am sure that you will get along well together. Darling, the one thing which saddens me today is that today is a day of my salary, but I didn't get it. My boss told me that there is no money to pay me and it seems like the center I work in will be closed soon because there are no investments. I am really sad because of it because I cannot help parents now, I do not have money at all. And I really do not know what to do. I do not want to burden you at all. I know that you also work hard and you earn money hardly. But if you have an opportunity, could you please help me a little? Just some money to survive and to live for. I hope that I do not burden you. If you do not have such opportunity, it is okay.
Letter 14
Ciao mio caro Beppe, I didn't abandon you, do not be sad. It is just yesterday we had a huge trouble in family. Do you remember I told you and when you called me there was windy? This wind caused a damage to my granny's house.
The tree fell and destroy a roof a little, but the most dangerous thing is that it damage electrical cables. The whole evening my Dad and I were trying to find a man who has a chainsaw and who will cut it off from the roof and also will save the electrical cables. We found such a man who has it and who is able to do it. But he charges so much money! He told us 200 $. I paid him 50 $ I had which I was paid finally and I promised to pay the rest today or tomorrow. Dear, I really feel so embarrassed that I should ask you about it, but there is no way for me to find the rest of money. Can you please me with 150$? It is really an emergency case. I wouldn't ask you, but I am desperate because of that thing. And I am really sorry that I couldn't talk to you yesterday, I just was so tired when we got back home and I fell asleep. Thank you for telling me about your cats:) Haha, vampiric nature?
Sounds terrifying:) I do not want to be vampirizer even with a lovely cat. Yes, dear, I remember that experiment with pen and I understand what you mean. That religious things are real fraud and people follow it blindly. Thank you for your honesty about your weather:) The worst weather you can have there is the best weather for us, haha. Yes, I am sure that our weather is much worse now because of that wind storm and raining. Thank you very much for your compliments and for your forgiveness. But it wasn't a lie:) I told you the truth. I like you and I am happy that I bewitched you: )It sounds so magical. Dear, it is so so sweet that you want to cook me my favourite breakfast. I would love that:) Then you will come to me in the bed and bring me the breakfast and kiss me to wake me up. Good deal?:) I would love it. Thank you very much for explaining me the system with phone calls. So now I understand why sometimes I do not see your number and I do not hear you. And the same is with my number and that sometimes you do not hear me;) So now I understand everything. You are right, it is a true robbery to charge such money if there are cheaper ways. I also hope that on Monday I will get my passport. Actually, I am sure about that. I am sure that I will get it:)

I miss you and I send you my most passionate kisses, *** Your Julia
Letter 15
Hello my dear and my lovely Beppe,

Dear, I survived the hell now in that airport. I came there early in the morning around 8 am, I was waiting to boarding and everything was fine. When I started the process of registration, turned out that my passport is false. Because I made it in Lugansk, it is not legitimate in Ukraine. The airport workers took me and I spent the whole day explaining them that I am not a terrorist, but just a tourist. Some guy even bite my face once. I am crying now. Thanks God they let me go. I found the first Internet cafe to let you know what happened and I will go back to the hostel I stayed. I do not know what to do. I am crying, I cannot think logically, I need your support now so much. I want to hear our voice now so much! I will fix that phone because I want to talk to you. I do not know how to stop crying. I feel desperate now!

I love you,

Your Giulia
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