Scam letter(s) from Maria Evgenyevna Epina to Santiago (Italy)

Letter 1
Hey Orlando, I am writing this letter to you - Mariya.
To be honest, I did not expect to see your reply letter to me today. I thought that I would be of no interest to you and you would not write to me. Now there is a lot of different SPAM on the Internet and we are all afraid of responding to unfamiliar letters. Many letters also come to me and sometimes I even wonder where all these letters come from? Personally, I no longer pay attention to such letters and just delete them. I am very glad that you did not do the same, because if you would delete my letter, I would not write this letter to you now. Am I not right? So I want to thank you for being interested in me and of course a separate thank you for your letter.
So, where to start my first story about myself, I do not even know. Such communication through the Internet is new for me and I was even a little embarrassed. I have never had such communication before, but it seems to me that acquaintance through the Internet is very interesting.
Well, follow the rules of ethics and begin my story about myself with the most important.
As you already know my name is Mariya. I am 28 years old. My date of birth is December 24, 1990. I am a well-educated woman, with a good job and a good sense of humor. I do not drink (I confess, only sometimes on holidays), I do not smoke and have never used drugs. I mention drugs now, because now is such a terrible time that many women get bogged down in drugs. Personally, I was strictly brought up by my parents, so since my childhood I have not used anything that could harm my health.
I am Russian by nationality and live in the city of Kirov. This is in Russia, if you do not know. By sign of the horoscope I am Capricorn. I am calm, balanced and to all this a cheerful woman. I probably now describe myself as a princess, although it is not. I have my drawbacks, but this may be later. I do not want to immediately tell you about my shortcomings. Unfortunately, I am not married and even more unfortunately I have no children. I write the word "unfortunately", because I really want to get married, but it happened in my life that I still have not met a suitable man. Of course, like any woman, I had a serious relationship with men here, but this relationship ended as quickly as it began. I guess I just did not meet that man who could truly love and appreciate me.
I am quite a wealthy woman and have a good job. I worked for 7 years as a professional photographer, now I have changed my profession and now I work as a clothes designer! I did not quit photographing either, it was my hobby and when I have free time I like to photograph nature!
About my hobby. Maybe you will be a little surprised by my hobby, but this is my hobby and I can’t do anything with myself anymore. Ever since high school, my friends and I loved collecting leaves of trees. At first it was a childhood hobby, but over time this hobby turned into a hobby for me. I collect the leaves of the trees and put them in the books. So they persist and do not change their shape. Here I have a strange hobby, but I hope that you do not think about me because of my hobby, how about a strange woman? Please do not think about me like that. It's just my passion and the leaves I collected sometimes even calm me down when I look at them.
Besides this hobby, I also have many other interests. For example, I like to dance and in my free time I attend a dance school. Dancing supports my figure and yet it is also a sport. I love to go to fitness. I also love to cook different dishes and on weekends I have been standing at the stove for more than one hour. I like to experiment in the kitchen, sometimes I even invent new dishes myself. It is interesting. So, I could write a lot more about what I love and what I do not like, but I am afraid that there will not be enough time for this. Moreover, this letter has already turned out to be long and you are probably already tired of reading my scribbling. Is that so? Excuse me for forcing me to read so much, but still I hope that you will get carried away with my story about yourself.
Ok, I dwell on this. For the first letter is enough. Now you have at least some idea about me and my nature. I hope you find me interesting for yourself and write your answer soon. I will wait for your answer and of course I will read with great interest your letter about your life and of course about you. Do not forget to send your photos. I would be interested to see your life through the photo. I send you my new photos too!
Kiss !!! Sincerely your new friend from Russia Mariya.
Letter 2
Hi Orlando.
Please forgive me for these days of silence. There was a lot of work here, and I just could not find the time to write to you. I hope you do not get angry and do not forget me? Please, I would not forgive myself if I made you forget about me.
So, this is my next letter. In the past, I promised to write to you about my parents, but unfortunately I have not written to you about them. That day I worked very hard, so I simply did not have the strength to write another letter in the evening to you. I hope you are not very upset about what I did not write to you that night.
Thank you for a lovely, attractive picture of you, that cheers me up. looking at the photos, I present you beside :)
Well, I'm a cute girl and therefore will keep my word and continue my story about myself and my family.
I'll start with my dad. His name is Eugene. He is now 56 years old. By the way, his 56 years we celebrated quite a while ago. Although he is already 56 years old, he does not feel old and looks quite young. He always told me that sport makes him feel better and that's why he constantly does sports and thanks to this he looks young. By profession, he is a physical education teacher. He used to work as a sports coach in high school, but now he works as a trainer in a special sports school. He is a football coach and track and field athlete. Unfortunately international medals I can not boast of it, because it does not have them. I do not know why, but he did not aspire to international records. He just loves football and generally loves sports and that's enough for him. If you ever met with him, then I'm sure that you would have a good opinion of him. He is very good, kind and always helped me in everything.
Mama. About her, I too can tell a lot, but time and place in the letter is not enough for all the words. So I'll tell you about it shortly and about the most important thing. Her name is Anna. She is 52 years old and she is also a former teacher, a trainer in sports training. Earlier, when she worked in high school, she was my father's deputy. It was there in school that they met with each other and soon played a wedding. Now my Mom has long abandoned the sport. She has not worked in school since I was born. Probably she did not have time for sports with me and so she quit her job. Yes, sometimes she regrets it, but then she had no other choice, and I understand her. Now my mother works in a different structure. After my birth she graduated from the Pedagogical Institute and now she is the head of the kindergarten.
So, that's all my family. I will not write to you about my grandparents, because they are already in another world. They were also expensive people for me, but unfortunately their life in this world ended. I hope you understand what I'm writing to you now.
My mom and dad now live in a two-room apartment. I used to live with them, but then I bought an apartment myself and now live separately from them. I live in the city of Kirov. By the way, if you want to see the location of my house, then you can do it through the program "Google map". Do you have this program in your computer? If so, dial my address and you can see my house.
My home address in Kirov:
ul. Svobody 85
Orlando I have another very important, which I must discuss with you. I have to write this to you, because it's important for both of us.
I mean now talking on the phone or chatting through chat. I guess you wanted a more intimate communication with me, but to my deep regret I now have to deny you all this. No, do not think that I do not want to talk to you on the phone or to correspond with you online. It would be great, but I have my principles that I do not want to break. The fact is that through such close communication it is very easy to get used to you soon, but I do not want it to be so soon. I once already burned a relationship with a man and do not want to repeat this mistake any more. It is now important for me to better know you, to know your inner side, to be sure that you are the man I was looking for in this life. Do you understand me? Please just do not be mad at me now. I do not tell you that I will never give you my phone number. Of course I'll write you this, but a little later. Maybe even in a week or 2 weeks. Let me decide on this, ok. I hope you can be patient.
So, this letter again turned out to be long. I hope you do not get tired of reading my letters?
I will wait for your reply letter and I will believe that you will write to me soon.
A kiss for you on both cheeks. Yours faithfully Mariya.
Letter 3
Hi Orlando. Please forgive me for being silent. I had a lot of work here, and I just could not find free time to write to you.
If you say that I am not happy to see your letter would not be true. I am very, very glad to see your reply letter to me, and I cannot find words, in general, to express pleasure. Probably, you just need to say "thank you" for a prompt reply, and I hope that you will always answer me just as quickly and fascinatingly.
Friend of mine but I want to thank you for what you send me your attractive, alluring, beautiful photos.
Orlando, if you don't mind, I would like to ask you something.
In the past I wrote to you that for me this acquaintance is new. I really do not know how this all happens, but I have heard many times that people meet online, and this acquaintance sometimes even reaches a wedding. I can not understand how everything happens? Is it possible to fall in love through letters or ...? And you believe in such love? I am interested in your opinion.
Imagine the situation. For example, we communicate with you for a long time using letters. You liked each other. But what will happen next? Are you ready to start a serious relationship with a woman who lives in another country? I do not know how for you, but I am very glad. Simply, if you are not ready, and if you don’t look for the other half, I don’t see any reason to correspond with you further. Understand me, I would not want to give up on you. I just look for a serious relationship to create a family, so playing with my feelings or just correspondence is not interesting for me. Do you understand what I want to tell you? I hope that you will sincerely answer my question.
I have already started writing to you about my searches, and therefore I will probably continue this topic. First of all, we need to know with you about the one for whom and what qualities in a partner we are looking for and from this fact in order to continue our acquaintance. Maybe it’s that we don’t come together, if so, is it worth continuing? You agree with me?
Yes Orlando, I'm not a princess, and I do not look for a prince in this life. Those times when people did feats for the sake of women are forgotten, but, nevertheless, I believe that these qualities live somewhere inside of you, and in general for men.
Orlando, to be honest, for me, the physical qualities of a person are not very important.
Age matters to many, but not to me. I am already 28 years old, this is the age in Russia, when a woman should think about her family, about children. My friends have all been married for a long time, and only I was left alone. No, I'm not saying that I have no fans here. There are people who have tried and are still trying to care for me, but I try to divert their attention. Maybe now you think of me that I am heavy for them. Yes, it may be so, but what can I do with myself if they are not interesting to me? Here, in Russia, many or even almost all men drink *****, they cheat on their wives, or even beat their wives. Marriage in Russia is not stable and it hurts us women very much. My friends often complain to me that there is no happiness in family life, etc. Of course, their words scare me, but, nevertheless, in spite of their words, I believe that there is a person for whom I need me in this life. Orlando, I believe that every person on this earth has the second half. Maybe my second half is you?
For example, the first people on earth were Adam and Eve. God created them for each other, and this couple was as one. Together they were happy and their life was probably an example for all of us. Orlando I'm not quite sure that you understand what I am writing to you. Excuse me for my philosophical reasoning. I just wanted to know what is in your heart, I just do not want to play feelings, and I’m serious about finding my second half. These words are the result of my reasoning and I hope that you can understand me.
Orlando is just my letter to you, and I have already so philosophically written to you about my searches. I hope not scare you? Excuse me if this letter seems complex for you. I know that I should write more now about myself about my life, but this topic is very important for me, and therefore I wrote you about my searches in a letter now. I hope that you rate it and how it will write to me about you in order to find what a woman is for yourself.
Well, I'm at work still, and I have to work more. I will be waiting for your reply letter, and I hope that you will write to me soon.
Orlando, if I have free time, I will write again to you and I will tell you a little about myself and my family. I mean about my parents. Like all people, I have a mom and dad, but about them later, well.
Good day to you.
Kiss !!!
Yours sincerely, Mariya.
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