Scam letter(s) from Inna Taranskaya to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello John!
I am so pleased that among all pretty, good-looking girls it was me who caught your eye. And it is really a destiny for me to get your letter as I think you are an interesting person who can give me just more than just simple relations. It is not easy now to find a man who can inspire with confidence from the firs meeting. Yes, I call it meeting as we meat each other and liked each other. Let me tell you about myself as we are going to be close to each other I do not want to be any misunderstandings between us. I am 24. I live in a large family. There are 4 of us: 2 younger sisters and my mother. I have no father. My mother raised all three children without a husband. Maybe because all our men became weak and unable to answer for their actions. Every time my mother met a man and thought that she had found a real man who would be a support for her they left her without saying Good bye and leaving her pregnant with their child. So we try to survive all together - me, my younger sisters and the mother. And the worst thing is that all these men are similar as twins in their characters. That is why I try to find my man not here but abroad.
It seems to me that another culture may bring up another man, a real support for a woman.
Now I am a student of pedagogical University. I am a would be teacher of dancing. To support my family and myself I have a more or less permanent job. I work as a hospital attendant in the operation department. I clean rooms, windows, help people who were operated on with eating. I do all ***** work but I have to do it to survive here and to continue my study. The first part of the day I spend at the University and another part- at work. and what about you? Do you like your job? And why did you decide to find a woman abroad? Do you have a large family? I hope to get the replies in your next letters soon.
I am waiting.
Letter 2
Hi John!
I am so glad to get your letter and your beautiful photo. It means that you are interested in me as much as I am interested in you. Now I feel myself happy. Yes, you give me this feeling. It is a wonderful one. As for your question, unfortunately I do not see the film 'Ten' with Derek. I do not smoke. As for my goal, I want to find my second half and to found with him our family. I have a good the sense of Humor. My sweet, you are my soul mate. You know, once when I was at school I tried to learn English but it was lasting for only 3 weeks it was too expansive for my mother to pay for English classes, so now I use the service of the marriage bureau. So now I do not know English at all but I kept my exercise book and there there is one poem. I do not know the meaning of each word but in general I know the meaning of this poem. It`s a wise one. I want to share it with you.
The ABC of Happiness.
Aspire to reach your potential.
Belive in yourself.
Create a good life.
Dream about what you might become.
exercise frequently.
Glorify the creative spirit.
Humor yourself and others.
Imagine great things.
Joyfully live each day.
Kindly help others.
Love one another.
Meditate daily.
Nurture the environment.
Organize for harmonious action.
Praise performance well done.
Question most things.
Regulate your own behavior.
Smile often
Think rationally.
Understand yourself.
Value life.
Work for the common good.
X-ray and carefully examine problems.
Yearn to improve.
Zestfully pursue happiness.
I think these are great points to be happy. And now I am. I think YOU make me happy! I try to follow these statements. Do you think they are true? Is there a sense to follow them?
*** to hear from you soon.
Your Inna.
Letter 3
Hello dear John!
I am glad to get your letter. When I got it I felt happiness and sadness. I feel that we are getting closer to each other with every letter. I feel at ease with you. In the deep of my mind I feel as if we have known each other for ages. I want to open my heart to you, my intimate feelings. You inspired me with such a great confidence. But at the same time I feel fear- the fear that I may loose you. And my financial situation is the reason for it. I wrote you that I did not know English. That is why I use the service of an interpreter and operator of the Bureau who prints my letters for you. I hoped that my modest salary would be enough to pay for correspondence. But I was wrong I feel as my my last money saving melted as snow in spring. And I have no other way out but entreat you for a help. I ask you to help me to pay for the translation of our letters. My dear man,it is a real test for our relations and feelings. I am sorry that I have no possibility to continue paying for the service of the Bureau. My only hope is you. My heart prompts me that you are an honest man with serious intentions. My heart says that you won`t leave me alone. I believe that you need me as much as I need you. Honey, can you promise me that you are mine even now? I need to know it.
Your Inna.
Letter 4
Dear Sir!
Thank you for your interest in our client Inna Taranskaya who is using the service of Marriage Bureau of our "International Company".
We would like to inform you that she is interested in you very much, but Inna has informed us about her financial difficulties and her not being capable to pay for our service. If you are interested in her and have a wish to help her, we will be glad to help you in any questions and will provide you with all the necessary service.
Please, inform us and your Inna about your decision. International Company
Director Konstantin Ivanov
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