Scam letter(s) from Larisa Anikina to Ernie (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Ernie!!!!!!
How are you? How is your health????
I do not know, why you could not call me. I was near to my girlfriend.
I waited for your call very much.... It is a pity to me very much, that we could not talk!........ :'(
Recently I feel inflow of energy, I feel, that it goes from is far both this energy is pure also light!
I think it your love encourages me and gives to me of forces!
You operate on me even on such big distance.
I present as you will operate when you will close.........
Yesterday I with my girlfriend went to park.
I have perfectly wasted time.
The nature calms and pleases me.
In time in park I frequently recollected walks you, when the soft warm wind concerned my person, I represented, that this your contact.
And you gently iron my cheek!
And I feel yours remoteness from me more and more.
I don't know what is it! I use the computer in the Internet-cafe and I do not have computer of a house. It is expensive to be long time in Internet - cafe...
I try to call you!
I kiss you my dear Ernie! Write me soon!!!!!
Yours Larisa!
Letter 2
Hi my dear Ernie!!!
How are you, my sweet Ernie???????
How are you spent Cristmas??? What do you eat on Cristmas? Please tell me about yours Cristmas!
I think, that we mark Christmas similar.... We sit with native and close people and we eat the foodstuffs, we say toasts and we do conclusions about last year. Also we give each other gifts!
That we eat.... Oh, we cook different salads, tasty dishes, pel'menis for Christmas, we bake a potato with the hen, we cook dessert dishes.
I think in Russia, the Christmas table does not differ from the covered tables on other holidays.
Well, I shall wait for your call with impatience! If you can, call me little bit earlier (certainly if you can). Do not overlook about the call to me :)
Ok. I shall finish on it my letter!!!!!
Write me sooooon, dear Ernie!!!!!
With hot kisses from yours Larisa!
Letter 3
Hello my dear Ernie!
How are you, my sweeeeeeeeeet????? How is yours health???? What do you do today?
Forgive me, that I for a long time did not write to you. I am very tired on work. Yesterday we had check on work (inventory)... Sellers (and I including) filled many papers and verified sold with the sum of money which is present in cash department. It is good, that all papers in the order. I was on work for a long time yesterday and have home come about 9 p.m. I am tired very much yesterday...
I did not answer you some days, but I for one minute did not forget you, my dear Ernie!
I very much miss on you. I very much wanted to read letters from you, but could not make it. Today I have come Internet-cafe and I was very glad to see letters from you, my lovely! I read each your letter with the big interest!!!!!
Today at me on work ordinary day. Clients was not so much.... Now the chief of me has sent in tax inspection that I have submitted all papers.... And, I have decided to run all over again in Internet-cafe and write to you the letter, my dear and lovely! Therefore I cannot be for a long time here, I need to go.
I do not know than I am sick.... I think, it was a simple virus...
Now I feel well, my illness has passed already.
Well, I think we have agreed. I shall wait for your bell in 9 p.m. on Sunday. At this time I shall be near to my girlfriend! I shall wait for your bell very much!!!!!
Did you not forget the number????
I think, that there is nothing difficult to receive the visa to Australia. I do not know about it anything. I was not in other countries still. If you want, I can learn in travel agency about trip to Australia. That for this purpose it is required. Do you want, that I'll arrive to you, my lovely Ernie?
I am glad to receive very much from you the letter, my dear. Thanks you for your letters!!!!!!!!
Ok, i finish my letter now.
Write me soon my dear Ernie!!!!!
I kiss you
Yours Larisa
Letter 4

Hi my dear Ernie!!!!
How are you?? How did you spend your days off???
Forgive me that I did not write to you for a long time, my dear Ernie.
I constantly thought of you!! I could not write to you the letter....
It was very bad to me. I had bad state of health. On Saturday I was very pale. I have decided to take the temperature and I have been surprised, when on a thermometer appeared 39,3 celsius. I was very badly.... I laid in bed all the day long. I could not go to Internet-cafe and write to you the letter, my lovely! If you knew, how to me it was bad...... It is not possible for describing in the letter!!! But I think, you can understand, as far as it was bad to me.
The head hurts in me very much. As though it have clamped in a vice.... I was very weak. I have ***** hot cup of a medical preparation with citric taste, have muffled under a blanket and have fallen asleep... All the night long I was overturned and constantly woke up!
Yesterday it became better to me and I have decide to leave on street and to take a breath of fresh air!
Now at me all is good. Today I feel superb!!! My illness has passed! I have reached Internet-cafe and I write to you the small letter. I write to you the letter because I want to hear a news from you, my dear!!!!!
I have some ideas about our meeting. I would be glad to visit Australia! To meet with you, dear Ernie!!!!!!!
I was disappointed in Russian men, therefore I want to find the foreigner! I want to leave from Russia, from this country...
I think, I will like Australia. And I think, that I would like to live there! I very much want to meet in the person of you, lovely Ernie!
If we shall solve it I can to arrive to you. I still had 2 more weeks of my holiday which I can take at any time. I need to tell beforehand only about it to my chief.
I have talked to my girlfriend... She can give to me to use the phone on Wednesday.... Call me if it is not difficult for you! This call will be dear very much for me... Do you want to call me????
If you can, call me with 5 p.m. up to 7 p.m. on russian time.
I do not know, what time will be at you...
I shall be at the girlfriend. Call me in this time interval!!!!
The telephon number is +79278738598
I shall wait for you call very much!!!!!
I kiss you my dear Ernie!!!!!
I wait for your letter very much!!!! It becomes much better to me from your letters!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Larisa P.S.: I like summer and water more than winter!!!! :) P.S.: Thank you for the photo.... You are so nice!!!!!!!
Letter 5
Hi dear Ernie!!!!
I'm ok! And how are you? How your days off??
Today all the day long at us it is raining.... In the street it is very cloudy and it becomes gloomy on soul...
I would like to be in a warm cosy small house with the favourite person.... To embrace him and to lay on his knees.... And to fall asleep sound sleep....
On this Sunday I had a rest from daily work, I would not like anything to do... Probably, it is laziness :) In the days off I usually am engaged in domestic affairs....
It is very difficult for one to do all of this. It is necessary to work itself, to buy a meal, to clean in an apartment, to do various affairs.... The assistant - my husband is necessary for me! :)
I very much want to be near to you now.... I do not have not enough caress, tenderness and care! I want to embrace you! I want to nestle on you and to fall asleep embracing you!
I want to be near to you in this cloudy and sad weather...
Good day my dear for you!!!!
I wait for your letter very much....
Larisa with hot kiss
XXXX P.S.: Well, I shall try to call you in next days...
Letter 6
Hi Ernie!!!
Thanks for your beautiful and sincere letter.
I read your letter with the big interest...
I'm ok! And how are you? How are you spend your holidays?
One of these days in our country was the act of terrorists again...
Probably, you heard about it... Terrorists have been again killed in Nalchik.... They tried to take hold of the weapon of our militarians, but at them it has turned out nothing... More than 50 terrorists have been killed and a little bit taken alive.... I heard It on the TV....
I think also, as you! I think, they need to be isolated from a society! They bring a pain to many people! It is necessary to develop very severe measures that there was no terrorism.... Terrorists are not people, these are animals.... It is very a pity to me of militarians who were lost at reflection of attack of terrorists.
What do you think about terrorism???
I do not eat the Italian food. We do not have Italian kitchen in our city... What will you tell to me about the Italian food??? Is it tasty?
At me only 1 day off in a week... On Saturdays I work as well as in other week-days.
In the days off I try to have a rest, a rest from work. But not always it turns out.... It is necessary to be engaged in domestic affairs: to tidy up, cook......
On this Sunday I had a rest from work of a house... It was a little boring to me....
Write to me soon, dear! P.S.: My growth is 174 centimeters. I think, that I the high girl. What is your growth?
Letter 7
Hi Ernie!
How are you? How are your health now???? It is ok?
Is not present at me there are no children... It and poorly and well simultaneously! Well side - if the child I now would bring up him one was at me... It would be very difficult for me to contain one kid...
It practically is not real to grow lonely scold the small son. Whence money will undertake????? The state does not provide young families (unless pays once on each child at birth of 1500 roubles - 50 $, but it not money)... What on such money it is possible to make for the kid??? Yes, almost anything. The child requires a feed, clothes, toys, and on this money practically nothing will buy (a maximum of them will suffice for one month).
The bad side is that in present I do not have now children and is not family... I very much would want to have children.... I would like to have good, kind and happy family!!!!
I was not in the 30 years in general anywhere. But I am tired to live in Russia. It is difficult very much. I want to find persons whom I shall grow fond and to leave from this country......
It is a little more about me... I like to read good books and to watch TV equally! It depends on mood!!! :) I like to listen to music! Music, which I listen to depends on my mood too. Basically it is Russian music. I very much like fate, pop, and other music. From the foreign executors I love Madona, Scorpions, and others. I think, that there is no bad music.
Still I very much love to dance. Do you love to dance?
Ok, it is all for now!
Write me soon, Ernie!
Your friend Larisa!
Letter 8
Hi dear Ernie!
How are you? What do you do today?
How are you? I'm ok!!!!
I like to read your letters very much!
My weekend was ordinary. Sunday I have lead at houses (because in the street it was very cloudy also to me it would not be desirable to leave on street).... And what did you do at the last weekend, sweet Ernie????
Today in the morning when I have come to work.... I have seen excellent beauty. All trees were white, all bushes were white, on them hoarfrost laid.... It was so beautifully!!!!!!!! I regret, that I do not have digital camera. If it would be at me I has photographed this beauty of the nature and would send you!
IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a little cool... But the cold practically was not felt, because I have been keen on this beauty. I was in authority of the nature....
The Nature - the main creator in our world (it mother of all)! Do you agree with me?
Yes, I very much want to meet you in the person!!!! You are very nice!!!!! If you want I shall learn in travel agency that is required for my trip. Probably, I shall go in travel agency tomorrow.
Ok, it is all for now! I must go to work.
I wish you good day!
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