Scam Letter(s) from Inna Kniu to Max (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello my Dear Max
Thank you for your letters.
It is so nice to hear that your cat have borned kittens. As I can see you love animals.
What do I usually do at the parties? I always try to spend time on the parties in such a way, so I could remember it for a long time. It doesn't mean that I do something extraordinary, I just try to have fun. My friends and I dance, eat, drink a little, but of course most of the time we devote to dancing.
Be careful with your diet!!! Do not damage your health!!!
As for the prices... I am thankful to you that you can help me with the money in Spain, but the problem is I do not have money for the trip. As I have already told, my father will try to give 50$, but I have nowhere to take the rest of the sum from.
I have already borrowed much money for the New Year, so I can't ask people to borrow me more. I will try to find money, but frankly speaking I doubt very much I can find it.
You mentioned about swindles... Don't you believe me? If you don't, what are all these letters for?
Answer me these questions, please.
Hope to hear from you soon
Love, Inna.

Letter 2

Hello my Dear Max
Yes, I remember your first letter and I am sincere with you. You say you don't believe I am a swindler, but at the same time you offer me to see page about scammers... You know, Max, people differ. And if there are scammers in Internet it doesn't mean that all people are such. From my point of view relations between man and woman must be based on love and trust. As far as I see you missed at least one of the ingredients. I don't know whether you love me or not, but now I know for sure you don't trust me. It is very sad. I thought there is something between you and me. But I see I was mistaken.
Sorry, but I can not come to you, so I think we will hardly ever see each other.
Good Bye my Dear
Love, Inna.



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