Romance scam letter(s) from Sofia William to Frank (USA)
Letter 1
How are you doing? I hope you are really having a nice time out there..How is work and how has life been treating you over there.? I'm new at this online dating cos i was introduced to it by a friend and you are the first person am meeting online....Anyway, thanks for hitting me up with a message on here, i appreciate it..So how's everything been with you?...I think I'd take this chance to tell you a little about myself......Am Sofia William 30, 5'9 tall, Brown hair,hazel eyes blah blah blah. I am single with no kids and currently seeking for a Serious relationship that will Last, but not in any Rush. I quite have a diverse background, My dad is from Mexico and mom is New York, NY.I'm presently working as a nurse attached to UNICEF....that's a bit for now am gonna tell u more when i get your Response.looking forward to
Are we strangers? Someone we have talked about wanting to meet in persons to start a new life in this special lifestyle serving you as my Master. Now I just asked you to support me paying a levy duty on a bag they have seized until I pay a levy duty as taxes so I can fly with the bag. I did not return from Afghanistan with the military flight because of my willing to bring such kind of fortune from there. Now locked and need your support to pay this duty to be a me to bring my bag. I have a lot of valuables inside. And why are you doubting me and why can’t I asked the man who want to be my master when I need help?. I will give you back your money and please send me $1100 even if a loan you will get for me and slave will give you a percentage share of it. I have million Dollars and why can’t I give you some as your slave? Think positive and be serious with me please. Kisses and let me leave here today.
Sub Sherri. I help you, if you send me a copy of you passport and your military ID and yes we are strangers a few email does not make us know each other. if do not send what I ask for ...well then good lucky
Letter 2
How are you doing today?
Hi I’m fine and u ? When do u get home ?
Right now i have a week and four days to be back home.
What state are u going to?
What airport
Long Island MacArthur Airport.
A bit far from here are u coming to my house and start out 24/7 D/s LTR
Do you live alone?
No o have a special needs son
Why does it make a difference
Ok hope he won't get angry when i come?
No he autistic so you don’t have to worry ur my slave girl no worries
U let me know ur flight # and time inland to pick u up
Must go with you in few hours time.
I've been expecting you for a long time.
Good morning
How are you doing?
Why don't you reply my message since this while?
I have a handicap son was getting him ready for adult day care
Is there a problem if u Waite for a bit
Ok no problem.
Good so what state are u in
Are u back in the states
Am going to be back to NYC
Oh that’s great when will we meet
We have just one week and days to be back
I will like you to pick me up at airport and take me home
So ur only home for a week
Am going to stay three months before traveling again
U just said u were in NYC now ur at the airport ??
Try to read and understand messages, I told you am not in state right now and we are going to be back in one week and days and I will like you to pick me at airport when it time
So are you going to work today or you stay home today
Are I staying with me got 3 months?
Give me some dates that you will arrive in New York for me to pick you up because I have to go look at a job in Alabama in the first couple weeks in June I’m not sure the date yet so that we’re on the same page and see if you can give me any dates
We are going to back to state on June 3th
Okay that’s works
So we meet at airport by 3th of next month
Am feeling weak right now
Because I need to see doctor
Okay June 3
And u send me the time and what airline sorry your feel weak
Okay thank you
Okay ttyl
Because food am eaten is very bad that am just managing myself
Well u think they feed u better well I hope u start to eat right and see u soon
Also my food stuffs is already finished that why I feeling weak
Let me see doctor and I will get back to you soon
Come on ur a nurse and they can’t feed u right that’s a shame
Food here is not good because it camp food that why
Oh well I hope u can eat better before u come home u need u strength for me
But what funny there is that everyone is eat the food and it not doing them anything but the food is making to sick that why
May be u just have a stomach bug
There must be doctors there that can help
I need to order some foods stuff that what doctor said
But I don't know if I can ask your help on something and I promise with all my life to pay you back I just need $500 to buy some food stuff to help myself and we are going to get our paycheck on 29th of this month but know where to cash the check here till I get home that why
Am sorry to ask you for the first time
You about the 15 person who work for. UNICEF and then Courtney was sick you need to go to the Doctor No I can’t help you I think you’re full of shit and the reason I think you’re full of shit because you’re about number 15 to try to do this to me
Ok if you think so no
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