Letter(s) from Daniela to Brad (USA)
Letter 1
Good day, my sweet.

What are you doing?
Knock Knock.
My name is Daniela.

the sun is rising, my heart is waking up, I thought about you all night. If you had the opportunity to look into my heart, you will see how big your part is in my heart “You are so infinitely important to me! I love you more than anything! Earth needs rain. The sun needs light. The sky needs stars. And I need you! My love for you is as endless as the sky, as deep as the sea, as dense as a pine forest, as transparent as a crystal and as infinite as the universe. I love you so much. Close your eyes and imagine the universe. Is not it? Because it is infinite. This is the love I feel for you. You are mine, and I hope that you are yours, you must be sure of this. I am not perfect, but our love must be perfect!

You are very close to me, I feel you, the thought of you and I look like the sunlight falling in my face is so warm and so beautiful with my soul. Pure tenderness that caresses me. You are love in me, you dream to break all boundaries. So softly I think of you and so softly that I dream of you. Look at your bright face in front of me, and your eyes laugh at me. This feeling is so deep under my skin, lost in a dream, I plunge into the depths of your eyes. I cling to the tender valley of your heart and want to fall asleep there. Every wave of your heart rate that I want to feel, and because it makes me so happy, plunging deeper and deeper until my last thought falls asleep. You are my bridge between longing and hope, between heaven and earth and between light and dark! Because, in addition to my longing, I find only you and me. Sleep is now a foreign word to me, it was like never before! I want to touch and feel you. Your love holds me, I love you to the last breath.

I am waiting for your message, my number is in my profile on a dating site. You need to register so that you can see my page.

My nickname is: @@ Demitasse26905

Call me now.
Hugs and kisses.
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