Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Alexandrova to Ray (USA)
Letter 1

Hi my dear Ray.
I very much miss you and you very much do not suffice me I think days when we can see My loved forgive me that I did not write to you earlier but I might not do it at my mum heart attack and she now in hospital was and it needs to be performed operation but she dearly costs also I does not know where to me to take money I very much her I like and does not want to lose her WHAT to ME TO DO?
I shall not go through if her I do not begin already have lost the father and now I do not want to lose mum and all because of money if I would have money I my grandmother has paid its operation sells the house but even if she will sell his that of this money to us will not suffice on operation because it old and it I am made of a tree costs very cheaply has rung round all whom only might but at anybody is not present money I do not want to lose mum she still young and should live I shall not go through without it I do not know but if you can that the help to me than can But forgive me my loved you and so very much get tired at work and here still I with the problems now I shall go to hospital I want to stay with mum
I wait for your letter my loved
With love Yulya
Letter 2

Hi my dear Ray.
How you?.
My loved I do not know that I shall do if I shall lose my mum because I very much love her also I do not want think of that that I can to lose my mum the doctor speak that is possible to perform it operation which will rescue her we have received money for the house of the grandmother it it has turned out 3500 dollars and operation costs 4000 dollars my loved send to me 500 dollars to rescue my mum and I shall make all for you then I be employed and shall return to you money I beg you send this money to me I shall not go through if my mum will be lost I know that may to me help ask do not refuse me You want to arrive to me and to sell the lorry I ask you do not do it you you know that September, 1 terrorists have grasped school of her now have released and there was lost 360 children and women it simply awfully those people which I do(make) it them it is impossible to name people are animals I do not want that you came to such terrible time and risked itself I am afraid to lose you I very much love you and want to be with you but I do not want to lose you in Moscow again have blown up the underground that in time in which we live it awfully all these people should punish the god for that that they do I shall wait that you will help me I I did not sleep 2 night worry for mum I ask you iiiiae to me send to me 500 dollars to rescue my mum in your forces
I love you and I wait with hope that you will help me
With love Yulya
Letter 3
Hi my love Ray
I again am glad to write to you I very much have become bore of you I all night was in hospital mum very badly look to it urgent operation we is necessary have given all money which at us is but to us have told that will not perform operation while we shall not pay all money I all over again very much cried and now when has seen your letter and that you will help us to me it became easier because is chance to rescue my mum I her very much I love Last night to me have not allowed to remain for all night in chamber with mum and I till morning sat at its door there there was a TV set there spoke about that that terrorists have made That that was at us in Russia really very awfully I do not understand as it is possible to kill so much children and women those people who is affairs not people they animals I watched yesterday the TV set all about it only and speak it the present tragedy at us on all Russia 6 and September, 7 the mourning is declared on those who there was lost there was lost 330 persons from them 280 children and still was lost many soldier they closed which bodies of children rescueed I can to you seem severe but I would make a death penalty for terrorists that others knew that so it is impossible I love you more life and want to embrace you and to nestle on your breast more soon
I wait for your letter and your help
You asked my name - Yulya Alexandrova
With love Yulya
Letter 4
Hi, loved Ray.!
I ran today to look I shall esteem thought that you already have sent me money which may rescue my mum but you not could I shall wait for them shortly forgive me that I so I ask money you but you do not imagine in what I despair I do not want to lose mum to it begins all worse and your money will rescue my mum I shall make for you all that you will ask only iiiiae to me I you I beg I have run to mum in hospital I am afraid of her to leave one I wait for your letter
Yours Yulya
I love you above all
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