Scam letter(s) from Galina Plyusnina to Tomislav (Croatia)

Letter 1
Good afternoon! Received your mail due the net searching. I am still interested to date with you. And give me a chance to tell about myself. I am serious girl searching a smart mate with goofy sense of humor and who knows how to make his female happy. I love reading books and go to museum in my free time. I do not accept any kinds of malices. And what about you? Tell me more of yourself. Which things do you love to do? How do you conduct your free time? Your interests. Hope to get your answer soon. Would be glad to get your snapshots too.
If you are interested Please write ONLY to my private mail box:
Letter 2
This is me again.
I shall tell more in detail about myself.
My name is DARYA.
To me of 28 years. I live in the city of Belgorod. It is the south of Russia.
I not married, was not present children. My growth of 170 sm, 60 kg.
So you will better put me. I like to travel,
have a rest on the nature. I the cheerful person, gentle, opened for dialogue.
I work to teachers at school.
I teach English language to children. I love the to the robot and I wish to continue to work and study in other country.
I am going to receive the student's visa and to move. I love Russia, but I wish to live more in the developed country.
To live in Russia it became heavy.
I know, that in other country I shall make much more, than I do here.
But the most important for me find the person on which I can to rely, which me will love and be reliable.
In Russia it is very heavy to construct attitudes.
I wish to find the present love and to be happy.
I hope, that you liked my photos. I certainly not model - the usual Russian girl. I hope you will become interested in me and will
answer my letter. I shall look forward to your answer.
Letter 3
I do not know the reason of you keeping silence. Perhaps,
you just didn't get my letters. I have sent you some and wrote you more about myself.
I didn't write to you earlier as I didn't see your letter at my email address. If you do not remember me, I wrote you at the dating site. And I've got your reply at my e-mail. But I didn't see it earlier that's why I had a delay. Your letter was in the spam folder.
Perhaps, you are not interested in me. So, please, just write me if you are interested in me or not. And then I will not bother you any more.
Perhaps, you have someone already. Then just write me and I will not wait for you but look for another man.
Maybe you are scared that I am russian.
I speak English fluently. And I am going to come and live in your country in a month. I am going to enter the University in your country to get another higher education. I could enter the one close to you so we could meet.
I am waiting for your reply. And I will understand everything even if you don't want to talk to me any more.
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