Scam letter(s) from Alena Babenko to Mick (USA)

Letter 1
Honey Kim, I miss you very much!
I've got a lot of news for you now. It was really intensive and hard day for me today. I was at the airport and bought tickets. I'll write you my schedule of flights below in the letter. Please, pay attention to my arrival time. I am afraid of being alone at the airport! Dear, you have to meet me and you know I am thankful for your help in our meeting. I love you!
How are you? How is your day going on? During my day I like to imagine our future meeting. All my thoughts are about you now!
Our meeting will be the most wonderful event in o ur lives.
We will keep in mind this day for the wholelife!
My air tickets are at the Embassy now. Embassy's officers have to approve the tickets. I have been told very important news today at the Embassy. I am thinking of it all day long. I have to tell you about this. Could you please be intent to this news?
The consul has told me that I must fulfill one more important condition to draw the visa. Every tourist who enters the country has to prove his or her financial stability. The government of your country takes care of every tourist who enters its territory. The consul has told me that your country has signed the Agreement according to which every tourist must have the amount of money with him- 2000US dollars.
Unfortunately I have concluded that I have no possibility to get 2000US dollars.
I can't take a credit as I am leaving the country. My friends can't help me.
I have thought about different variants. I don't want to lose the possibility to meet you and I can't come to you on my own.
I am very sad now. My mood is spoiled.
I was very indignant at the Embassy. I couldn't understand why didn't they tell me about it before? The Embassy's officers have explained me that the visa is drawn by several stages. Each stage follows one by one. The important thing is that I need money to prove my financial stability. During my trip to your country all money will be at my credit card account. When I come to you we shall be able to go to any bank and get the money from my credit card. Do you understand me? I need this money just for several days that the Embassy's officers have no doubts in my financial stability. My love, will you help us to be together?
Of course you have helped me to buy the tickets and I appreciate this very much. I trust you and we'll meet soon at the airport.
I need your help for our meeting. I have huge desire to come to your country on my own and do not burden you with expenses but it's impossible. Can you help us? I can receive your help at the same bank where I've got your help for tickets purchase. Money is required only for some days. I want that the sun will shine bright at our meeting day.
Everything will be perfect although any weather will not be able to spoil the happiness of our meeting.
I am waiting for your help. We have to be together.
Waiting for your reply!!!
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