Scam letter(s) from Olga Arkadevna Shadrina to James (USA)

Letter 1
Hello John ! I have now checked up a mail on my box and have seen your letter. It is certainly pleasant for me, that you have not ignored my request for acquaintance. Thank. Well, give gets acquainted?, probably, it will be curious to you to learn, what about me? I shall tell slightly. Me call Ludmila. To me of 26 years was born May, 3, 1987. I live in Russia in city Yoshkar-Ola. It is small small town on the average the Volga region of Russia. These are 850 kms from Moscow.
It absolutely small. But very good and kind. I live with daddy and mum at me there is a senior sister. I have ended institute and now I work.
The truth to me would not be desirable it to do at all. Ha. Ha... To work boringly. That is, certainly, not boringly, at me even very good collective. But I would like to have a rest. And it is necessary to go on work. To me my work is nice. You love the work? You love the sea? I was once on Black sea. To me was 15 years, and daddy has taken me with itself in business trip. I till now remember a sunset. As it disappears behind horizon. At me it will be fast holiday, and to me would like to have a rest well. And I should be content with days off.
You write to me, what it is interesting to you to learn, and I shall answer you, well? And me, please, tell about itself, well? Than you are engaged? Where you work? What you like, and what do not like? I have music, your loved books and films in a kind. May at you there is an interesting hobby? How you will spend the free time? And your loved holidays name to me too. And what formation at you? If it is not difficult for you, tell to me about your country. About your customs and culture. I too shall tell to you about myself. I love new friends.
I cheerful and sociable, and my hobby was aquarian fishes. I wait for your letter. Your Russian girlfriend Olya.
Letter 2
Hello John! Well, at last I have free time, and I want to write to you some lines. And promised besides, and to tighten with the promise I do not like. Today fine weather. In the street the sun. And on street very much a hunt. I would give much to remain at home, and to not go on work. And even probably I would not go on work, if not mum. So it was good to lay in a warm and soft bed. I at all do not like to wake up early. Like to luxuriate in a bed, and five more or ten minutes to lie down, after will ring out an alarm clock. But mum was at home, and I had to go on work, and possible to tell, that I was ill. But it only minute weakness. I know to work it is necessary, as though it is to be avoided no. But after ten minute exercises, soul and vigorous music, the mood at once rises. Especially a cup of good coffee. You drink what coffee? At me at home always Nescafe. Now I drink tea with cookies. Very tasty cookies. Our girls frequently bring it from a house. And birthday at Lena have noted wonderfully as I and assumed.
Be sawed, have gorged on and certainly had perfectly fun. It was very cheerful. I very much liked a wine about Chateau Haut-Brion» This dry white French wine. Simply magnificent. But it very expensive, Lena the brother from St. Piterburg, only two bottles has brought this wine. I was necessary it again I shall try. And in general to me there was much that ridiculous. Tanya has dropped a piece of a pie to itself on a ****** and then long was upset, but home done not leave! I shall not tell better as we had a rest, but all was wonderful. It is a pity, that such days are seldom. Well, like and all. While, my break is completed. I wait for the letter. Olya.
Letter 3
Hello John! At me all ??. You are glad for you, that too in the order.
I have one important question how you concern to children? I very much love children. And very much I love children's laughter! It the happiest and joyful, sonorous and fine! If the child is dared, at me on heart becomes warm. I want, that children never cried. I love children and children's holidays. I want to visit Disney Lend. It is a lot of about it heard. You were in Disney Lend? There it is very cheerful and beautiful. It is a pity, that we do not have anything similar. But I read about the owner and the founder Mr. Disney. It appears, it was very malicious and greedy person. I was in a shock.
And it very much offended the wife, even beat her! Interestingly as the person created such miracle can be such malicious? I do not understand. And how it is possible to strike the woman? It is very terrible and *****. Such person should sit in prison. Yesterday descended in library and has taken books on a history of " Ancient Rome », very interestingly. So now week I shall eat than engage. Only the daddy names me a book worm! Also speaks, that is necessary not to sit at home, and to think of his grandsons! You imagine? It very much at me the ambiguous person. And sometimes it happens very rough, probably, because the militarian. And I now shall go for a dinner, to our cafe, to eat very much it would be desirable. Ha. Ha. Up to a meeting, my beloved friend. Well, all SO LONG!!! Olya. P.S.It we with my sister are on rest.
Letter 4
Hello my dear John! Good afternoon! John yes I very much waited this of the moment what to tell you. You understand, I correspond first time. And I at all did not know, how to you it to tell correctly, that you correctly would understand me. Yes you to me are nice you write very beautiful, and emotional letters. It is very pleasant for me to read them. And I wait for them with big not patience. I with pleasure of them read. And I understand, that there are very good men. It is very pleasant to communicate with you. And I on the sly to you get used and to your letters. But you know me very little, and speak, as I you love such words. Thank me it is very pleasant. Ha. Ha. Ha. You know, I too write you quite seriously. Also that I write it full, the truth. I to any to man was not opened how to you. John but tell me quite seriously. It is the truth, what you have written to me, concerning, what you love me? Yes? We did not see you at all, and you speak, that you love me. Likely I to you am very nice yes? It is the truth, I can believe in it. But what you would love me? I at all do not know. Likely it will be interesting to you to learn about my family. Yes? My daddy the fireman. It works as day on the watches. But then three day has a rest at home. At him a post of the inspector of the operative of fire-prevention service and at him a rank of the major. After a fire it finds out, why there was a fire and it began from what place. It may, there was a short circuit of electroposting or the not extinguished stub. Frequently there are arsons with the purpose of reception of the insurance. Or who is simple that wants to revenge the enemy, and arrange a fire. At my father very responsible post. It very strict, but kind. And at me with it good relations. We with it discuss about what I even with mum do not talk. The truth, it very much waited for the boy, instead of the girl. And mum speaks, that did not want to take away me from a maternity home. But now it very much loves me and indulges. When I was small I very much frequently went with it on his watches. And terribly was proud of that my daddy the fireman. Daddy is always only shaved, and his form is always ideally ironed. Arrows on trousers are ironed so, that sometimes it seems to me, that, probably, it is possible to be cut about them. Daddy always jokes, that it is possible to have a shave with his trousers. From him frequently smells as a smoke, even cologne does not interrupt a smell of a smoke. It very cheerful person. I and now love it at all less than earlier. And may even more than earlier.
I hope, it was interesting to you. To learn about my daddy. You understand at me not enough time. What to write to you about my mum and the sister. But I shall write to you in the following letter. Well I would write to you, but really it is time me. Machines now will come. They should be checked up and passed in garage. Well, all I John me shall be time to wait I your letter. I have run. And nearly has not overlooked to tell you, girlfriends send you greetings. And I say goodbye to you. Bye! Olya. P.S.John To not have phone. We in Russia at many people do not have phone. But I shall try you to cause itself. But your phone number will be necessary for me. That I might call you. My Russia address, city Sanchursk, street Lenin, the house 51, an apartment 2. My postal index 612370.
I name Shadrina Olga Arkadevna. I shall wait your letter.
Letter 5
Hello John! You have again pleased me with the letter, thank. In the last letter, I to you have told about daddy. And now I want to tell to you about other members of my family. My Mum works as the tutor in a kindergarten. She brings up small children. She very soft and kind woman. Mum is my most, most, close person. I very much love her . And the kindergarten in which she works, belongs to a fire brigade in which my father serves. At me with mum and she me wonderfully understands good relations and always will help me advice. And still she the remarkable cook. But if fairly daddy is going better. And my sister Nastya to it of 29 years. She now studies in institute on a faculty of law. It at Nastya already the second higher education.
First she has received after school when has ended institute and has received the diploma of the engineer of industrial state construction.
She at me very clever girl. Also has decided, that not enough one higher education and now again studies in it. But already in Saratov.
She studies in absentia , and works in building management in city of Ioshkar Ola. Is engaged in designing of construction of apartment houses., and still Nastya knows two languages, it is Italian and French. The truth, she at me clever? But it yet everything, she not only the remarkable sister, but also is still fine the girlfriend! I always consult to it , and she too consults on me, but less often.
Well all I have run to me it is time. Write, I wait for your letter.
Bye! Olya.
P.S.It I and my sister.
Letter 6
Hello John! How your affairs? All OK? I think, that all is very good.
John I would like, that you would decide for yourself. One thing only it is fair? I like when speak fairly. You would like me to meet? And I to you am nice. I think, that our meeting will decide many our questions. We can bett learn each other. What you think on the account of my idea? If it is really interesting to you, I can descend in travel agency and all to learn concerning arrival abroad. That for this purpose it is required. But it is possible and to wait if at you is, what that problems. When you can settle them. Or you may arrive here itself? Well, so that to me would like to visit you. To look this great world. And to look, how you there live? It would be fine. It would be possible to spend well. How you think? Such I the girl, have taken yes have decided to visit you. And at all to whom did not speak.
At all I do not know, that mum, daddy and that the sister will think will tell. But I think that the adult girl. And relatives of me will support. But I have not big problem, money are necessary for trip. But I do not have such money. It is not convenient for me to ask you, but I only want, that you would know. I think, that we may trust each other. Even the ideas which occurred to me. I think that it will not need to be met each other. John write, what you think concerning my idea? It is good? Even if is not present, I and shall not take offence. Simply it is interesting to me to learn , that that new. Well I have run and I wait your answer. Bye! Kiss!
Letter 7
Hello my lovely John! Good morning, the kid. At you early Morning, and at me evening. Today in a lunch break I went in travel agency. And all has learned about my possible trip to you, and what package Documents it is required to me. On the one hand I am madly glad, that all Appeared, not so it is difficult as I assumed. On the other hand I am slightly upset. On all my charges, without air tickets it is required to me $ 680. I have counted it at the rate a currency exchange of the Central Bank of Russia. Also has transferred in dollars. I, certainly, assumed, that all costs dearly, but what so it is expensive! And I even was upset slightly. And now I shall send you this letter, and I shall wait the answer. If my charges for you will be dear, I,
certainly, all I shall understand, do not doubt John. You see sometimes it is necessary to refuse itself in many respects. As though we would not like it. In any case we shall be good friends. I have now gone home, I shall have supper and shall lie to sleep. And at all I do not know, that I would like more, that tomorrow has more soon come or on the contrary did not come. I wait for your answer. Good-bye. I hope, that up to fast.
Your Russian girlfriend Olya.
Letter 8
Hello my dear John! Good afternoon. Lovely I too was very glad to hear your voice. It at you very ******. It was very pleasant for me to hear your voice. Lovely well it is necessary for me $ 680. What to visit you, I think, that we shall spend with you very well. Lovely my address. Lovely I as descended in bank and at you knew on what system can send me money. Western Union. I was in bank and have learned in detail, what is necessary for remittance using Western Union. All is very simple. You should specify my name completely and the sum of transfer.
My address is: Russia, 612370, town, Mari El, Village Malaya-Tursha, Ekaterininskaya st,
My name: Shadrina Olga The address of bank in Yoshkar Ola city, Palantay str., 112. The bank refers to as "Vneshtorgbank" and I need for reception money to me your full name and your surname, it's necessary to know. And the sum of transfer.
Your city and state. And ten-character control number of transfer.
Lovely I think, that you will understand. I only can wish good luck you big good luck. And to make our meeting more real. John I am very glad, Bye my lovely. Kiss!
Yours Olya.
Letter 9
Hello my dear and loved John! Good afternoon. Lovely I is very glad, that soon we shall with you together. Today I as always at work, very much waited your letter. All days off I thought of us. It is very interesting to me to learn , how you have lead the remarkable day off.
Lovely we with girlfriends went to have a rest, it was very cheerful and interesting. So I have lead the day off very well. Yes I am very glad, that you have met on my way. And you are glad, what at you I have appeared? John lovely if you can write today. That I shall wait your letter. That with you time will learn from us each other. Yes, but, and then we shall be defined concerning our love. Lovely I like all it is clear to you has written. Well, I was good shall write to you once again.
My surname Shadrina.
Me call Olya.
My fatherland Arkadevna.
address, Sanchursk, street Lenin, the house 51, an
apartment 2. My postal index 612370.
My Russia
Lovely I think that you now have understood. Lovely I has run and I shall wait your letter. Up to a meeting my love. Bye! Kiss!
Yours Olya.
Letter 10
Hello my dear John! Good afternoon. I as always at work, now in the street a flying weather. To me so the hunt to go and be expiated. You know, I very much like to bathe. Lovely today I was at the chief, and I in one week will have holiday. You know, I think, that we with you already have learned each other better. Also it would be healthy, if we would begin to do my documents what ours with you a meeting, not much on would be faster. I think, that we do not hurry up, and I care of our well-being. I am right? You would would like, that we with you would be together. It actually is very surprising, that we have met each other for thousand kilometers. And we have found the main thing each other. Sometimes I think, that it is our destiny. Yes I such person whom to trust in destiny. And you believe? I know that if we with you shall be more serious to concern each other that at us there will be very much good relations. Such news at me, I think, that now holiday to us will help to carry out ours with you a meeting more quickly. Yes it would be healthy to meet you. At me it is first time, and at you? You met whom from Russia? At you the novel on the Internet was? You know me it very much raises when I think that we shall see each other. We learn each other better and I think that we can trust each other on 100 % it you see very well. Lovely I was good think, what you understand me? I shall wait your letter. And now I have run and I wait your letter tomorrow. All I have run, and I send you Kiss!
Yours Olya.
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