Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Anatolievna Smirnova to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Good day! You will very likely will be surprised by this message.
I am just going to date in the Internet.
It seems that I open ed the door that which hid a lot.
For me, this astonishing and it seems me that I am already too auld for this.
I start to feel that I do not catch up with the rate of the world that is around me.
I decided make good one's running! And try use modern technologies for conversation!
I 'll go to the main thing. I 'm 48 years aged. I 'm not here to joking.
I 'm interested in personal dating and the begin ing of an adult relationship.
I really hope that you will write me.
My emotional state does not allow me to start write a lot now.
Cause I still feel a bit scared.
I say that ye will see my more confident and informative answer theonly in case you answer to this one!
Wait your thy reaction!
Letter 2
Hello Jim!
My intention is to find a life partner for the rest of my life.
I have written previous message several times. Writing it.
Deleting it. Rewriting it. Over and over again. And I'm really glad you answered. I live in the city of Kamenka, Penza region in Russia.
It is 80 km from the city of Penza and 600 km from Moscow. My birthday is October 8, 1970. I am Libra on the sign of the zodiac. My height - 168 cm (5'6'' ft), Weight - 62 kg (136 lbs). My eyes are brown, but rather they are black as olives. Let me ask you some questions. What do you do for a living? What do you like about women? What don't you like? I have a lot of questions. But I'd like to see the answers to these first. I will also be glad to answer your questions! Good luck!
Letter 3
Hello Jim! I'm glad to see your answer! How are you today?
Our communication seems to me good-looking. You can call me Nastya. This is my short name.
In men, I like sincerity, honesty, decency, devotion to his word, diligence and kind attitude towards women. I do not want to talk about bad features, if they are, they will manifest themselves. I believe that a woman for a man is a fire in the hearth, warm in bed, smell of taste food in the kitchen, smiling lips, bright eyes, the joy of every day, most loyal friend. So that there are no secrets between us.
I will start to open all my cards. I have a daughter. Her name is Maria. She is already an adult.
She is 21. And she lives, works as an orderly in a hospital and studies to become a doctor in the city of St. Petersburg. My daughter left me four years ago.
At the age of 17 she graduated from school here in Kamenka and left for St. Petersburg.
Every August she arrives for two weeks and then leaves again. So, here in Kamenka, I live alone in a small apartment in a residential building for four families.
I work as an obstetrician at a local hospital. Kamensky Interdistrict Hospital.
I have chosen this profession a long time ago and this is essentially my life.
I don't have any more hobbies. It remains only to read books and watch my favorite TV shows.
My interests are work, the life of my daughter and reading favorite books.
Sometimes I like to walk around the city to breathe and dispel thoughts in my head.
In general, I spend most of my time alone. Although philosophers say that true happiness is known in solitude. But apparently, loneliness is different.
And now I was tired of this loneliness and decided to find a man for life. Tell me about your usual day of life.
Waiting for your answer. Nastya.
Letter 4

I miss you very much, did you receive my letter?
I really hope for our communication in the future. I hope we will become good friends and maybe we are capable of something more than just friendship. But everything depends not only on me. I hope for your reciprocity, because my intentions for you are sincere.
I'm tired of being lonely and I hope that you will understand me correctly, because I very often think of you, this letter to you is a great hello to you from me, know that I am not indifferent to you!
Have a nice day...
Kiss you.
Letter 5
Hello Jim! I am glad to see your letter. I like our communication I recognize you and you recognize me. I thought for a long time, but now I realized that I am ready to talk about my marital status completely.
I'm a widow. I lost my husband in 2004. We were separated by cancer.
Maria was 6 years old. Since then, I tried to start a relationship, but there were many factors that did not allow me to do it. At first, I myself could not accept my new role and for a long time got used to my position as a widow and single mother. Then the daughter could not take the new man in the house. She resisted against all my new acquaintances. And so much time has passed since then. I decided 4 years ago when Maria moved to St. Petersburg. I met a man here in my city. But when the humiliating phrase - "I need only sex" has sounded.
I turned around and left. I want love: mutual, passionate, interesting. I want romance. Nobody limited time to be a happy person!
Right? I felt that in this city I could not start a relationship, but I also did not want to travel around Russia and look for love in my country. And if take a coordinated step, then let it be a new experience. And I decided to meet a foreigner. I have never been abroad. And so at least I find out how people live abroad by your example. By the way, tell me about your country and about the place where you live? Can you add photos of your favorite places? It will be great to see it! I want to see what your eyes see. Waiting for your letter. Nastya.
Letter 6
Hello Jim! How are you today? Our communication is already in my habit. You know, no matter what tests life does not prepare, I know for sure that it is need to walk with your head held high. I already got used to my loneliness. My parents were gone many years ago. I have neither brothers nor sisters. I devoted all of my work and my daughter. But I still enjoy life! I have always been surrounded by beautiful people. I was very lucky with my neighbors! I personally do not have pets in the apartment, but my neighbors have a lot of them and they all have different ones. There are even chinchillas! Imagine!
I send you a photo with them. Very interesting animals. I myself know very little about them. But they are amazing! There are also cats.
Although formally they belong to the neighbors, but they behave very independently and choose for themselves where and when to go. I also feed them, we can say that they are common. I love the nature of our places. Especially in summer. As if the world of the Russian fairy tale opens around! The huge number of green, yellow, red, blue colors.
Beautiful picture! I communicate with many people here, mostly people from work. But my main friend is Katya, a girl, 12 years old. This is the granddaughter of the neighbors. Chinchillas belong to her. It was she who taught me to use the Internet and literally made me find a man. This is her fix idea. Katya takes pictures of me and helps me choose poses to make a more beautiful photo. She is very smart for her age. After Maria moved, Katya became my little friend. She has no parents, only grandmother and grandfather. I try to help her and give advice when she need. Of course, she is not an adult and we do not discuss many topics, but we have fun together. Tell me you have a person whom you can entrust all the secrets? The best friend. I'd like to know about such a person in your life. It is important. I'll be waiting for your letter. Nastya.
Letter 7
Hello Jim! I'm glad to see your answer. I like being your pen pal. Or maybe someone more than just a pen pal. I have a great mood today.
Finally, it feels like spring has come. Even breathe easier! I called my daughter and told about our correspondence. She is very glad that you appeared in my life and sends you greetings! Katya joins her and also sends her greetings to you! All my girls say hello to you! :)
Katya photographed me at home and I send you a couple of photos. I did "selfie". I hope, you like it. I would love to call you and hear your voice. But my operator is domestic and I cannot call outside of Russia and receive calls from abroad. Such are their terms of communication.
But when I find a way to call you, I'll do it. Send me the full number with the country code and a detailed description of how to call you.
Because I have never called abroad and am afraid to make a mistake.
I'm curious to know what you like to eat? What do you like to drink while eating? Do you like to cook food yourself? I would love to cook you something delicious :) I love to eat delicious. Wonderful Sophia Loren once said, "A woman after forty is already so self-sufficient that she herself has the right to decide how old she is and where her waist is." But I try to watch my appearance. Please judge how I do it ... I'm waiting for your assessment. I was glad to share my mood with you. Waiting for your reply. Nastya.
Letter 8
Hello Jim! I'm glad to see your answer. I asked about your favorite dish for a reason. I need to understand how the first date with you will pass and what needs to be prepared. Right? My favorite dish that I like to eat and cook is roast chicken with vegetables cooked in the oven. I will attach a couple of photos. I prepared this recently for Katya's birthday. My colleague taught me how to make this wonderful dish 12 years ago and since then I have been doing it better and better every time. I hope you like this delicious look :) I often thought about how a perfect date looks like. Of course we read about it in the books and see it in the movies. All this gives us an idea of ??how it should be. But the most important are those eyes that are opposite. If they burn and shine - this is a sure sign that the date will be perfect. At least, I think so, because I see dates only in frames of movies and on the pages of books. And what do you think?
What does an ideal date look like in your opinion? It will be very interesting to know. Have a nice day. Nastya.
Letter 9
Hello Jim! Glad to see your response! All these thoughts about the perfect date caused me memories of my first kiss. My first kiss on modern standards happened quite late - at 16. We vigorously celebrated the graduation party, at the end of which I decided to kiss a classmate, who I really liked. The initiator, of course, was he (he thought so), we walked around, found a lonely empty place, where our first kiss happened. I still remember my feelings: the week after it I just fluttered with happiness! At that time, the kiss had such a powerful force, such a value, that if you kissed, you must marry! It was something magical, meaning even more than sex now. After the kiss, our relationship did not develop. We met for a while, and then he moved to another city and our senses cooled. I think he liked that kiss, but he married another girl, and later I got married. That was my first kiss. Do you remember your first kiss? If so, how was it? How old were you then? You will probably smile when you see these questions, I just have very romantic mood today. I send you photos with glasses. My vision is still good, but I need to wear them for reading. Katya said that I look sexy with them. Can you imagine? The little minx! I am looking forward to your letter. Your pen pal (and maybe more than a pen pal) Nastya.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jim! I'm glad to read your response! You know, every working day, I see a new person coming into this world. Of course, there are different childbirth, there are difficult situations and very difficult ones. I know what it is to value people's lives, because I see how a person fights for life at the very beginning of birth. And looking at the lives of some people, I do not understand how they can fight for life at the beginning, and then just give up and sail on the waves, which are not controlled independently. I experienced a huge depression in my life. I became a widow very early.
I was 33. And only now, turning back, I realized that for a long time I myself was the kind of person who just goes with the flow, not trying to change something. But now I want to change it. And my first letter to you was a turning point for me! The feeling came that life has become very interesting and eventful again! The routine is gone.
Nevertheless, I am theold school woman and I needed to get to know you before opening up completely. I really needed to know if we are going in the right direction. Because I felt at once that you can become more than just a pen pal. I was afraid of it. I was afraid even to start a correspondence, because I thought that I had already forgotten how this could happen. But with you, I feel that I am still capable of a romantic mood, and maybe even something more. It is important for me to know your opinion on this matter. I'm afraid to say a big word "LOVE", but I notice that I think about you every day. I even feel physically much better now. Let's see what this can grow into. I am sending you a kiss.. Treat this kiss as you wish. Perhaps this is the beginning of something bigger... Waiting for your letter. Nastya.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Jim! I do not regret what I told you in my last letter. Remember when I told you about my first kiss? That guy was my first love. First love is very difficult to forget. Especially for women's memory. And due to the fact that he moved to another city, we ended our communication. Now I am very afraid that our feelings with you may stop for the same reason. Due to the distance between us. I really like your letters, I feel how sincere and serious you are with me. You know, I'm already afraid of losing you, losing our special bond that we have now. I do not know how my life will look without you, I can not imagine it. And this is both scary and wonderful! You brought into my life a feeling that I had long forgotten. I tremble when I see your letter and with sweet anticipation open it and read it. At this moment, I am not interested in absolutely nothing around.
All life slows down and stops at the time when I read the words typed by you. Now I live a full life! You gave me a breath of air, so necessary for me under water. You brought me so much joy and happiness and I completely trust you! I open my soul to you, and I would very much like this relationship to be even more significant than it is now. Tell me openly - what feelings do you have for me? I am looking forward to your reply. Nastya.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jim! I am happy to see your response on this beautiful day! I read your letter with great warmth in my heart. Every word you say is like a kiss on my lips. Today we have a small corporate at work. My assistant nurse brought a couple bottles of champagne. It turned out that we have been working together for 10 years. This day marks 10 years since she got a job in our hospital. Everything worked out somehow unexpectedly, because I already forgot how much time she works with us. After the duty, we celebrated this event and here I am writing to you. I realized that in these 10 years in my life there was only one significant event - this is my daughter's graduation. It turns out that first of all it is an event of her life, and already in the second place is mine. So the brightest event that was exactly with me - this is our meeting on the Internet! And it is beautiful! It became clear to me that I had not lived my own life all this time, but simply existed during this time before meeting you. And now with you I can once again know the beautiful sides of our world! I want to greet a joyful mornings with you. I want to enjoy romantic evenings with you. Talk with you, kiss you. I realized that now I want to see your eyes opposite. Those very eyes that burn and shine, looking at me.
Eyes that speak without words - "I love you." What could be more important at this moment? This is happiness, right? I send you my kiss. And that kiss does not have to be treated. This is a kiss of LOVE! Honest Adult and Tender LOVE! Enjoy it. And I will continue to think about you ... Your Nastya.
Letter 13
Hello Jim! I want to call you the only way. MY LOVE. For the first time in a long period, that feeling was born in me that I couldn’t dream of, looking at my life. I realized that we can be at a distance and love the soul, without touching the body. I believe that our meeting was really created by fate. And I do not want to look back more. You give me warmth and affection. Despite kilometers and miles of roads, I know how strong my feelings are towards you. And it's still hard for me because of the distance that separates us. The realization that I can not touch you at the moment when I really need it is tormented me. I beg myself in my thoughts that I need to calm down, I need to take a pause, but I can't! I'm sure in my feelings and I no longer wish to invent excuses for the fact that we are still not together. I wish to be with you! I know for sure that soon I will be able to hug you. I know for sure and really want it! You will probably call me too vulnerable and romantic. So be it. But these feelings are sharpening because you are not near me. It's really hard for me without you. Every day, when I do the usual things, I try to distract from these thoughts. But you do not leave my head. I feel very bad because the distance keeps us apart. I want to be happy next to you.
Smile every new day in bed with you. Cook your breakfast and make you happy every day! I'm going crazy for loneliness here. I can't cry anymore at night because of this. I want to laugh and smile with you.
I want the whole world to smile with us. I need to feel your warm breath on my neck and your strong hands on my waist right now.
Waiting for your answer. Your Nastya.
Letter 14
Hi my love! How are you Jim? How is the weather? What are you doing?
Katya came to visit me today. She sends you greetings! We recorded a short video :) She asked me today about when I will go to you ... I was stupefied, and my heart sank. I asked her why she decided that I was going to you? She replied that it was written on my face that I was deeply in love. Now it’s really - "Truth comes out of the mouths of babes and sucklings". I called Maria and said that I want go to you. She said she would be very happy if we will be together! And she said that we will be the most beautiful prom couple for adults :) You know, I do not find a place for myself these days. Everything inside me is burning and I can't stop. In my head there is only one obsession - to come to you! I already talked at work about it. The Chief physician told me that he was ready to let me go at any time that interested me, because I had already put the former intern into the work. I also told the Chief physician that I wanted move to you forever, if that would be possible. He does not want to let me go, but he said that it is my life and I have a right to decide myself what to do with it. And he will give me excellent recommendations for a new job place. I am ready to be an ordinary nurse or even an nurse's aid at a hospital, but the main thing is to be with you! Of course, I do not live a luxurious life, but I have enough savings to make this trip possible. I never spent money just like that. And this is the moment when I can spend them right. I want to go to a travel agency in Penza tomorrow and buy myself a trip to you. What do you think about it? I will not bother you if I come soon? If you don't mind, then send me the name of the airport, in which I need fly. I don't need flowers, don't need gifts. I just need to watch your eyes opposite and listen whisper of your lips pronouncing my name. Here is the most important values for me now. Love you. I am waiting for your letter. Your Nastya.
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