Scam letter(s) from Alina Arkhipova to Jason (UK)

Letter 1
It's again me, Elizaveta !!!
I was born in Russia, in the city of Velsk, Arhangelsk region.
I have never been registered in social networks, because it is not interesting to me!
My best friend advised me to use the services of a Dating Agency and we decided to visit this Agency!!An employee of the Agency showed me a few profiles and I decided to write to you.
I don't know how or where they get their information! For me this is the first love experience on the Internet!
I am very glad that now we can have a dialogue!
I want to tell you right away what I'm looking for in a man.
I look forward to your honesty and respect because I am looking for love and sincere relationship.
For me it is important that the man was kind, attentive and responsive.
I think you have these qualities!
I want to tell you a little about myself.
Now I live in Russia, in my hometown of Velsk.
I want to inform you that I have never been married and had no children!
I hope you understand me and my English well.
I studied English from a very young age! If you do not understand me, you can use the services of an interpreter!
My height is 173 cm, weight 55 kg.
I have a good sense of humor.
I think you can see it in the future.
I was born July 17, 1985. I'm 33.
My zodiac sign Cancer.
What horoscope sign are you?
I will be glad to answer your questions.
I am very interested to know more about you, your life and the interests of the country in which you live.
I will wait for your letter and I am interested to see your photo!
With Respect, Elizaveta!
Letter 2
I am very glad, that you have answered me!
I was looking forward to your letter, I'm sorry, I could not answer you quickly, now I'm at work and I can answer you.
Do you have a phone number from which you can make international calls?
I have a mobile phone, my number is +798987757175, but I can't make and receive international calls, my phone was issued at my work and I do not have the service of calls abroad.
It's a simple phone, it's not a smartphone.
I will tell a little about myself. I am also interested to know you and what is happening in your life.
What time of year do you like?
I love summer!
It is a pity that in Russia the summer lasts only three months.
I like outdoor activities and sports. I do fitness!
How do you like to spend your free time?
I want to know you better! I'm interested in learning more about your life.
You have a dream?
I hope that someday our dreams will come true.
I have a hobby, I love cooking!
Since childhood, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother.
I will be happy to introduce you to Russian food in the future.
I am sure that you will not give up my delicious dishes. :-) I try to check my email every day when I work.
Sometimes I have a lot of work and I can’t check my mail, but I will always reply to your letter as soon as possible.
I hope you like my photos, so I'm waiting for your photos!
I wish you a good mood!!!
Letter 3
Hello! How you?
Today at me good mood :-)
Yesterday I have visited fitness club, I like to play sports and I try to eat correctly and to conduct a healthy way of life!! Sport - is life!!!
My sister said that she began to notice that I had changed.
As mum has noticed, I became cheerful and cheerful.
I have told to mum and sister, that I communicate with you.
I have thought and have understood, that it is valid so, my life has changed, I have started to communicate with you.
My mum, she approves our dialogue, and she is very glad to see my good mood.
Do you like my letters and what do I write in them?
My eyes shine for pleasure when I look through mail and I see your letter.
Thanks you for happiness which you bring to me!!!
In one of last letters I have told to you, that my mobile phone does not support the international dialogue!
Today I have learnt, that I need to activate service "international calls".
As I have got phone for work, I need to write the demand addressed to my boss, having asked to activate this service!
I will try to make it in the near future!
As soon as I will make it, at once to you on it I will inform, very much I wish to hear your voice, and I hope, that we can speak by with you to phone.
Are you a romantic?
Do you want to surprise a girl?
I like romance and I like to look at the stars in the sky.
I like to dance slow dance when music sounds romantically.
For a long time I had nothing like that!
I with impatience wait for your following letter.
Letter 4

Hello! How is your day going?
What time is it in your country?
I would like to know the time difference.
I had a dream last night, we were together in a dream, and you hugged me.
I believe that we will meet soon.
Now I know that my vacation will begin soon.
Today my boss told me that my vacation will start next week.
This news made me very happy.
My boss let me take a 45-day vacation, as I explained to him that my beloved from another country, I'm talking about you!
Are you glad to know about it?
My salary will be before leaving for vacation, and I plan to buy a new laptop, I need a laptop to write you a letter at any time.
I will begin to prepare for the trip, if you agree with this?
What clothes should I take with me?
I will inform you about my travel preparations, do you want our meetings?
Please promise me that you will take care of me, I trust you.
The nearest International airport is in Moscow.
The airport of the Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo.
Tell me, which airport is closest to you?
At which airport should I buy tickets?
I have never been to your country.
When I come to you, will you meet me?
I am glad to spend time with you.
I will do everything that we would meet as soon as possible.
I will try to do everything on my own, as I am an adult and responsible girl.
I want, that you wrote to me every day!
Over the next few days, I plan to know what I have to do for my trip to you.
I want to send you a postcard, but I do not have your address.
Write me the full address and full name, as soon as you send me the address, I will immediately send a letter that I made you a postcard.
Sorry, I did not write you my full name and address!
Letter 5
I was waiting for your letter!
My friendship with you makes me very happy.
I have good news today.
I spoke with the boss, and she said that my vacation could be very soon.
I need to finish work, and then I can plan my holiday.
I look forward to my holiday so that we can arrange a meeting.
You want our meeting?
You can arrive to Russia on our meeting?
If you want, I can come to you.
For a long time I did not experience the sensations that are now in my heart.
I have a feeling of liking for you, my feelings are more than just friendship.
What do you feel to me?
At the beginning of our dialogue, I asked you about sincerity, and now I trust you.
I don't have any secrets from you.
Repeat your questions if I forget to answer them.
Sometimes I don’t have enough time, but you have to be sure that I always read your letters.
I have a passport with which I can travel around the world.
I really want to see your country and your lifestyle.
I begin to understand what I think about you more and more.
I am glad when I see your letter, it makes me smile!
You do not know how happy I am when I see your new letter!
I send you air kisses!!!
Yours Elizaveta!
Letter 6
Hello my dear!
Today I have no job, because my vacation has begun.
Now I came to work to get all the documents from my boss that I need at the embassy.
The boss wished me a good vacation.
I am waiting for our meeting!!!
My mother asked me to be very careful. She is worried about me!
She asked to write her a letter as soon as I come to you.
I promised to send mom a photo with you.
I trust you, I do not doubt the sincerity of your feelings.
Tomorrow I will come to Moscow.
I promise that I will write you letters every day and talk about promoting registration of documents for the trip.
Your support will be needed for me.
I will be absolutely alone in Moscow.
Moscow is a very big city, I have no friends and family there!
Today I will buy a new laptop so that we can write each other letters while I am in Moscow while a visa is being issued.
I think that you understand that I need a laptop so that I can write you letters and report all the news.
I did not manage to connect international calls to my mobile phone, because it is a long process and I wouldn’t have time to do that.
I think, if necessary, I can find a way to call you from Moscow.
I want to ask you this information again:
-Your full name.
-Your home address and city.
-Phone number.
-Which airport should I arrive.
Dear, I ask you to write all the information, I will write it on paper.
This is very important, do not forget to write it in the letter!!!
Now I have to leave the work computer.
Today I do not work and can not use the work computer for a long time.
Now I will go to buy tickets to Moscow.
Our meeting will make us the happiest!
I dream of our meeting! Yours Elizaveta!
Letter 7
Hello my darling!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter.
I consider that my figure 90 60 90!
I am waiting for our meeting with impatience!!!
Are you waiting for our meeting?
Yesterday I called in embassy which is in Moscow.
Now I know all the information that I need to travel to you.
First, they told me that I should personally visit the embassy in Moscow.
I said this is not a problem.
I was told that the invitation will not necessarily.
If there is a need for an invitation, I will inform you about it.
I must present a certificate of marital status, a certificate from work, a declaration on the payment of all taxes, a passport and photographs.
Today I will try to get all the documents.
I decided that I would rent a room. I will choose a cheaper option when I arrive in Moscow.
I will have to pay for a visa, and I will also need to pay the consular fee and surcharge for the application form.
In order for me to be allowed to go to you, I need to have medical insurance.
I asked about cost of tickets, but the girl in embassy could not answer my question.
When I will be in Moscow, I will visit the airport to learn the prices. Also I will buy tickets.
I have to be sure that you will meet me at the airport.
Yesterday I came to the store and bought underwear, it is very beautiful and ****.
My dear, I really want to meet with you, I would like our meeting to be unforgettable and I am sure you like this beautiful underwear.
I want to be the most beautiful for you!
I did not have relations with the man more than 2 years, I could not find that unique man that I found in you.
I believe that between us there will be a great passion and we will be able to build a beautiful love!
We will meet, this is a big step for our relationship.
I listen to the heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy.
Please tell me your thoughts!
Our meeting is the best way to get to know each other better.
I miss you very much and think about our first meeting, I now have a pleasant excitement, since I am a modest girl :-)
Kiss you!!! Yours Elizaveta!
Letter 8
My love! How are you my lovely?
I begin the letter with the main news!
This morning I have safely arrived to Moscow!
I have rented a small room in Moscow, the mistress of a room very good woman!
I will write you the address where I now live in Moscow:
Russia, city: Moscow, Malygin street, house 14, Building 1, apartment 56, postcode 129336.
Today I had a mad day!
I have finished all affairs and at last I can have a rest and write you the letter!
At me good news, I have successfully passed interview in embassy!
For reception of the visa I should give tickets to embassy and already then to me will give the visa!
I am very glad, that at me practically all has turned out!
I have met unforeseen difficulties!
The matter is that my expenses have appeared above my financial possibilities!
I do not presume to buy to myself the ticket aboard the plane!
My expenses have appeared above, than I counted!
To get a visa, I must have tickets in both directions!
Cost of tickets in both parties makes 439 pounds!
Employees of embassy should be assured, that I am not going to remain in the country illegally!
They very carefully use your country and do not assume any infringements from rules, therefore all should be under the law!
The matter is that my visa "Tourist". I need to appoint exact dates of my finding in your country!
I have paid all working costs, but I do not presume to buy to myself the ticket aboard the plane! I hope you me understand!
I have paid visa and medical insurance registration, and also many other things documents.
Also I have paid residing at a room which rented in Moscow.
I ask you to help me with purchase of tickets! It is a shame to me to ask you about the help, it above my principles!!
My family cannot help me now...
But I have passed half of way, I do not wish to stop on the reached! I hope for your understanding!
We very long waited for this day, I have made everything, that was in my forces!
Our meeting in your hands, from you depends our future!
To you I have opened the feelings! I trust you!
Now our meeting, it only a matter of time! As soon as I will give tickets in embassy, I will receive the visa!
I hope, you will help me with visa reception!
I wish to tell, that I am perfectly in order, but I cannot tell it! I worry because of the developed situation, time plays the important role!
I will use the Internet of the mistress of apartment, therefore not always I can answer you quickly.
I miss on you! I want, that you were near to me! Day after day, every minute I think of you!
I want, as soon as possible to appear in your hands! You the person of my dream!
Words it is impossible to describe my feelings and emotions! I love you! I will wait for your letter! I need to have a rest!
I leave the most sweet kiss on your lips! With love and for ever! Yours Elizaveta!
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