Scam letter(s) from Natalia Morozova to David (Australia)

Letter 1

The Regard, my name is Natasha. I have looked at your questionnaire and has expected that between you and me can form the relations. I - making look younger and nice girl. I shall teach the lessons of the physical culture in commercial school beside average classes and, sometimes, atheletics in atheletic club. I in internet for the first time. If you will are interested ,that can write on my e-mail: C impatience shall wait your answer. Beforehand thank you! Natalia
Letter 2

Hello David !!! Today do not work and was going to to answer you. Beside us presently very hot and we with pupil go in marches on river Volga, concern with there in atheletic camp. This too part of my work. On itself quite do not remain time. I could come in well landlady, niie itself and love tasty to eat. Much likes the east kitchen, but most of all I adore the tatar dish- mantiy, I itself their niie. For its figure I do not outlive since on work and on drill in atheletic club I plenty of move. This allows me to save the beautiful form. My height-171 cm , weight-57 kg, was born I at may. Most of all love this season of the year, when all becom flabby, blooms and comes alive. Beside us very long winter and I always anxiously wait the springtimes and summer...I very pleased that we got acquainted, age for me does not matter if me with person interesting and he ene?aiai with me. write Sooner answer. I wanted that you more wrote about itself, after all all women curious. And I too! Want to show you one of their own fotos, which I have did specially for internet. Anxiously wait! Embrace and kiss, your Natasha!!!
Letter 3

With the most gentile feeling to you my dear David !!!We shall more and more learn the friend of friend! Confess, me much likes to communicate with you, read about you, tell about itself. Can be this our chance? Certainly, can I making look younger and too emotional, but I got accustomed to entrust to people though I defraud. I think, you not that person, who will lie and laugh at my liking and feeling. I very frail girl. Please, excuse me me for such revelations. Today beside me such sentimental mood, begin to understand What comes short in my lifes. Sometimes on evening , reading amorous novels, want to be an aa?ieiae to histories, outlive all events of the book together with her.....Something I today not that writes, yes? Simply I yesterday have much tired from their own pupil, beside us was a strong thunderstorm and the whole day went the rain, and we together sat looked TV and played in small atheletic common-room in ping-pong, I have changed only at night. Home I have arrived quite late. Has Today rescued before dinner! Afterwards wrote you and prepared the salads. Wanted go today in cinema to look the film "TROY", but one has not wanted. Better walk in park with their own home animals. I wrote you that I have and hamster? I their much love. Odohnu today in city, tomorrow again go to camp, 34 km from city. Wait from you letters my man!!!Beside us with you much general interests and us well together, on distance let. Thank you for compliments, they much warm me....your Natali !!!
P.S this my rest on river Volga.
Letter 4

The Regard my sweet! Thank you for letter and emphases to me, you very nice!I already wrote that beside me building no internet,happens to to write from girlfriend or internet-cafe.So answer not immediately and work there is. Today arrive my pupils from atheletic camp, I their met. Talked the neo a parent, discussed the defect and problems some pupil. All liked, many reposed for the first time without parents. I too love such rest, walk on wood, tan. But with pupil will not repose completely, it is necessary to look for them him whole on 13-14 years. Itself I not hen and not pius alcohol drink if only wine in modest cafe or oeoii place. But more often building beside me or beside girlfriends, when note anyone's birth day or other holiday. Before sleep, I after home deals usually read the fashionable journals, listen the music or review to news on TV. Sometimes review large competitions on channel Eurosport, particularly tennis or gimnastiku. , excuse me I after all promised its address:423000, Russia,Tatar republic,Kazan city ,street Yamashev , dom36, an appartament 127 . telephone give later. OK? write More often, I come short you and your warm words. With love and hot kiss! Your Natasha.
First foto I maked 2 month ago, second- when a studi in University,3year ago.
Letter 5

The Regard my loved !!! Again hurry to you !Beside me very good mood I pleased for itself and want to please you !My year work in sportcamp ended and now I free before begin school year- before1September.Ushaveachanceandformehappinesstosee you and get acquainted with you personally.I have already written the statement on visa,I have said that she will get ready August 13. the August 11 I shall go to get the foreign passport and pay for visa.The Past by summer I worked without furlough and my managament will pay me all costs on tickets by this summer.My sun,from you I need certain information.Please write aa?iii?o in which you will be able to meet me,after all itself I shall not be able to find the address.O my god,as I want to see you !!Much hope that you with joy will perceive the offer be met.The Number and flight I report;inform;tell;say you later when will book the tickets,OK.Tomorrow try to write once again,now time free much.This one of my very personal foto,only for you my man.With gentile embrace Nata.
Letter 6

Hi my dear David !Thank you for information. I have said that will tomorrow book a seat on plane. Visa me else as well as have not arranged though promised that will today or tomorrow. Tomorrow similar once again, must be already ready. I much interesting, what there beside you weather since beside me in city becomes cool. Hope that beside us serious relations and all that you speak me - from clean heart. I much outlive for our future meeting! If you want to hear something beside me, I can give you mobile telefone number. Before fast meeting, with gentile iauyouyie and kiss - your Nata !!!
Letter 7

Hi my sweetheart David!!! Very pleased your ansver , excuse me that has not been able to write immediately since beside my girlfriends were a troubles in computer,have said that reason in virus from inet. With paper for trip of the problems no. I did not think That it is necessary will fill so much much documents, I was found on several hours in each department. I came only closer to evening and powerfully tired. Immediately want to say that I can be beside you only 10 days, afterwards me it is necessary without fall to return in Russia since 1 September to me on work. For these days we shall be able to discuss many questions and speak of our future. Beside me also there is small request, I much hope that you will help me. Please came me 175 dollars or 145 euro, this necessary me for legal registration visa and medical insurance. Dont warry! The cost of the ticket will pay my managament. Certainly, I take these money in debt and without fall give them at the end of the August or at the beginning initially September, OK'? For remittance of this amount give you address branch Western Union since this the fastest way to get the translation, so I have said in bank. I have said that need my data and bank data. My given : Morozova Natalia, Russia, 420000, Tatar republic. City: Kazan. Street: Yamasheva 36. An apartment : 127. Now name of the bank : Russia , 420111, Tatar republic , city : Kazan , VneshTorgBank , street : Pravobulachnaya 13. The Translation it is necessary to do at earliest convenience , flood plains itself , I must for all pay in time To was not no problems with the document and that I had time to get the ticket on plane. For registration of each document I happened to to pay , I even occupied beside its girlfriends. My money , which were remitted on registration of the papers were spent on 3 day. I not think that I expect such wasting. If will appear some problem, that you can to ring me on mobil phone ( number: +79030506864). But want you to warn that my english bad. For you I have foto. Wait from you answer my sweet. With love your Nata!!!
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