Letter(s) from Inna Taranskaya to Jim (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, darling, I am happy to see your letter today, honey, i can not call you it will be very expensive for me and the phone is not mine! Please call me on the number 380634067085. Please let's do it for sure this time? I want to hear your voice very much! I feel very exited about you also and I want to get closer. I will wait your call all the day today and tomorrow, it's not that i can take the phone very often, it's not mine, so I hope that we will talk with you today or tomorrow at least for some short time. kiss you, Inna
Letter 2
hello, darling! what a pleasure to read such nice words in my native language from you:) thank you! did you buy a dictionary:)?
How are you? hope everything is fine there. I was to the servise center and asked what model will work here from your place, but they told that you have different system so it won't work here. that's bad, but anyway, I thought maybe it would be still possiable to buy here, i asked my parents this week to make a new year present some eaerlier and they gave me some amount for the phone, still it's not enough and i thought maybe you could help with the rest. But I don't want to seem bothering with it, I mean, don't want you to think of me like about that girls who asked you money. I don't need anything actually but if to talk about developing correspondance so i think it will be for us both good. Yes I was very upset after this meeting and don't want to remember it never. I am glad I can doveritsya tebe! so that is what I do. I was on the weekend at parents, as usualy so probably you was missing me:) I missed you much. I wish spring would come eaerlier! so we will meet.
write me back, sweetheart, I will wait your answer! my parents told you to say you hello! and they are also exited about your coming, mom even decided to change wall papers in living room, so we start preparations. kiss you.
Inna When I talked to her on the phone this is the address she gave me to come and see her...
Inna Taranskaya
house 4 flat 12
Street Shevchenko
Lugansk, Ukraine 91000

Her email is
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