Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Valentinovna Mogilnikova to Ed (USA)
Letter 1
My dear Ed, as always, I am pleased to receive and read your letters, but with great pleasure I always write to you all my letters.
You know, dear Ed, of course, through letters, a non-standard way of expressing your thoughts and feelings, through letters, you cannot convey a look, facial expressions, voice intonation and you cannot make it possible to feel the heartbeat with a touch of your hand. If it were possible; then I would like to convey to you in letters my opinion in which you would see a deep and brooding ocean, I would like to convey to you in letters a facial expression in which you could see the radiance and warmth of the sun, I would like to convey to you in letters my voice intonation in which you would hear the murmur of a mountain stream and the whispering of the morning forest, and I would like to convey to you in letters the opportunity to feel the touch of your heart by the touch of your hand in which you would feel a volcanic eruption and flame burning lava of passion!
But I cannot give you all this in letters, I can give you in letters only my thoughts and feelings, I can fill my letters with emotions, I can put soul in my letters and I can give you sincerity and frankness in my letters! The author of all my letters to you is my heart!
I understood that it is important for you to know the answers to your questions!
1. Name: Mariya Last name: Mogilnikova Patronymic: Valentinovna
2. st. Kirov, 85, apartment 15 Armavir, 352905
3. I do not know the home address of the employer, such information is not provided for us by the head. I can say his name: Kutenova Victoria Sergeevna
4. I asked the travel agency if you could transfer the money directly to their bank account.
I explained in a travel agency that you live outside of Russia. but they say they do not accept transfer from people who are not clients of their agency, especially foreigners.
They explained to me that now there are a lot of frauds with bank cards and bank accounts of foreign banks. so that they only accept payments from customers who have contracted with them.
My dear Ed, you tell me to provide you with flight information and all details. The travel agency will provide me all this information only after I pay for my trip.
when I pay in full for the trip, I can scan my tickets. My dear Ed, you asked for my data as in your passport, did you not see I sent a photo of my passport?
Ed, you say you can send money to me through Western Union, I understood that.
now my heart, mind and intuition want to understand one very important thing.
This concerns your attitude to me, as well as the desire and ability to help me.
First, I would like to understand you correctly and decide exactly; how serious is your attitude towards me and how seriously do you treat me?
Secondly, I would like to understand you correctly and make sure of it; Can I count on your help and support?
Regarding my first question, I want to sincerely ask you and get a sincere answer.
Dear Ed, you can be absolutely honest and sincere, even if your truth does not please me. “I prefer the bitter truth than the sweet lie!”
If you are afraid to offend me and fear to hurt my heart with your truth, then please do not be afraid!
Speak the way you think and feel with your heart. Do not listen to anyone, but listen only to your mind and heart.
If you are afraid to look ignoble in my eyes or seem too rude in your own words, then please do not be afraid of it!
Even if there is a doubt about me, if you haven’t decided anything yet or it is difficult for you to decide, then in any case be sincere with me!
Even if you do not want anything serious with me, but you are just interested in communicating with me, still be honest!
In any case, please be honest with me, be as honest as possible and do not hide your thoughts and feelings.
I will understand you absolutely adequately and correctly, with all respect, I will accept your truth as it is. I will not be offended by you at all.
You know, one of the most important things in our life is our time! time is merciless and time cannot be stopped, time cannot be returned.
I really appreciate and value my time, and I don’t want to waste it.
In the past I already told you that I was looking for a serious relationship, I told you that I look forward to the opportunity to try to find the other half, to find love.
And it would probably be silly from my side and from your side to show a desire to have a serious relationship, try to strive for it, but ultimately not realizing it in reality, and simply spending each other’s time on meaningless conversations and promises!
If we really want to meet, in the long run try to create a serious relationship and as a result of all this find love for each other, then this must be done now, decisively and irrevocably.
But if we do not want this, then you should not deceive each other.
Personally, for example, I am fully prepared for a serious relationship, ready to try to become happy and find love.
My heart and soul are ready for this, because it is free and you have given me a spark in order for a flame to flare up in my heart. Everything depends on you and on your decision, on your desire.
You are welcome! make the final decision, think while listening to your heart, and finally tell me about your decision, tell me your final decision!
With regards to the second question. Perhaps this is an equally important issue and is very relevant at the moment. This question concerns my request for help.
Dear Ed, I need and just really need to know for sure if I can count on your financial help ?!
I understand that you don’t owe me anything, I understand that you don’t owe me anything, I don’t want to force you to help me and I don’t want to force you to do this, and to a greater degree I don’t want to give you an ultimatum! I do not want to force you to do what you do not want!
I also understand that you also have a lot of your worries and problems.
Therefore, I again urge you to be as honest and sincere with me as possible, and truthfully tell me: can I count on your help ?!
Circumstances and the current situation force me to ask questions of this nature, since I do not have much time and my problem needs to be resolved soon.
Perhaps you fear that in case of refusal to help me, I immediately stop writing to you. But it is not so and this will not happen!
Perhaps you do not want to lose pleasant communication and friendship with me, but you simply do not want a serious relationship and that is why you cannot refuse to help me, but you do not want to help me.
If so, tell me honestly I will understand! Maybe you do not trust and you think that this is all a game, and you are just interested to see what will happen next.
If so, then understand me, everything is not a game, everything is for real! Maybe you just do not have the opportunity and if you had the opportunity you would no doubt help me.
If so, then there is nothing bad in it, just tell me sincerely about it. Or maybe there is another reason you can’t or don’t want to help me.
But even in view of all this, I want to know the truth and please tell me everything honestly.
Your truth for me will be the best proof that you are serious for me and I will not be offended by you in any way!
Just tell me sincerely, with all my heart and as honestly as possible: can I count on your help?
Please make a final decision and let me know about your decision! Do not worry and do not be afraid to tell the truth, say as you think and want.
I will accept your answer with heartfelt respect and sincere understanding!
That's probably all I wanted to say, I hope in my words you will find what I put in it, this heart and soul, sincerity and honesty, kindness and respect for you! or perhaps you will also find the key to finding answers to my questions.
My letter came out great and I hope you will not get tired of reading it, these are very important and serious questions, in view of which I could not be concise!
Thank you very much for your attention, thanks for reading and paying attention. I am waiting for your decision and hope to receive your good news.
I went to the pool and send for you my photos and my sweet kiss for you, I hope that in a few days we will feel our kisses in real life.
Yours Mariya
Letter 2
Hello my heart Ed. how are you? I am very happy to receive your letter for me, I am glad to learn more about your life, it is very interesting and important to me.
I am happy that we can solve this problem with my trip to you, and in a few days I will be with you!
I am happy that we can meet! I am happy that our dreams will come true soon.
I'm already tired of my loneliness. now you gave me hope that I will not be lonely.
You gave me hope that we can build a relationship, be happy together !!!
I have big plans for our meeting. our meeting is the start of our relationship.
I went to the bank to find out detailed information about the Western Union system.
I was advised in the bank by the Western Union system - this is a common system in my city.
Also, a bank employee explained to me that in order for you to make a transfer, you need to know my data:
they explained to me how my data should be correctly indicated in the receipt:
name: Mariya Valentinovna
surname: Mogilnikova
a country: Russia
So that I can receive your transfer, I need to know the code and all the information listed on the receipt, which is given to you at the office of the system Western Union.
My dear Ed, taking into account transportation to the airport, I will be enough for 600 dollars. It will be good if you take a photo of the receipt.
I believe that I really am not indifferent and interesting to you.
I want you to stay forever in my heart, because I give you the key to the door of my heart and I want to be with you!
And I will say with all the sincerity of my heart that every day a fire inflames in my heart, a fire of sincere love feelings to you !!!
And my heart tells me that we will overcome this distance. we overcome an obstacle to our meeting!
You came into my life as a gift of fate and opened new feelings for me.
I wrote to you, my life alone was like an old black and white film before I met you Ed.
And now I can see the rainbow in my life and feel the beauty around me.
I did not understand how people can sing love songs, and write love stories, after meeting you, I feel that I can do it too !!!!
I am very sorry for you, I live in anticipation of our meeting.
Because every minute is like an hour for me, every second is like a minute, time is very slow.
the most important thing is that now we can meet, and I am very glad that soon I can be with you!
I wish you a good day, and I want to give you the warmth of my soul, of my heart !!!!!
Because the heat in my heart, in my soul, created you - my dear Ed !!!
I will wait for your letter for me and your good news.
Today I took out my suitcase and started putting some things on the trip, I send a photo) I send my sweet kiss for you)
your Mariya
Letter 3
Hello my love Ed. How are you? when I read your letter, I understood that you have a drop of distrust towards me. it offends me (
If you think that I want to deceive you, in this case I want to return your money to you, but now I have already paid for my trip.
My love Ed, I will say the most important thing: if there is no trust, then there is no relationship and love. I think you agree with my opinion?
I will try to think positively, and now I will tell all the details of my flight.
My dear Ed, I told the travel agent that they send all the details of my flight to your email.
But the agency employee refused me, as they provide all the information only to their client, the one who paid for the trip or their services. You understand me?
I asked the employee to make a scan of the payment of my trip. My dear Ed, now I will write all the details of my flight:
Departure: Saturday, 15 June
02:55 Saturday, 15 June
Stavropol (STW) Stavropol – Russia
05:15 Saturday, 15 June
Terminal: B Sheremetyevo (SVO) Moscow – Russia
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines (KL3306)
Operated by: Aeroflot
Class - Economy
Duration: 14h 30'
Check boarding time and gate in the airport
Change Terminal.
From Terminal B Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow – Russia
To Terminal E Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow – Russia
05:15 Saturday, 15 June – 19:45 Saturday, 15 June Departure
19:45 Saturday, 15 June
Terminal: E Sheremetyevo (SVO) Moscow – Russia
22:35 Saturday, 15 June
Schiphol (AMS) Amsterdam – Netherlands
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines (KL3182)
Operated by: Aeroflot
Class - Economy
Duration: 11h 15'
Check boarding time and gate in the airport
22:35 Saturday, 15 June – 09:50 Sunday, 16 June Departure
09:50 Sunday, 16 June
Schiphol (AMS) Amsterdam – Netherlands
11:45 Sunday, 16 June
Terminal: B Los Angeles Intl Airport (LAX) Los Angeles – United States
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines (KL601)
Class - Economy return ticket: Departure: Friday, 05 July
16:59 Friday, 05 July
Terminal: B Los Angeles Intl Airport (LAX) Los Angeles – United States
12:20 Saturday, 06 July
Schiphol (AMS) Amsterdam – Netherlands
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines (KL604)
Class - Economy
Duration: 8h 55'
Check boarding time and gate in the airport
12:20 Saturday, 06 July – 21:15 Saturday, 06 July Departure
21:15 Saturday, 06 July
Schiphol (AMS) Amsterdam – Netherlands
01:30 Sunday, 07 July
Terminal: E Sheremetyevo (SVO) Moscow – Russia
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines (KL907)
Class - Economy
Duration: 7h 25'
Check boarding time and gate in the airport
Change Terminal.
From Terminal E Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow – Russia
To Terminal B Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow – Russia
01:30 Sunday, 07 July – 08:55 Sunday, 07 July Departure
08:55 Sunday, 07 July
Terminal: B Sheremetyevo (SVO) Moscow – Russia
11:15 Sunday, 07 July
Stavropol (STW) Stavropol – Russia
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines (KL3304)
Operated by: Aeroflot
Class - Economy My love Ed, in order to get my visa I have to go for an interview at the Visa center, I will definitely inform you about it.
My love Ed, yesterday I made the settings on the camera delayed shooting and made photos for you in intimate lingerie, I hope you enjoy it. It is important for me to know your opinion. I want to see your compliments.
And you know, every night I can not sleep for a long time before I close my eyes I think a lot about you !!! and I'm waiting for our happy meeting, our hugs and sweet endless kisses!
Our expectation of meeting is a test for both of us, a test for our feelings. Your suffering will be my suffering, your joy will be my joy !!!
my love Ed, I want to be always with you in happiness and in sorrow.
You make me happy. You can make me feel like a woman you love. You are far away from me physically, but our hearts are together !!!
I want to look into my eyes now and say I LOVE YOU !! Hug you, hold tight !!! From your side it is important to me that you trust me.
We will soon be able to be together, and this thought is the greatest joy for me. the joy that we can express our feelings in reality, and have simple real happiness together.
sweet kiss and hug you. I miss you and want to see your new photos tomorrow. Yours Mariya
Letter 4

Hello my love Ed. Thank you for your photo. I was at a travel agency to find out about visa and the date when I should go for an interview at the Visa center.
They said that tomorrow, June 13, I must go to the Visa Center - to be interviewed for a visa.
In a travel agency I was informed that in order to receive a Visa I must have a "guarantee of my solvency".
The travel agency reported that this morning they received a response from the Visa Center. Visa center checked my documents.
and my income documents and bank balance are not suitable for their security requirements for obtaining a visa. (
In the Visa Center I am asked to confirm that I have enough money to stay in the United States.
this rule is made specifically against illegal migrants. I must confirm that I can pay my expenses in the United States.
my love Ed, I have never had a Visa before and make this out for the first time.
Visa Center has very strict rules for those who receive a visa for the first time. for those who reapply, conditions are more flexible.
Financial viability is as important as a passport or medical insurance. Every citizen must prove financial viability in order to get a visa to the United States.
Basically, it is enough to show an extract from a bank account with a sufficient amount of cash on the balance sheet, and an extract from work with an indication of salary.
but in my case, an extract from my work will not work. because my official salary is very small. (
and I have no money in my bank account.
I need to provide a bank statement and confirm that I have 132,000 rubles.
Now I am very worried. Our meeting should take place in 4 days.
my love Ed, if I go to the Visa Center tomorrow without a paper confirming my solvency - they will refuse to issue me a visa.
I do not know where I can find this amount in such a short time.
But if I do not go to the Visa Center or go without a financial guarantee, my interview for getting a visa will fail and I will not be able to get it.
without Visa, I can't travel to you.
my love Ed, it is a bureaucratic law, I am not obliged to spend anything. I just have to show them that I am not an illegal refugee, and I have money for living in the USA.
I do not know how I can ask you about it, my love. I have pride ... you know ...
I need this money tomorrow June 13th. I have to go to the Visa Center to show financial viability in order for my visa application to be approved.
I love you, and I do not want to think that we will lose our meeting. Because we have already taken 99 steps to our meeting. It remains to make one step for us to meet.
I am very angry about this problem. But these rules are the same for all visa recipients.
And now on my bank account there should be an amount equivalent to 132,000 rubles, which is approximately 2043 dollars.
my love Ed, I just have to put the amount in the account in order to prove my solvency. then I can take the money from the account and bring it with me, and return it to you.
I hope we can solve this complexity.
most importantly, you must understand that this money is not needed for spending or payment. I must only show an extract from my bank account confirming the availability of the necessary amount.
I will bring you this amount of money, and hand it to you personally when we meet at the Airport.
I will still wait for your letter, I am very worried now and I am afraid. (((
I hope you could answer me soon.
Yours Mariya
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