Letter(s) from Vera Zimina to Giles (United Kingdom)
Letter 1
Dear Giles, hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's good to hear from you again and I love the way you speak with me in your letters.
It makes me thinking more of you. I feel that every day we become closer to each other.
I hope that finally we can be together!!!! That would really be great for us!! Don't you think so?
I feel I could be the woman for you, and I would honor and respect you always, Giles.
Well, I don't have a telephone where i live now. I don't have a cell-phone now either as I was stolen it 2 weeks ago. But I think that would really be great if we could talk by phone some day, therefore later we can talk by phone, I guess. I'd really like to hear your voice, Giles, very much!
So may be if you give me your number I will but a phone card and call you, even for a minute?! I visit gym twice a week or at least once.
You know, I make aerobics and I also work-out sometimes always to be in a good shape and to feel greatly.
As you can see from my photos, I am quite slim and don't suffer in excessive weight. ;-)
I'm sure we will be a wonderful couple when we dance together!! ;-) Kisses... Vera P.S. You ask me about my name, so Vera is my real name and in fact it is latin, I think and means "faith".
Letter 2
Dear Giles,hi!!!
In recent times you became very close to me and I like to read your letters very much! But I don't really know what to do. In your letter you say you will be busy with your job up 2005 so does it mean that before that time we won't be able to meet?
I hoped that we will spend my coming holidays together, I really hoped so much!....
What do you think if I will come to you for a visit during my vacation?
Please let me know, and we can plan then, OK, my dear?
I'd love to come to you with great pleasure, to see where you live, to breeze the air you are breezing and just to walk the way you are walking. By the way, tell me more about the place where you live.
It could be unforgettable holidays in my life! It will be very exciting to spend it with you, dear Giles!...
Have a lovely time.
Think of you here!....
Truly, yours Vera
Letter 3
Dear Giles, hi!!
Thank you so much for the interesting story!
It was really interesting to learn where you live.
I am very sorry that you have met that lying lady on your way, but please don't think that all Russian ladies are the same, my sweet-heart!
You don't have to think badly about all people in the same way!
It's better to learn a person well, first of all and then to go further in relations.
Honestly I am very ashamed for such ladies from my country who lie and live like that.
But I want you to know that I am very opened and sincere with you always and I hope you are the same from your side. I will always be honest with you and will never ever hurt you,dearest Giles! I'd honestly love to meet you in a person so much, but there's one small problem here, which I think is possible to decide. There are no first or nice classes, comfortable hotels here to stay where I live. The quality of the personnel is terrible and living there don't cost the money they ask for it.
I'd gladly invite you to stay at my home, but unfortunately, I don't have such opportunity. As you know, I live in one roomed flat with my mom and there's no much place, as you understand.
I'd really love to go somewhere out from here for my holidays, even for a week. So your idea of visiting UK is wonderful. It was my deepest dream to visit your country at least once in my life!..
But it's honestly very costly for me to arrive to you and I can't afford the trip on my own. Although I talked to the travel agency today and they said that it is possible to get visa to your country, because they cooperate to a very good travel agency in Moscow and they will represent me at their client and I'll get visa without any problems, but for me it takes to buy the tour-package in this case which includes all necessary papers for visa, visa & return-ticket, and also insurance.
Please, reply soon to me with your thoughts and we can start working on our meeting.
I kiss you with a very sweet kiss and wish you to have a very beautiful day over there!....
yours Vera
Letter 4
Dear Giles, hi my sweetheart!!
I often think of you here and I honestly dream of the day I will be in your men's strong arms!...
I sometimes see sweet dreams about you and I guess it's because I think of you more & more here.
It's sweet dreams indeed and I don't even want to wake up to the reality in which you are so far away from me,... know today and they have told me at the travel agency that I will need visa to arrive to visit you, therefore they offer me to buy the cheapest tour which includes all the necessary papers for my visa, visa and return-ticket. Because only visa itself cost ….$, it's the tourist. I don't need to go to your Embassy located in Moscow to bring my documents there. And the whole trip to you with return-ticket cost around...$. It's more cheaper than to pay for visa and then to buy the ticket. Also the tour-package gives more guarantee in getting visa!
As I have written to you before, I won't be able to pay for me visit to you on my own, as it's very costly and I honestly can't afford it.
I don't feel comfortable to ask you to help me with it, but could you help me out to make this trip to you real? If no, I can understand and will not offend on you. I kiss you now with a very sweet kiss!....
By the way, my mom asked to say hello to you & give you her warmest regards!
Have a nice time.
Truly, yours Vera P.S. I've decided to scan and send you one very special photo, which you can see with this letter.
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