Letter(s) from Tatyana Vaseneva to Raymond (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Raymond! I was very glad to receive your letter!
I as am very glad that we can to meet you... I as shall be very glad to see you and to look you in the face. I think that we can spend time well... I actually am always very glad to receive your letters! You can send me more than the photos? I very much would want to see your photos. To me it is always pleasant when you to send me the photos. I hope that you can to make it for me... Yes, actually good it is not enough in that that my grandmother to fall ill. But her to put in hospital and I will hope that now doctors to care of her and with her all will be good. I to trust in it and very hope...
I today to learn concerning that will cost how many tickets up to your city. To me to speak that tickets up to Adelaide to cost 1955 Euro. I actually is very glad that you can to help me... I to not know concerning that that it will be necessary to be demanded to agency..
They to give me the e-mail and to tell that I to them as to give yours. After I shall write to you the letter I shall go and give them yours e-mail. them e-mail: You itself can communicate with them and i talk concerning trip to you. They to know about it as I to decide to ask about it in agency.
I actually would like that we to meet you.. I shall be very glad to meet you. I will hope that at us with you all to turn out.. You actually to like me and with each your letter I to think of you more and more and more.. You actually are dear for me and I will hope that at us with you all to turn out. I understand that you can to arrive to me in December.. But at this time at us actually it is very cold also we could meet earlier, and I shall arrive to you. I to think that it would be better.. What you to think of it? As we should solve together this problem. You to agree? If we to want to meet, we should solve all together that all to go right to us....
It will be simply wonderful if we with you shall look your country...
We shall travel together and to spend remarkable time. I shall be very glad if we together can carry spend a lot of time.. It will help us to learn each other even better.. You to agree? I actually am very glad that we can to meet you... I to speak you that I never to be in other country and at me now such pleasure that my old dream will come true with you.. I actually am very happy... I to hope that you to have good mood and at you today remarkable weather...
I with impatience shall wait for your letter!
Your sweet Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello my dear Raymond! I so am glad to receive your letter!
Your letter is filled heat.. I so was happy to read it.. It is simply wonderful actually that we soon can meet.. You to agree with agency?
You to write to me such beautiful words.. I am simply happy and with happiness to want to fly.. I actually to want that ours with you dream to be carried out and it will be not dream... I actually to want it...
I to understand that you to want that I to send you the passport.. I shall try to do it for you and I all will hope that well. I so am glad that you to try to help me... I to think that if we to want to be together we should solve all together. You to agree? I actually am very happy that I to meet you and I to think that it is destiny to present me such gift.. I to trust in destiny.. You to trust in it? If at me are wings I today already to take off to you and we would be together... But we should wait that all to solve. You to agree? I very much to want that at us all to be good and to be happy we...
My dear, I today to go in agency and to ask that they to write to you the letter. They will tell that they to do it. The person which should write to you from agency by name Vladimir and agency name is Metropol.
I will hope that all well. I so was glad that is fast we already we can with you together. I can not wait that moment. I so am glad to this...
I today to get tired and I would like to relax at home and to lay in a bath. I now shall go home and I shall relax. I to hope that you to understand me. I tomorrow shall try to write to you more.
I with impatience to wait for your letter!
Yours Tatyana
Letter 3
Hello Mr. Raymond

The information be relative trip for Ms. Tatyana Nikolaevna. We to not cooperate with any travel agency in Australia. But you can order all through our agency. I understand that you want that Ms. Tatyana Nikolaevna to arrive in Australia. We can make it in real. The information be relative Tatyana trip in Adelaide, Australia.

1. International passport-----------------------: 20.40 EUR
2. Tourist visa---------------------------------: 120.00 EUR
3. Tickets from Kstovo to Moscow (by train)-----: 38.90 EUR
4. Tickets from Moscow to Adekaide (by plain)---:1875.00 EUR
5. Medical travel insurance---------------------: 80.00 EUR
Total--------------------------------------:2131.30 EUR
If you have questions, I will be glad to answer them.
Thank you for using our services,
Best regards,
Vladimir Koolagin
Vladimir Koolagin
Travel consultant
Ulica Semashko, 12
Kstovo, Russia

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