Letter(s) from Tatyana Vaseneva to Terry (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello Terry! Again to write it to you Katya, the girlfriend at Tatyana. I could not speak you about that as Tatyana myself feels as I to be near to her practically always. I and her aunt to not leave from hospital as Tatyana very seriously to fall ill. Doctors even to cause the doctor - surgeon with Moscow that he could examine Tatyana and say that with her not so. he to find the reason of her illness. he only today to find and tell to us that if in current 3 days Tatyana operation she then cannot have children any more will not be made. Now the account to go for days. To remain three days. But as the doctor to speak that free-of-charge he to not do operation. This operation very much expensive. he to speak that this operation with all medicaments to cost 980 Euro.
When we to hear it we all will tell to him that. But we to not think where we shall search for such money. Tatyana itself it is very much upset. She to not know that to her now to do. We with the aunt to try to find this money, but to find only 380 Euro.
Now we to not know as us to be.. We to speak with Tatyana and she to ask that I to transfer you her some words. She it is very bad to feel itself and doctors to try to hold her in norm, but every day to her all is worse and worse. At her a pain in area a stomach. The doctor with Moscow to speak that at her to go to swell up appendage. he actually to tell that it is very expensive operation and he it will not be simple to do her while to him will not pay. We simply to not know as us to be. Words which to ask to transfer Tatyana.
Letter 2
My dear, I so to miss here in hospital you. I shall transfer not many words as to me it is very bad during this moment through my girlfriend. The doctor will not speak that he to do operation without money and now I simply to not know as me to act. My aunt and my girlfriend to find a part of money, but the doctor to do operation without money will be not enough and to not want it. I simply to not know that to me now to do..
My unique hope it you! I to not want that in the future I could not have children. Simply it is very hurt to me to ask now you about the help, but I have nobody to address more. I to not know that to me to do.. Please, my dear, if you have opportunity to help me to make it. As I to not want to be the defective woman. I to want that at me then to be children.. I very much to miss here you and to not suffice me you. I cannot rise itself from a bed and go in Internet - cafe to write to you. I to hope that you to understand me. My dear, you unique hope on which I can consideration. I to want to give to you a kiss!
Yours forever Tatyana
Letter 3
That she to ask to transfer all this to you. All of us very much to experience for her. Simply she to ask you about the help as we simply to not know any more where to us to take 600 more Euro. Here it is very big money, and the doctor does not go on any concessions.
All of us of you ask, please help her. She should have children in the future. She to want to be mum. She constantly to tell about that as is strong to her you to not suffice. I shall go now in hospital and to transfer Tatyana that I all to tell to you.
Then I shall go to look again mail. We trust that you can to help Tatyana and we shall wait for news from you. Please write as soon as you will have such opportunity. We here very much to worry.
Yours faithfully Katya
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