Scam letter(s) from Olga Arkadevna Shadrina to Wolfgang (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello lovely Wolfgang! Kind to you of day. How you today how has carried out the days off? At me all is good. I very much have become missed of you and I wait this day when we will spend time together. Lovely I very much hope and I believe, that it is day will come soon, because we with you as two half only we for the present far apart. Lovely today at me the first working day this week and I am very glad, because I can communicate with you again. Lovely today and tomorrow at us in Russia - mourning on victims of act of terrorism. In Beslane - the second day of funeral. On the e! ve were 18 persons were buried. Mourning actions will pass today in many cities of Russia. In situated near Moscow Zhukovskom will bury two employees of the rescuers, trying to bear from territory of school of a body of the hostages, killed by gangsters. Will bury today and officers spedsnaza which were lost during clearing children. Lovely such awful news. At us because of mourning on TV will not show different entertaining transfers. Lovely today I came into travel agency and to me there have told that to me will be necessary to go to Moscow for reception of the visa. Lovely I am going to take at work days off to visit to Moscow most likely I there I shall go on Wednesday or on Thursday. And it will be necessary to me money to hotel in Moscow. I the truth precisely do not know how many residing at number for day, but I to you can that I there can stay 4 days because at first I shall come I shall be written down in on reception and I do not know in what day of me will acce! pt. Lovely I know only one that the hotel accommodation to cost dearly so I think that me will be necessary 700 euro. This sum I will be necessary to me on Wednesday think that you can send her to me about this day. And as to tickets they will order there may be it will tomorrow. Well write I shall wait. Kisses. Yours Olya.
Letter 2
Hello lovely Wolfgang! Good afternoon. Well at last I can answer you. Yesterday after work I went to bank. The manager of bank has advised us to use with you the American company the express train of translations " Western Union ". Also has assured, that this campaign the most effective and successful in system the express train transfer money. For transfer neither me, nor you will not need to open bank accounts and all is very simple. To carry out transfer money, to you my full Name and the Surname is necessary to know. And as my full address. And I should know almost the same, only it is little bit more. Your full Name, a Surname, the full addres! s, and the sum transfer money. And as ten-character control number transfer money. You will send these data lovely Wolfgang to me. The clerk in bank has declared, that " the Western Union " world leaders in this sphere. Like and all about transfer money. At first sight all seems not difficultly. But I have taken the advertizing leaflet from the clerk. In it too all is written, but in English. And if something will be not clear for you, I shall copy the information from the booklet in English. And today I have decided to go at cinema or still where that. Do not want to sit at home. Though was going to wash. But something is not present mood. On it I shall finish the letter. Bye. Kisses. Yours Olya. P.S. My data for translation. My address is: 612370,Russia street Lenina 51-2, city Sanchursk, Shadrina Olga.
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