Letter(s) from Deborah Rudis to Noel (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hey baby.. sorry to not have been able to write you all these while.. didnt have access to the internet baby.. i am so sorry and always remember i love you honey. well i will be leaving my aunt's place tomorrow and back to base, i was only able to get about 1150USD which is about 1000euros baby... i am still left with about 2000euros baby. And again i am so stressed because i have alot of bills on my house and its really weighing me down seriously and i am going crazy i must say baby... what can i do now baby?? what can this 1000 do?? i miss you my love.. How have you been and i hope has been going on well with you baby.. Missing you..
Letter 2
Dear Ms Debby,
We have been doing our best for you and Mr Noel concerning the remittance of the 30% of your inheritance to him. We are sorry all these delays came unnoticed, it was never our fault too as we so disappointed that the amount still hasn't be remitted till now. And for the amount in the Bank, we have contacted the Bank several times and all they said is that it will refunded back to Mr Noel and all he has to do is to wait.
We are so dumbfounded as we haven't confirmed from Mr Noel that the last amount that was reversed due to his Bank placing a MEMO on the transfer has not yet been reversed to his account. We contacted Suntrust on Monday and we demanded for a proof that the amount has been reversed from their Bank and they made it known we would get the proof hopefully on nextweek Wednesday.

We sincerely apologize for the delay but its never our fault that it take this long. Thanks. Lawrence Rogdon.
Letter 3
Dear Mr Noel,
We got an Email from your partner Ms Deborah Rudis concerning the unconcluded part of the remittance of the amount of $453,000.00 ( Four hundred and fifty three thousand Dollars ) which was supposed to paid to you both months ago. It was annoying you Mr Noel and your partner Ms Deborah Rudis are not seeing our competence in this. We have followed all the proper protocols and the amount was supposed to be remitted to your account months ago Mr Noel but all of a sudden we didn't hear from you again for unknown reasons but reasons best to known to you and your partner.
The amount that was supposed to remitted to conclude this process months ago was just $1450.00 ( One thousand four hundred and fifty Dollars ). But now i need to tell you, you might have to pay a little more than the previous amount, and this is why below;
Tax : $1480.00
VAT : $400 .00
CHARGES : $420 .00

So you would be required to remit the amount of $2300.00, once we confirm the payment, the amount of $453,000.00 would be transferred to your account Asap then once you and your partner are together and married you can have access to the other amount of $1.2 Million Dollars.
We would need you to send us the details of the account which you would like the amount to be transferred to and also send us a Valid ID of you for verification.
The remittance of $2300 shoud be made to the account below and please do send the confirmation of payment. Account name : Ann Jackson
Bank name : TD Bank
Routing number : 0360-01808
Account number : 432-8822138
Swift Code : NRTHUS33XXX
Bank Address : TD Bank 50East state st. Trenton, NJ 086808 Thanks. Lawrence Rogdon.
Letter 4

Dear Mr Noel,
We are so sorry for the late response, this is as a result of delay from the bank ( Bank of America) which was supposed to do the transfer of $453,000 to your account yesterday. Due to the current policies of Banks in states, the receiver of such huge amount would be needed to make a payment of 2% to the Bank, which means the Bank would require you make an upfront payment of $9060 and once its been confirmed the amount of $453,000 would be on your account immediately between 3hours of confirmation of $9060 like they advised. But due to the fact you and your partner have been on this for quite some time now, we decided not to hand over that amount to the Bank because we are not sure you and your partner can come up with such amount now ( and if you think you can pay such amount, then its fine ) so we decided to mail a cheque to your address, a cheque which will require the signature of both you and your partner Ms Deborah Rudis so as to be cashed over there in Belgium, but unfortunately for us the post office advised its not save sending such cheque through mail at this time because they have items of such missing on different occasions. So we concluded on this Mr Noel, we will write a cheque of $453,000 which will be issued to Ms Deborah Rudis for safety, and anytime you both are together in the future, you can cash it out.

N.B The check can't be cashed by Ms Deborah Rudis, it can only be cashed by you both, because its going to require two signatures which is for you and Ms Deborah Rudis. Thanks for your usual co-operation. Lawrence Rogdon.
Letter 5
Dear Mr Noel, We do appreciate your quick response to this. If you would be paying the sum of $9060 like you said, the amount should be made to the Bank details below; Account name : Alondra Teresita Nejad
Bank Address: 12101 chestnut branch way
Bank name: Wells Fargo
Account number : 6567371197
Routing number : 055003201
Swift code. : WFBIUS6S And on the other hand if $3000 is what you willing to send to your Partner Ms Deborah Rudis, you can make use of the details you used last week. N.B You didn’t miss any of our emails Mr Noel, I made sure I resent any email that came back perfectly.. Thanks Lawrence Rogdon.
Letter 6
Dear Miss Deborah,
In respect of your properties with matching numbers FN 7868-9087 and FT 6785-0976, you have an outstanding debt of $1850 on both properties and now an additional debt of $2200 which makes it the sum of $4050 needs to be remitted before 13th of June 2019, endeavor to remit this amount before the given date so as to avoid lock down of both properties by the United States Government. Thanks.

House Taxes Dept,
United states of America,
Letter 7
This is the reason why i have been so short on chat for days, i don't know how to tell this to you so you don't think i am being complicated, i need to sort this babe, it has been sent to me two days ago and i am so confused and don't know what to do now? I have to make sure we secure the house too before i leave states so the Government won't take it from me, and once i pay all this amount off, i can sell right away.. i got the $1500 the military promised to pay me yesterday and i paid it the Government already to secure the house.. I hope you understand why did that? so i have about $2550 to balance off for the debts on those houses and still need some amount again to get the passport done, i hope you understand and don't get mad this time.. what do we do baby? I am tired of all these problems, i have been dealing with them all alone for years now, i hope it ends now and i can sell those houses once we pay that amount.. Love you
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